San Diego Women’s March 2018

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Last year in protest to the elections, the first annual Women’s March ensued across the entire nation from coast-to-coast. Now, a year after the first march, the 2nd annual Women’s March will be taking place across the country once again. This year, still in protest of last year’s elections, those participating plan to bring attention to this year’s 2018 elections to “magnify the work being done by community organizations to turn out the vote” (Women’s March San Diego).

In light of the elections from last year and the more recent #MeToo revolution against sexual harassment, the theme for marches across the country will be “Power to the Polls”. This will allow registration polls to be at the end of ever march.

Tomorrow, across the US, women will march to be heard and to spark passion within others to make a difference. In San Diego, the 2nd Annual Women’s March – Hear our Vote, will take place at the Waterfront Park on the west side. It’ll start at 10:00 AM and go until approximately 1:00 PM. The program includes speakers like:

  • Senator Toni Atkins
  • Elder Nancy Nagle of the Santa Ysabel Kumeyaay Nation
  • Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez
  • Skyer McCurine, MC
  • Congresswoman Susan Davis
  • Rabbi Laurie Coskey
  • Assembly Shirley Weber
  • Vanessa McCullers of Moms of Black Boys United
  • And more!

Like last year, there will be a performance of songs by the San Diego Women’s Chorus to use the power of song to bring people together.

For a point of reference, the march will be a total of 1.29 miles, meeting up at the Waterfront Park. The march will start at the corner of N Harbor Dr and W Ash St by the Star of India, going south until you are around the corner and get to the corner on Pacific Hwy. Once there, you’ll head north on Pacific Hwy until you end of on the corner of W Ash St.

For more information on the march, visit the Women’s March of San Diego, or the Women’s March website.

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Surfing Madonna Oceans Project

Image result for surfing madonna f

Last week, I had the privilege of being on the American Dream to talk about the Surfing Madonna Oceans Project. If you haven’t had the chance, check out the video!

For those familiar with the Encinitas community, there is a mosaic called the Surfing Madonna, created by artist Mark Patterson. The Surfing Madonna Oceans Project was created by Robert Nichols and Mark Patterson in 2013, and is a nonprofit organization based in Encinitas. As part of their mission, they strive to bring the community together to “Save the Ocean” and protect it while it’s not too late.

They look to expand our community of ocean advocates by implementing:

  • Youth education programs
  • Ocean conservation project grants
  • Marine mammal rescue and recovery initiatives
  • [helping] children with special needs experience healing powers of the ocean

They spend over $120,000 on these projects and programs, receiving their fundraising money from the Surfing Madonna Beach Run, Encinitas Half Marathon, private donors, business sponsors, and grants.

Encinitas Half Marathon

As some may or may not know, the Encinitas Half Marathon is one of the big fundraising events for the Surfing Madonna Oceans Project, and will be coming up this March!

On Sunday, March 4 at 7:30 am, the Half Marathon will consist of:

  • 7+ miles of oceanfront running along Hwy 101
  • Minimum pace of 14:53 minutes a mile
  • The allowance of strollers, running chairs, and racing chairs
  • Free parking
  • And, more!

Until Febraury 15, the price for registration will be $105, and after that it will be $115 until they sell out. To make it for a comfortable event, the event is capped at 5,500 people, so make sure you get yourself registered! If you don’t want to participate, you can also volunteer to help at the event!

For more information on the Surfing Madonna Oceans Project, head to their website to see what they’re up to!

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Household Item Making 2018 Easier

According to HGTV, these household items will make 2018 a lot easier. I just may have to buy some of these myself!

1. Retro-style breakfast station

Breakfast is obviously the most important meal of the day! Somehow, we always manage to spill the coffee or leave messes behind, so we opt in for buying from our favorite coffee shop. This breakfast center looks retro, but it’s definitely a thing for the future.

Price: $37.99

2. Smart thermostat

How often are you opening your weather app or watch the local weather station just to find out they were wrong? This thermostat is Alexa-compatible that allows you to control your own temperature and learn the temperature outside right where you live.

