Enchanting Rosebay Falls Home

Looking for a one of a kind townhouse with spectacular ocean views? Look no further than 155 Rosebay Drive 6 in Encinitas, California!

This enchanting listing can be found at Rosebay Falls, and it has the absolute best location in the complex! Featuring 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, this end unit has approximately 1,000 square feet of spacious room. There are 2 car parking garage spaces as well.

A laundry can be found inside for convenience, as well as double pane windows and a slider. The marble floors are white and sleek, and new homeowners will love the redone kitchen and baths. There is even a new water heater for the unit.

This sought after Rosebay Falls end unit is right beside peaceful gardens with lush foliage, sparkling streams, and picturesque rock landscaping. Relax or entertain on the shady balcony overlooking panoramic ocean views. Gorgeous sunset views can be enjoyed every day!

This home is close to town, breathtaking beaches, shopping, and restaurants. Easy freeway access can be found nearby. Located near several award winning schools, this location is perfect for families. To top it all off, the HOA fees are low! The current listing price is $749,000.

This Encinitas location is hard to beat. For more information on this enchanting listing, view the listing details page.

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Artistic Area Rugs to Liven Up Any Room

Rugs come in all shapes, colors, and fabrics. If you’ve been looking for a way to liven up your living space, consider tying the room together with an artistic and colorful rug!

No matter if you’re into color or neutrals, there’s a rug design with your name on it. Take a look at these wonderful area rugs and consider which would liven up your home and complement your current interior design.

  • Havana Inspired Rug

This gorgeous Havana inspired rug will have you singing Oo Na Na. Choose either a brilliant blue or a shocking red. This rug style comes in many different sizes for any room in your home.

  • Colorful Florals

If you love gardening or nature inspired décor, this artistic rug is sure to delight! Choose either a black or cream base with large gorgeous flowers. Goes perfectly paired with neutral colored décor.

  • Colorful Cartoon Lions

Ikea has an art event every year, and one of the designs for 2019 is this beautiful pride of colorful lions. This limited edition area rug ensures that you’ll only be one of a few that get to display this wonderful art piece.

  • Multi-Patterned Rug

This eye catching area rug beautifully mixes patterns and colors. Choose either a navy or cream base. This rug is sure to be the true standout in any room in your home!

  • Tropical Leaves

Want to bring in the wonderful feeling of the coast into your home? This tropical leaf rug is sure to make your home feel ever more relaxing and serene. Your guests will be sure to compliment your stunning taste.

  • Watercolor Painted Rug

Love the look of watercolor paint? This blue hued rug looks like a breathtaking piece of art. The beautiful mix of colors is eye-catching but not overpowering. Go ahead, make your home look like a chic modern museum!

  • Chaotic Art

If you hate the mundane, this area rug will speak to your soul! The mix match patterns and colors are anything but dull. Make any room the place to be with this pixel steps rug.

  • 90s Colors and Shapes

This 90s inspired rug is nostalgic and gorgeous. Almost minimalist, this colorful area has colorful shapes on top of a white background. What’s not to love?

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Awe-inspiring Cerro Street Home

If you enjoy peaceful sunsets and awe-inspiring hillside views, check out 408 Cerro Street in Encinitas! This home is quite unlike any other, and it’s calling your name!

This elevated West facing estate home is absolutely incredible! Featuring 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, one half bath, and approximately 2,175 square feet, there’s plenty of room for your modern family.

This Encinitas home comes complete with double pane windows, a three-car garage, and bright light throughout. There is an attic above the kitchen area that gives homeowners the potential to expand the master bath and closet areas.

The backyard is absolutely incredible! It’s large and private, perfect for relaxing or hosting a get-together. The backyard comes complete with a sparkling pool, spa, back patio, and mature foliage.

The current listing price is set for $899,000 to $915,000. Located close to popular stores, various shops, delicious restaurants, and award-winning schools, what more could you ask for? This home has absolutely no HOA fees and could be easily personalized to fit a homeowner’s unique tastes and preferences.

For more information on this awe-inspiring listing, view detailed information here.

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Incredible Sinks to Transform Your Bathroom

A bathroom sink is one of the highlights of your bathroom. More than likely, you use your bathroom sink numerous times a day. Why not switch it up with an incredible new sink that catches the eye with beautiful design?

These bathroom sinks are sure to transform your bathroom from cute to chic in no time.

  • Marrakesh Ceramic Sink

This blue Marrakesh ceramic sink is anything but basic. Turn in your boring white bathroom sink for this breathtaking piece of functional art. You won’t be sorry!

