Coastal Country Cottage with Panoramic Views

If you want truly spectacular views, you need to view 1020 Wotan Drive in Encinitas! Take a walk through this enchanting country cottage!

Surrounded by panoramic ocean views, this coastal cottage is situated on .41 flat, usable acres! There is ample room for homeowners to expand or add an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). This home features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and approximately 2,098 square feet! The current listing price is $1,895,000.

Wotan Drive is a gorgeous destination in Encinitas! There are a variety of architectural structures that range from warm, woodsy ranch style homes to striking custom designs. If you want further expansive ocean views, simply build up! This home has boundless potential, you could easily customize it to fit your lifestyle.

This country cottage seems like a private sanctuary, as the lot is huge and surrounded by lush greenery. But this Encinitas jewel is located close to the beach, town, park, stores, restaurants, and award-winning schools!

Check out the listing page for more details before this opportunity is gone!

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Enchanting Cottage Home in Encinitas!

Are you looking for an enchanting home in the woods? 1079 Crest Drive in Encinitas is unlike any listing you have seen before!

This enchanting war, woodsy cottage is nestled among trees, birds, and Mother Nature! This Encinitas home has striking panoramic Easterly views! This custom A-frame style house features 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a four-car tandem garage, and approximately 1,472 square feet! For a closer look, view the video tour!

Crest Drive is a destination! You can enjoy the tranquil feel of the country in a Coastal location. The lot is spacious, approximately 13,300 square feet! You could easily add an accessory dwelling unit with the space you have! Unique homes like this one dot the scenery, so rest assured you won’t be stuck in a neighborhood full of cookie cutter homes.

While this unique home feels like your own private country estate, it is conveniently located near award winning schools, the beach, restaurants, shopping, and more! You will have a hard time finding a home equal to this beauty, so check it out before it’s gone!

The current listing price is $1,295,000View the listing page for more information on this Encinitas home!

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Coastal Townhome in Ideal Location

If you’ve been on the hunt for an immaculate coastal house with an ideal location, take a look at 1947 Country Grove Lane in Encinitas!

This Vida Pacifica home has dual masters with baths en suite. The rooms are filled with natural light and are spacious. There are two baths and one half bath, all of which have been updated. The estimated space is approximately 1,097 square feet. This home is currently listed for $610,000.

This townhome features open living/dining/kitchen—perfect for entertaining! The kitchen has been beautifully updated and features white cabinetry and chrome accents. Homeowners will love the new striking modern flooring, brick fireplace, and the two car garage.

The spacious patio area is private and has a lovely attached terrace for shade. Enjoy relaxing in the community pool and spa! This stunning coastal townhome is located near Moonlight & Swami’s beaches, as well as the San Elijo lagoon.

Cruise Coast Highway 101 through exquisite shops, restaurants, cafes. Enjoy coastal biking and walking trails or visit some of the top surf spots in California.

You could get one of the most affordable homes in beautiful coastal Encinitas! Click here to see the listing details.

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How to Create a Safe Den for Your Dog

While dogs were bred from wolves thousands of years ago, they still retain some of the same characteristics. Much like their wolf ancestors, dogs are den animals. Dens offer a sense of security for dogs.

While your dog might consider your home his territory, a safe haven may provide refuge when strangers come over, fireworks go off, or even when you are away at work. Creating a den for your dog is simple, see how!

Choosing a Den Space

While a den is a sanctuary for your dog to escape to when he needs space, it should still be located near a high trafficked area. While your dog may want to feel secure in that moment, he still wants to be close to his family. Think about setting up his den near the kitchen or living room.

How to Build a Den

There are many ways to build a den for your dog. You could turn the room under the stairs or an unused closet into a shelter space. Or if you want, you can easily convert a console or small dresser into a den! By integrating the den into your interior design, you can avoid an eyesore!

What to Put in the Den

The safe den should primarily have a dog bed. If you dog likes soft blankets and plush pillows, you can add these as well. You know your dog better than anyone, so consider what he likes and what he finds comforting. Some people like to separate the feeding area from the rest area, but you can keep the bowls nearby for feeding times if you prefer.

How to Organize the Den

Take advantage of the safe den to create a dog station! Get some organization bins or containers to store all your dog’s items. You can keep medication in one bin and his toys in another. If your dog has chewing toys and comfort toys, you can separate them as well. Gather up all the walking essentials like the leash, raincoat, booties, and treat bag and hang them nearby for easy access.

How to Decorate Your Dog Den

After you have taken care of your dog’s basic essentials for the den, you can go wild with decorating! Hang up some string lighting or some framed photos of your pooch.  You can add some curtains if the safe den does not have doors. A machine washable rug laid down can be great for those muddy days.

While a den is very basic, you can make it as decorative or eye catching as you want! Go ahead and treat your dog to a gorgeous safe den, he deserves it.