Price: $249

3. Handy steamer

When you are on the go and forget to iron or steam, this steamer fits perfectly in the car or desk without looking out of place – sans ironing board.

Price: $19.99

4. Smart scale

With your New Year’s resolutions to be healthier, this could really go to good use. You can watch your results as this scale connects to programs on your phone and computer, providing helpful insight to your progress.

Price: $129.95

5. Portable printer

This little printer can connect to your phone and print whatever pictures you take and want to save.

Price: $150

6. Baker’s miracle

Cook two dishes with the same too. Don’t worry about trying to fit two different dishes in the oven. This allows you to cook two dishes by separating them in half.

Price: $20.39

7. Futuristic lawn mower

Enjoy the weather without grass stains or mowing. This robot mows the whole yard, almost like a Roku for the outdoors!

Price: $699

8. THE plug

This plug in allows you to control your home electronics from anywhere. It can play your music, turn down the temperature, or check to see if people are home.

Price: $29.99

9. Perfect planter

This planter has an automatic watering system to help those busy-bodies just trying to grow some plants. With a chalkboard exterior, you’ll always know which plant is which.

Price: $139

10. The big wine glass (BIG)

Sit back, relax, and really enjoy your wine with this XXL wine glass. This huge glass can fit your entire bottle of wine, so no need to chug it straight from the bottle. It’s much classier this way.

Price: $9.99


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How to Sell Your Home in 2018

White Paper With Note1. Market to millennials

It’s crazy to think that millennials will be joining the housing market more this year than ever before! Ranging from their mid-20s to mid-30s, 43% of home buyers are projected to be the millennials by the end of 2018.

Millennials typically look for smaller homes in the suburb with more “walkable” neighborhoods that have cafes and shops. While they like smaller homes, having an open floor plan is a plus for them. They also go for the green features: storm windows, insulated water heaters, solar panels, and other key features.

2. Don’t forget the baby boomers!

If you don’t think your home is what a millennial is looking for, no need to worry because the baby boomers are looking for homes, too. The number of adults 65 and older is expected to double from the reported 46 million in 2016 up to 98 million by 2060. 90% of the baby boomers want to stay at home to grow old instead of an assisted living community.

You can woo the baby boomers by highlighting key points of your home that create a universal living design that makes it accessible regardless of age or disability. One-level ranch homes or homes where the master suite is on the ground level are especially appealing as they lower the risk of falls or injury.

3. Add a drone

Home tours via drone are rising. They’ve been more effective for marketing home properties. By sweeping the aerial view of your home, it highlights your yard, landscape, and surrounding nature of the home. It is also a great opportunity to showcase the neighborhood surrounding. If you don’t feel drone-inclined, you can hire someone with drone capabilities!

4. Upgrade to smart home

If you’re considering upgrading your home to a smart home, it may pay out in the end. Whether people come with their own gadget or not, those who don’t are more excited to buy Amazon Echoes, Google Homes, or Apple HomePods. If you do decide to upgrade, make sure you create a system that can support all the different devices and is compatible.

5. Get a pre-inspection

These days, people want turnkey homes – everything needs to be move-in ready without any extra work needed to be done. Consider an inspection before listing your home. It could ease future buyers that your home is in good shape, or if something needs repaired, you could decide if you will need to get the problem fixed in order to sell.

Keep in mind that getting a pre-inspection doesn’t mean buyers won’t want one of their own.

For more information, visit the original article at

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Paul Williams-Designed Homes for Sale

Paul Williams was a well-known architect during the 40s and 50s who was known to the stars. He designed homes for Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, Cary Grant, and Barbara Stanwyck. He also designed important locations around LA like the Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport, Saks Fifth Avenue on Wilshire Boulevard, and also the Beverly Hills Hotel!

He was the first certified African-American architect west of the Mississippi and the first African-American member of the American Institute of Architects. One of his most known features was how he drew his homes. He learned how to draw upside down to allow his clients to see the picture right side up as he drew them out. Here are 9 of his homes for sale worth a pretty penny.