  • Giant Clam Sink

This bathroom sink is fit for a mermaid on land! Opulent as any sink could be, this dramatic beauty is unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Turn your bathroom into an undersea oasis with a giant clam sink!

  • Glass Circular Vessel

This gorgeous sea blue sink is deep and eye catching. Minimalist, it draws the eyes but doesn’t come with the grandeur of other detailed sinks. The glass is tempered to ward off stains, odors, discoloration, and breakage.

  • Wheat Glass Sink

This clear glass sink is decorated with stalks of wheat for rustic detail. If you love the look of nature and wish to incorporate it in your bathroom, this fixture is perfect for you!

  • Polished Copper Double Sink

This gleaming bathroom sink is made of polished copper and looks like golden artwork. If you have to constantly fight to use the sink, consider getting a double sink for your bathroom. This one is deep and wide, so you’re guaranteed space.

  • Foil Glass Waterfall Sink

This glass sink is simply one of a kind! With a foil undertone and a waterfall faucet, this bathroom sink is sure to leave your guests amazed. The faucet come sin four finishes: antique bronze, nickel, chrome, and oil rubbed bronze.

  • Artisan Vessel Sink

This circular sink looks like an elegant artisan art piece. With a black base and painted golden lines, this vessel sink is unique and handmade on the potter wheel.

  • Handmade Moroccan Floral Sink

This handmade Moroccan sink is covered in crystallized glaze and has a beautiful floral border. No other bathroom sink is quite like this, so if you love any and all things handmade, snatch this up while you can!

  • Bohemian Log Sink

There’s no other way to incorporate the spirit of nature into your home than with this unbelievable log sink! With a large capacity, this cherry wood bathroom sink is hand sculpted and made to last.

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How to Use Color Psychology When Painting Your Home

Color is not only a way to liven up your living space, but an easy way to evoke emotion. Every color affects you differently, though you may not be aware of it.

If you plan on painting your interior or exterior walls, use color strategically to enhance certain emotions and increase your curb appeal. Take a look at how your favorite color affects you and determine how you want to feel when you’re in your home office or kitchen!

  • Red

The most intense color in the spectrum, red is eye-catching and bold. Red immediately captures the attention and evokes passion, excitement, action, and adventure. In primal times, humans believed red was the color of “energy and primal life forces.” Use red as an entry color or as the primary exterior color of your home for a wow factor.

  • Green

The color of nature and monetary value in America, green is associated with renewal, life, harmony, ambition, and growth. While blue is often associated with calm, green is considered a “relaxing color for the human eye to view” as well. Rejuvenate yourself in the morning by painting your kitchen green.

  • Yellow

Another intense color in the spectrum, yellow is generally considered a happy color. Yellow signifies sunshine, positivity, hope, clarity, and intellect. Research has have shown that yellow can be mentally stimulating. Back in 1917, a colorist named Howard Kemp Prossor at the Red Cross in London painted hospital walls yellow to help World War I soldiers recover from shell shock. Paint your office yellow and make everyday work less stressful.

  • Orange

A mix between red and yellow, orange is a finely balanced color that is associated with joy, creativity, stimulation, balance, and success. A warm color, orange could help individuals “recover from disappointments, a wounded heart, or a blow to one’s pride.” In studies, orange has been shown to increase contentment, increase socialization, and stimulate mental activity. Use orange wherever you desire feelings of creativity, such as a kid’s room.

  • Blue

The color of the sky and the ocean, blue is used to represent all sorts of emotions and meanings like imagination, wisdom, stability, intuition, intelligence, and faith. Blue affects you by making you feel serene and calm. Dark blues, however, can dampen one’s spirit. Blue is a popular color for bedrooms and bathrooms, due to the wide neutral color palette.

  • Purple

The color of luxury, purple is evocative of ambition, extravagance, peace, nobility, magic, and pride. Used to represent delicacy and romance, purple would look divine in your bedroom! In both warm and cool tones, purple painted walls can re-energize your space!

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Elegant Black and White Décor Ideas

Using black and white décor is an elegant and classic way to style your home. Minimalist colors throughout your home allow you to accentuate color and easily create a mesmerizing, cohesive living space.

If you love the look of a black and white color scheme, these décor ideas are sure to impress.

  • Watercolor Painting Set

This set of two framed paintings feature a mesmerizing abstract design. Feel inspired by the free flow of the art. These art pieces were meant to be seen, as they are quite large and commanding.