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8 Incredibly Comfy Chairs for Your Reading Nook

If you love unwinding with a good book after a long stressful day, you need a reading nook! A reading nook can be as small or spacious as you want, but it must be cozy enough for you to feel serene. One easy way to create a tranquil space is to invest in a comfy chair!

There are numerous chairs to choose from, but these 8 designs are incredibly comfy and stylish!

  • Cozy Beanbag

Beanbags are not just for kids anymore! Beanbags are comfy, plush seats that are often overlooked in favor of sturdier, modern chairs. But a huge luxurious beanbag may be just what you need for your reading nook. You’ll have to fight the urge to lounge all day!

  • Leather Chair

This leather chair is sleek and stylish. The matching ottoman completes the set and allows you to turn your reading nook into a tranquil space. You can customize the color and finish, which allows you to personalize your home even more.

  • Barrel Chair

This spacious chair is large enough for you to pull up your feet and curl up with a good book. The wraparound arm rest gives you back support. There are numerous color options, so you can design your reading nook to your unique taste.

  • Leather Recliner

Is there anything more comfy than a reclining chair? Pull up your feet and get absorbed in a literary series with this leather recliner. The wooden details are striking and the soft seating will put you right at ease.

  • Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge is perfect for complete relaxation because there’s room for your feet to spread out. This traditional plush chair comes in many fabric options, so choose a fabric that suits your interior design style.

  • Leather Swivel Armchair

If you want a modern leather chair that is comfy, this tufted option is perfect! This armchair is roomy and plush enough for sink-in comfort. There is also a matching ottoman if you would like support for your feet.

  • Walnut Armchair

This stunning modern armchair has a strong back and plush seating. The walnut details and curved arms are gorgeous. If you prefer a sturdier chair with support, this choice is perfect for you.

  • Velvet Lounger

This lounger is a stylish option for any reading nook! The chair swivels and is designed for people that like curling up or sprawling out. Get comfy on this circular chair that is perfect for small corners.

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Turnkey Single Story Village Park Home

If you’re looking for a home in the picturesque coastal city of Encinitas, then check out 2058 Shadow Grove Way! This Village Park home is stunning–inside and out!

This turnkey single story home has a tucked away, quiet cul-de-sac location! This private oasis features 4 bedrooms, three baths with dual masters and approximately 1,812 square feet! The current listing price for this marvel is $1,049,000. For an in-depth look, view the video tour.

The gorgeous master bedroom/bath addition has coveted vaulted ceilings and modern finishes. The stunning remodeled kitchen includes upgraded appliances, lighting, and banquette dining. From the dining area, you can look out through the windows and see the lush outdoor landscaping with fruit trees!

Outside of this lovely house, you will find botanical landscaping with patio pavers and a spectacular variety of fruit trees! Enjoy entertaining or relaxing on your sun filled outdoor patio. The outdoor privacy allows for a feeling of complete serenity.

This home is located near award winning schools, restaurants, shopping, natural trails, and more! The HOA fees are low, and you can look forward to great amenities like expansive greenbelts, a pool, tennis courts, a playground, and a recreational room.

For more details on this hot listing, check out the detailed information page before it’s gone!

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How to Maintain Your Inflatable Pool this Summer

Due to the pandemic, a lot of people are spending their summer days at home. As such, many have invested in inflatable pools to cool off this summer. But dumping and refilling the pool water every time the water gets dirty can leave you with a soaring water bill!

Rather than refilling your pool all summer, you could just maintain it! By keeping your inflatable pool clean longer, you can avoid having to refill it as much. There are several steps you can take to ensure the water in your inflatable pool stays clear, healthy, and safe for swimming.

  • Keep Contaminants Out

Make sure you avoid introducing contaminants into your inflatable pool. You can do this by preventing pets from entering the pool, as they can be carriers of dirt and impurities. Using a pool cover is also a great step you can take to prevent rainwater, debris, animals, and insects from getting in your pool.

  • Use a Pool Vacuum

A lot of people drain the water in their pool because the floor can become slimy and dirty. But by using a pool vacuum, you can clear out the sediments that have accumulated at the bottom of your inflatable pool this summer. There are many types of pool vacuums to choose from, depending on the size of your pool.

  • Use a Pool Filter

Even if you have a small kiddie pool, you could still use a filtering system to maintain the health of your pool water. There are many filtering pumps to choose from, but one that is available relatively everywhere is the Intex Krystal Clear Pump. Most inflatable pools don’t have holes for a filter, so you can just drape the hoses over the side.

  • Maintain Sanitation

The most important step you can take to maintain the health of your inflatable pool is to keep it sanitized. There are many products you can use, but something to keep in mind is the pH level. If the pH level in your pool water is too high (above 7.6), any chlorine products you use won’t be as effective. Test kits can be used to check the pH level.