205 E 6th St, Ontario, CA

Built in 1948, this home is a prime example of his Modernist-style residences. In 2006, it was designated a landmark.

Ontario, CA

243 Avenida La Cuesta, San Clemente, CA

The Goldschmidt house (Casa Tres Vistas) was designed in 1928 for a wealthy vintner who owned the 11,000 acres of land that became San Clemente.

Goldschmidt house in San Clemente, CA

27784 Hamiltair Dr, Lake Arrowhead, CA

This French country-inspired lakefront cottage was complete in 1940s, back when the mountain community of Lake Arrowhead was a playground for celebs and Williams designed vacation home accomodations.

Cottage in Lake Arrowhead, CA

100 Delfern Dr, Los Angeles, CA

This traditional-style manor was built for Eva Gabor in 1938. Three more structures have been added to the 7,000-square-foot main house located between Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

The home Paul Williams built for Eva Gabor in Los Angeles, CA

13 Eastfield Dr, Rolling Hills, CA

This home is a rare one-story home by Williams that sits on a 3.34-acre lot on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Rare one-story home in Rolling Hills, CA

173 N Anita Ave, Los Angeles, CA

This Spanish Colonial-style home was built in 1930, and is described as an “exiting opportunity” that needs a little TLC.

Brentwood Heights-area home

1951 Hillcrest Rd, Los Angeles, CA

In 1929, this Spanish Revival home has been newly renovated with characteristics both old and new!

Recently renovated Paul Williams home in Hollywood Hills

651 Siena Way, Los Angeles, CA

This Bel Air estate was built in 1936 and just missed the wrecking ball in 2007. A famous producer, talent agent, and home designer purchased it from the estate of Jane Wyatt, but the LA landmarks review board reject Gallin’s plans to replace the home with a modern glass house. So, he restored it and sold it in 2011.

Paul Williams home in Bel Air restored by Sandy Gallin

7 Oakmont Dr, Los Angeles, CA

Built in 1940, the one-story home is a bit of a mystery. The pictures are outdated per the listing, but it’s described as a “rare opportunity and incredible value” with “endless options”.

Paul Williams home ready for restoration in Brentwood

Check out the pictures of the homes from the original article on

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Decluttering the Bedroom

alarm clock, Analogue, bedAs part of an on-going series, takes a look at the ways we can declutter our bedrooms to make them less hectic.

Declutter the nightstand

In reality, the only thing that should rest on the top of your nightstand is a lamp. It sets you up for a good night’s sleep without the clutter. If you have a drawer in your nightstand, this is where you can store everything else you might need to prep before bed: sleeping mask, lotions, controllers, retainer, lavender oil. If you have space under the bed, you can use a basket to store any books, magazines, or e-book devices.

Organizing the drawers

The first step to cleaning out the dresser drawers is to pull everything out and go through them. If you haven’t worn something in a year, it’s most likely time to donate it (or, try and sell it if that’s the route you typically take). If something has a stain or needs repairing, create a “to-do” bin to remember to fix it. Finally, throw away any sad underwear or socks, especially if they’ve been missing a pair for a while.

You can use different boxes like shoe boxes to separate items that share a drawer, or take on the habit of standing up folded laundry in a drawer.

The clothes chair

If you have a chair in your bedroom, it’s most likely the clutter chair. It’s home to the rejects from a previous day, or clothes that don’t need to be thrown in the laundry just yet. The best way to avoid this problem other than getting rid of the chair is to actually invest in a rack to specifically throw clothes on. It is probably easier if you have a big closet with room, otherwise you can place it in your bathroom or laundry room.

Making the bed

When you have tons of accent pillows and decorative blankets, making the bed every morning is a task. The best way to keep your bed looking nice without the hassle? Just get rid of all the accent pillows. Keep your sleeping pillows, your comforter, and maybe one or two pillows to throw on.

Storing things under the bed

If you have the room, storing things under the bed can actually help clear up space in places like the closet. Get bins to store and you can use them for seasonal clothes, heavier blankets, beach towels, and extra sheets. As long as that space isn’t becoming a “deal-with-it-later” location where you kick things underneath.