  • Handwoven Wool Rug

This black and white handwoven striped rug comes in two sizes and is made from 100% wool. With a captivating pattern of corresponding stripes, this rug would look divine in your dining or living room.

  • Branded Stripe Chair

This deep-seated striped chair is modeled after a mid-century modern Italian shape. The bold black and white stripes make for a gorgeous accent piece. Lose yourself in a good book while lounging on this slightly reclined chair.

  • Victorian Wall Mirror

This traditional mirror will emphasize the elegance already present in your home. Choose between a gorgeous black or off-white beveled mirror. The detail of this incredible piece will have you asking, “Who’s the fairest of them all?”

  • Dot Comforter Set

This reversible full/queen comforter set has ikat dots throughout. Switch from black with white dots to white with black dots! This set includes the comforter and two standard shams.

  • White Block Lamp

A minimalist lamp would look amazing by your bedside! Formed on a potter wheel, this stunning clay lamp is white with black blocks throughout. Complete with a white linen shade for soft, diffused light, this lamp is subtle yet chic.

  • White Marble Frames

These sophisticated marble frames come in three shapes–circle, fluted rectangle, and rectangle. Make your black and white photographs stand out in these artistic frames.

  • Black Storage Ottoman

If you’ve been looking for a neutral colored ottoman, look no further! This faux leather black ottoman is a breathtaking accent piece. Complete with polished studs and carved wheels, this storage ottoman not only looks amazing, it’s functional as well.

  • Decorative Throw Pillow Set

Save time and effort looking for throw pillows by just investing in a cohesive set. This set features four black and white pillows of varying designs. Throw them on your bed or sofa for some artistic flair.

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Monthly and Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

Owning a home is an extraordinary feat and a wonderful investment. But like cars, homes need monthly and annual maintenance to ensure everything is in working order.

By performing regularly scheduled maintenance and checking off all the important tasks, your home will continue to provide you with safety, security, and comfort.

Every few months, and once a year, you should be performing certain tasks to ensure the longevity of your home and to keep your family safe from the unexpected.

Monthly Home Checklist

  • Inspect HVAC filters

The filters should be changed every month or every few months (depending on the filter directions). To err on the side of caution, replace the filter if it looks dirty. Call an HVAC technician to check the ductwork and clean the furnace, A/C compressor, and vents.

  • Check Plumbing

Leaks can pop up out of nowhere and go unnoticed quite easily. Make sure there are no drips under your sinks or on closed faucets. If there is leaking, call your trusted plumber to take care of the problem.

  • Inspect the Fire Extinguishers

It’s important that you keep an eye on your fire extinguishers every month or every few months. Make sure it is not expired and that the gauge shows adequate pressure. If you’ve never used the fire extinguisher and do not know how to operate it, check out this helpful video.

  • Clean Kitchen Disposal

The disposal in your kitchen undoubtedly gets used often. But it’s important to keep it clean so that it keeps running smoothly. Easily perform this task by freezing vinegar into ice cubes using a tray. By running the cubes through the disposal, you freshen the mechanism and sharpen the blades.

Annual Home Checklist

  • Clean Your Chimney

Chimneys needs an annual clean up to ensure your family is kept safe. Dangerous gases could escape into your home and soot build up could easily start a fire, so make cleaning your chimney a priority.

  • Inspect Detectors

Prevention is key! Make sure you annually check to see your fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly.

  • Test Your Sump Pump

This task often goes unnoticed by homeowners until it’s too late. The sump pump is in the basement and is used to keep groundwater from flooding the basement. Twenty liters of water should be slowly poured into the sump pump; make sure the water is being pumped out and that the pump turns itself off after the water is gone.

  • Vacuum the Refrigerator Coils

A lot of homeowners do not know that the refrigerators coils should be cleaned annually. Lots of dust can be collected and cause the compressor to work harder and longer than needed. First, clean the coils with a coil-cleaning brush and then vacuum the fallout.

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Immaculate Cambria Home

If you’re looking for an immaculate home, look no further than 807 Cambria Place in Encinitas. This picturesque home is tucked away in a quiet cul-de-sac location!

Currently listed at $758,000, you will not find a lower priced detached home in Encinitas! Featuring 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 partial bath, a 2 car garage, and approximately 1,233 square feet of space! The spacious, airy loft could easily be turned into a third bedroom.

There is striking modern laminate flooring and bright light throughout the home. The kitchen has been newly painted and contains new stainless-steel appliances. Stunning white cabinets and a large window right above the sink. Cooking in this kitchen will be blissful.