Chlorine tablets are great for keeping your pool sanitized in the summer. You can invest in a floating dispenser to disperse the chlorine tablets.  When your pool needs a little more sanitation, you can use pool shock or unscented bleach. Pool shock is a concentrated form of chlorine that essentially resets your pool water.

Inflatable pools can be maintained so you can minimize how often you need to replace the water. But even if you take these steps, it’s advised that the water in your inflatable pool should be drained and changed every two weeks. This ensures that swimmers stay healthy and don’t swim in contaminated water.

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Ideally Located New Villanitas Home!

Location, location! 1410 Valleda Lane in Encinitas is a marvel! If you’re in the market for a quiet, private, interior street location, this home is perfect for you!

For an in-depth look, view the video tour. This home is stunning inside and out! Homeowners are met with a winding red brick walkway that leads them to a beautiful modern house. This house features 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1 half bath, and approximately 2,354 square feet. Currently, it is listed at $1,039,000.

This New Villanitas home has double pane windows and a large family style eat in kitchen you will love! There is a huge grassy yard that has plenty of room for you to add a pool or ADU and still have ample yard space! The lot is approximately 10,800 square feet.

The community of New Villanitas has a community pool, playground, and tennis courts. This home is ideally located near Flora Vista Elementary, Dieguito Middle School, shopping, and restaurants. This popular family neighborhood is calling your name!

For more details on this incredible real estate opportunity, check out the listing page.

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Linda Moore Recognized as One of the Top 1,000 Sales Associates for 2020!

Linda Moore has been named among Realogy Brokerage Group’s top sales associates for the first quarter of 2020! This accolade is presented by M. Ryan Gorman, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.

Although there are over 50,000 talented realtors across Realogy Brokerage Group, Linda Moore has earned an elite standing among her peers. Her ability to provide high level service while continuing to adapt the way she conducts business is unequaled.

On behalf of the Realogy Brokerage Group, Gorman states in the letter of recognition:

“…thank you for your unwavering dedication, hard work and for providing significant contributions to the success of the nation’s largest real estate brokerage.”

Linda Moore continues to be one of the best realtors in Encinitas! Her dedication to her clients and her tireless efforts to help sellers achieve top dollar for their homes is inspiring.

Her vast knowledge on the real estate market has helped countless people find the home of their dreams in the beautiful coastal city of Encinitas. If you are in the market for a home or are looking to sell, contact an award winning realtor by calling (760) 310-0234 or sending an email to

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8 Incredible Cat Trees and Bridges for Your Home

If you have a cat in the home, you need a tree or some bridges! Cats are agile creatures that are natural born climbers. The ability to scale high furniture gives your cat confidence, a sense of security, more territory, and mental stimulation.

If your living space is small, bridges or wall mounted shelves are a wonderful substitute for voluminous cat trees. Bridges and shelves still offer your cat height and spaces to lounge but don’t take up valuable floor space.

These 8 incredible cat trees and bridges not only create an enriched environment for your feline friend, they are also stylish pieces of décor that will display nicely in your home.

  • Wall Mounted Gardens Complex

This wall mounted cat paradise makes for an incredible display! Your cat will absolutely love walking along the bridges and jumping through the obstacles! This design comes in three finishes and the materials are both durable and sustainable.

  • Multi-level Cat Tree

Your cat will become immersed with this multi-level cat tree! There are scratching posts, an enclosure, several jumping points, and a ladder. Your cat can play and relax in this 70-inch interactive tree.

  • Modern Cat Tree

If you want an unassuming cat tree that looks modern, this black option is perfect! Resembling a modern bookcase, this 65-inch tree has five levels to explore. While simple, this cat tree offers height and mental stimulation as there are numerous ways to scale up the tower.

  • Amazon Cat Tree

Climbing this cat tree will feel like an adventure in the Amazon rainforest! The various shades of brown make this furniture piece resemble a wooden structure. Your cat will likely spend hours climbing every step and discovering every enclosure. This tree is 78-inches in height.

  • Wall Mounted Cat Perch

With a hammock and an enclosure, this wall mounted cat complex is perfect for small spaces in your home. There are only 4 pieces, but your cat will get plenty of exercise and playtime.

  • Cleopatra Cat Tree

Want a cat tree that resembles a modern art structure? This Cleopatra tree is elegant and sleek in every way! The base is an enclosure and there are four tiers for your furry adventurer to check out.

  • Wall Mounted Play Area

This wall mounted structure is perfect for both play and rest. There are three platforms, a hammock, and a bridge. The brackets are wall mounted, giving this piece of wall décor a sleek appearance. You can even choose the fabric and the finish.

  • Sphere Cat Tree

This woven cat tree is a beautifully shaped furniture piece. Resembling a three-foot table, this cat structure has one platform, a scratching post, an enclosure, and a cat toy. This midsize cat tree is perfect for small spaces in your home.

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