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Why You Should Sell Your Home Sooner Rather Than Later

advertising, asphalt, pavementIt’s been almost a decade since the Great Recession caused the worst housing crash in modern history. In recent years, there has been a market bounce-back with confidence skyrocketing. Across the US, homes are flying off the market “shelves”, and buyers are still trying to get in the game. It’s a great time to be a seller. If you plan to sell in 2018, your window of opportunity may be rapidly narrowing and here’s why you should consider selling sooner rather than later.

1. Rates are historically low = draws buyers in

These may not be rock-bottom rates, but by historical standards, the interest rate hovering just above 4% is still low. Experts report the mortgage credit will remain low for most of the year. Unfortunately, rates are on the rise and are predicted to reach 5% by the end of 2018. Buyers realize the longer they wait to buy, the more expensive it will be.

This means you should get your home on the market earlier in the year before rates kick in.

2. Inventory tight, but demands high

The best way to put it: there are more buyers then there are homes. The housing shortage will most likely get worse before it gets better. predicted inventory will remain tight in the first half of 2018, reaching a year-over-year decline by March.

What this means for sellers is that buyers are going to great lengths to win the house since their choices are limited. You’ll also find cash investors in the mix as they account for 22% of all home transactions according to the National Association of Realtors.

But, inventory levels are also predicted to rise in the fourth quarter, which makes this the first market inventory gain since 2015 as it sets the stage for more dramatic housing gains to come.

3. Home prices are still increasing

Home prices continues to rise which means more money in your pocket! The gains are predicted to be more moderate than the past few years. suggests a 3.2% increase after finishing 2017 with a 5.5% increase.

This means you’ll stand to make a good profit if you sell this year, but as mentioned before – the earlier the better.

4. More money in people’s pockets

The odds are in your favor: record levels of consumer confidence, low unemployment, and stock market surges. Since 1960, the Fed has estimated that the unemployment rate will drop below 4% and the stock market is at an unprecedented rally. So, the housing market is reflecting this boom! Existing-home sales reached 5.6% increase in November.

All these factors mean that home buyers are on the hunt with more money in their pockets for a home sale.

5. Millennials are ready

Often crippled by student debt, the millennials are joining the hunt. With the previously mentioned conditions allowing buyers to take the plunge, experts predict millennials could account for 43% of home buyers taking out mortgages. As people move to their 30s, they no longer want to rent.

More home buyers only means good things for a seller!

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San Diego Flu Epidemic & National Flu Outbreak

addiction, aid, bottleSan Diego County has officially noted the flu epidemic after yesterday, Tuesday, when officials reveal the death toll as a result of the flu had doubled in one week. Last week, the death toll had reached 45, until yesterday when a reported 91 have died as a result of the flu. On top of that, 2,992 new cases of lab-confirmed flu have been reported over a 7-day stretch that ended Monday. Since July 2017, the total number of confirmed flu cases were 10,324. Before last weeks report, the death toll had only been 11.

Despite the unfortunate declaration of a flu epidemic, the county’s epidemiology and immunization services noted that the percentage of emergency room visits related to the flu dropped from 13% to 11%, and the number of confirmed new cases dropped to 360. This means that the epidemic may have peaked and will be decreasing from here on out.

People are still getting sick, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

That means, if you haven’t gotten the flu shot, you should now. Many other states other than California are suffering from a flu outbreak. According to ABC News, across 34 states (including California) the flu season marked December 30th was at a high. The number of patients in the hospital for flu-like illness national has doubled in the past two weeks about 35% up from this time last year.

The predominant flu strain known as H3N2 is the predominant strain, which is supposed to be included in this year’s vaccine. Effectiveness against H3N2 won’t be available until after the season. Years where H3N2 was a predominant strain typically have higher death rates, approximately 20,000 deaths in 2012-2013.

How you can protect yourself against the flu

To start – get the vaccine! There’s still time as the flu seems to hit a peak in outbreak. It’s not too late to walk in and many locations may offer it for free. It can take up to two weeks for the body to build up a defense against the virus. Not only will it protect you from getting sick, but it will also prevent the spread of infecting elderly, pregnant women, and children – all who suffer serious consequences from the flu.