The backyard is incredibly low maintenance and easy to care for. There is lush synthetic grass and a separate patio area perfect for cookouts or relaxation. Kick back under the lush tree with a cold drink and a good book. This space can be used however you like!

This Encinitas home could not have a better location! Close to sparkling beaches, E-Ranch golf course, community trails, parks, shopping, and restaurants. For more information, check out the detailed listing page.

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Garage Storage Hacks for Your Home

More than likely, your garage is a storage room that houses not just tools and outdoor items, but random items that you may not have used or seen in a decade! But you don’t have to throw away any of those items, just organize them!

Turn your garage into a functional, orderly space that doesn’t fill you with dread or undue stress. Tackling your biggest junk room may seem overwhelming, but once you’ve got everything in its proper place, you will feel unbelievably unburdened!

First things first, empty the garage so that you know what you have. You can donate or toss whatever you don’t want and discover what you forgot you had.

Once this step is completed, you may proceed with implementing these storage hacks:

  • Build Up to Save Space

More than likely, your garage has a high ceiling. Use this to your advantage when organizing your garage. Invest in high shelving units so that you use every last bit of free space you have. This will help keep your floors clear and looking neat. If your garage has open beams, use bins to store lightweight items on the supporting beams.

  • Keep Related Items Together

No matter if you love bins, shelves, or drawers, make sure you keep related items together in your garage. For example, group all your lawn care items (gardening gloves, shears, weed killer, etc.) together so that you know where to find items when you need them.

  • Designate a Spot for Big Items

Big, cumbersome items like bikes, toys, and the lawnmower should be kept in one spot. Rather than parking the bikes in a corner, install some bike hooks to preserve space and keep the floors clear for more storage or walking space.

  • Use Clear Bins or Containers

Being able to see what you need before lugging down a bin from a high shelf is such a time and energy conserver. Know where items are with a simple glance. But if you hate the look of clear bins because clutter is more easily noticeable, clearly label the bins with sharpie or a label maker.

  • Utilize a Pegboard

Tired of looking for a particular wrench or hand tool in your unorganized bag of tools? Use a pegboard and clearly see where each of your handy tools are on your garage wall. Dumping out all the contents of your tool bag or searching in a crowded tool cabinet are a thing of the past.

  • Install Mounted Brackets on the Ceiling

Use your high garage ceilings to your advantage to hang ladders or other long, yet weightless items. This ensures your wall and floor garage space is kept clear for other items you utilize more frequently.

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Decadent Cold Summer Treats Around Encinitas

Is there anything better to beat the scorching summer heat than with ice cream? It’s a hot girl summer, so cool yourself off with a decadent summer treat around the gorgeous beach community of Encinitas.

Are you vegan, lactose intolerant, or gluten intolerant? There are still awesome ice cream options for you!

These incredible local restaurants have every kind of ice cream flavor you can think of! Explore the city, eat scrumptious food, and support small businesses.

  • Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream

Located right in the heart of Encinitas, this amazing ice cream store sells all kinds of incredible flavors. Try every homemade flavor like caramel apple, horchata, blueberry cobbler, and more! So, grab a cone after chilling at the beach.

  • Jojo’s Creamery

These artisanal ice cream flavor names will have you salivating! From classic flavors like Mint Cookies and Cream to amazing inventions like Cherry Balsamic Crumble. Jojo’s has four raved about vegan options: Mint Chip, Hazelnut Brownie, Strawberry, and Ginger Chai.

  • Crème and Sugar

Looking for Instagram worthy ice cream treats? Enjoy a cold, refreshing Unicorn milkshake or a Cookie Monster sundae that’s overflowing with chocolate goodness. There’s no shortage of imagination at this amazing summer spot.

  • The Baked Bear

Located in Carlsbad, this colorful ice cream store specializes in custom ice cream sandwiches. Simply choose your top and bottom (variety is highly encouraged), your ice cream, your toppings, and whether you want it hot pressed! Variety is the spice of life, and you’ll be living the good life at this local restaurant!

  • Salt and Straw

With a location in San Diego, this ice cream shop changes their flavors every month! July is berry season, so grab a scoop or two of cold Fresh Sheep’s Cheese and Strawberries, Strawberry and Lemon Verbena Curd, and other exotic flavors—or stick with the classics!

  • Gelato 101

Gelato is a classic Italian cold treat and just the thing to beat the heat! There are vegan options, and this shop is even dog friendly! If you love their gelato, take a delicious pint home with you!

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