Even those pregnant can get the flu shot, as it has a dual benefit. Not only will it protect the mother, but it will also pass the antibodies to the infant and protect them for the first 6 months of their life.

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How to Decorate with Jewel Tones

apartment, chair, comfortMentioned in a previous blog, predicted the home décor trends that would take over in 2018, and they were right about jewel tones taking over. These colors are typically the deep sapphire blues, emerald greens, and regal purples. They add a luxurious but cozy feel to any room, which can make your home feel warm and welcoming. Not just that, but these colors typically mix well with neutral tones we normally have in our homes. Here are some of the best ways to decorate with jewel tones around the home.

In the kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to use jewel tones as pops of colors. You don’t need to go painting your cabinets, but backsplashes are great places to utilize these colors. You can get tiles, paint, or wallpaper. You can choose an entire wall, or be strategic about it.

In the living room

The living room is a key area for guests and family to hangout. Using the jewel tones as a signature piece or anchor piece can add the perfect amount of warmth into the room. You can pick a colored sofa for the muted space, or transition slowly with a couple pillows.

In the bathroom

Another great place to use paint and wallpaper in jewel tones is the bathroom. You can even go risky and get vibrant floor tiles to use as your pop of color. Powder rooms are usually the best place to use jewel tones because of the small area that allows for the most creativity. You can even get creative and have a colored cabinet or vanity.

In the bedroom

The bedroom is your space to decorate how you want. It’s where you sleep, so you can make it as cozy or luxurious as you wish. Beds, headboards, and window treatments are all great spaces to use for you jewel tone accents. You can purchase an upholstered bed or headboard with fabric in your jewel tone, or you can even add a bench or lounge chair in that accent color.

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How to Declutter the Bathroom

bathroom, blur, childConsider every space

Everything that might be just laying on the counter or shoved in the closet deserves a home. Consider places that you normally wouldn’t for extra storage: behind the bathroom door, behind the closet door, or mounted racks. Another popular move is putting shelving over the toilet, and using those shelves for product.

Use bins

Placing a Lazy Susan under the counter or small bins in your closet won’t only help with decluttering, but it will stop clutter before it starts again. You will be less likely to buy more things if you know there isn’t room in that bin. Or, if there’s something you want, you’ll be more inclined to throw out what you don’t use in order to make room.

Decluttering makeup

Makeup could be taking up a lot of room. Women tend to keep things longer than we need to, like hoarding palettes or old makeup that’s actually expired. To find out if your makeup has expired, look for a 2D picture near the ingredients where it will have a number with the letter M (ex. 12M). That means it expires in 12 months. Don’t know when you bought it? Go to the Cosmetic Calculator and put in the code on the back to check when it was manufactured!

Group items together

When going through your drawers, group any similar items together in piles. Once you’ve sorted the piles, you’ll have an idea of where you’ll be able to place things and give them homes. If you find any half used or almost empty bottles and containers, make a note to use those before continuing to use fuller containers.

Check medications

Your medication cabinet could not only be harboring clutter, but dangerous drugs. Medications expire and, when they do, they could become dangerous to you or others. Dispose of them properly, and don’t flush them down the toilet. There are local drop-offs or designated days when you can turn them into the nearest hospital. Check your local health department.

Separate used items

For items you only use on special occasions, find a home for them separate from what you use on a daily basis. That could be bath salts, expensive perfume, your makeup you don’t use every day, special hair pieces, etc.

Designated toys

If you have to share a bathroom with kids, it’s helpful to get the toy clutter in its own area. Create storage for items under-10 by using wire baskets, buckets, or mash bags.

Toss samples

If those samples aren’t gone, then you’re never going to use them. Get rid of all those little containers like hotel soaps, samples from magazines, and mini makeup tubes that come with the real thing. If you never opened any, some locations will take donations of unopened toiletries.

For more decluttering tips, visit for their series of decluttering.

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