The New Obama Family Home in Washington DC

The Obama family has officially moved out of the White House. They are staying put in Washington DC, however; they are not moving back to Illinois. Thankfully, we don’t need to die from curiosity as we have pictures of their new mansion surrounded by famous neighbors including the Clintons. There is also a video tour of the home. Let me tell you now, it is absolutely gorgeous! It looks like a lovely castle on the outside and on the inside, it is bright, elegant, and modern.


Check out more of the house here:

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The Actual Costs of Tiny Houses

We can all admit after looking at these pictures:, we are very curious what it would be like to live in a tiny house. It’s a very tempting prospect at times: to simply run away, get rid of all your earthly possessions, and live the simple life. There are many reasons to love the idea of a tiny house. They are kind to the environment, easy to clean and manage, they allow the owners to “simplify their over-complicated and possession-cluttered lives”, and they are just plain cute. However, contrary to popular belief, they are not necessarily cheap. The cost of a tiny house ranges from $20,000 to $140,000.

There are three different options to go about obtaining your very own tiny house. You can either get a custom build altogether, choose a prefab model, or you can build it yourself. A custom build is the most expensive option because you are allowed to tailor everything exactly to your liking. The price more regularly range from $89,000-$139,000. The prefab tiny houses are premade or semicustom homes so they are perfect for the more budget conscious. However, they are still estimated to cost upwards of $58,000. And then the build it yourself option will be the most time consuming but probably one of the least expensive routes estimated between $35,000 to $40,000. Even after those costs, you still need somewhere to park it, and preferably someplace with water and electricity hook ups meaning you may need to buy or rent land.


Check out the article here:

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How to Steam Clean a Microwave

Cleaning the microwave has to be my least favorite cleaning task ever. Well, that and cleaning the refrigerator, which is basically like cleaning a very large microwave. It’s very time-consuming and requires quite a bit of hard work to get all the grease off the ceiling. This amazing steam cleaning method is the only way I will clean the microwave from now on. It’s seems so much easier and very fast. The prep and quick wipe down afterwards don’t take very long at all. Here is how you do it:

  • First, wipe down the inside of the microwave of any loose crumbs. No need to do any scrubbing.
  • Next, fill up a microwave-safe bowl ¾ of the way up with tap water. Add 5-10 lemon slices to the water and squeeze some of the lemon juice into the bowl as well.
  • Put the bowl in the microwave and turn it on high. Then check it every few minutes to see if the water has started bowling, usually five minutes is a good amount to start off with.
  • When the water comes to a boil then you can stop the microwave but leave the bowl in there for a minute or two to allow the steam to build. Carefully remove the bowl of water.
  • After the steam has built up in the microwave, simply wipe down the interior sides and ceiling with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth or a paper towel to get rid of any streaks. If you have a tray in your microwave, then remove that and clean that off as well.
  • Lastly, wipe down the outside of the microwave as well, especially clean up through greasy fingerprints on the keypad.


Check it out here:

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Renovations That Will Pay Off Most in 2017

It’s a new year so perhaps it is time for some new home improvements. However, before doing the renovations you have been dreaming of doing, you should look up what the return will be on your investment if you plan to sell your house in the next five years. Remodeling the magazine just released their annual Cost vs Value report so you can figure out what’s best to do. For this report, researchers analyzed 29 popular home improvements including how much contractors charge for the jobs and how much contractors charge for the renovation jobs and how much the improvement will boost the market price on the house.

Craig Webb, the editor of Remodeling, notes that the value for more expensive renovation projects rose significantly over the past year which means that the housing market have become healthier. He, also, stated “when the market is hot, realtors are more likely to give value to more expensive renovation projects, because they expect that the market will stay hot and people will pay the price. When the market is cool, realtors tend to put less value on those big-dollar projects, because they have concerns about whether the house will get sold in any state.”

The renovation with the highest return is adding an attic fiberglass insulation which brings about a whopping 107.7% increase. A minor kitchen remodel will give 80.2% return. A garage door replacement will give you a 76.9% return. A wooden deck addition will give you a 71.5% return. And last on the list is a bathroom addition which will only provide you with a 53.9% return.


Check out the article on Realtor:

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Brand New Listing on Juniperhill

I have a brand-new listing to announce at 1601 Juniperhill Drive in the lovely neighborhood of Summerfield in Encinitas. The seller will entertain offers in between $799,000 and $819,000 for this 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home. This single-story home has a spacious, grassy front and back yards with new fencing. There is ceramic plank tile throughout the house and upgraded double-pane windows and sliding glass doors. The house also includes these amazing features:

  • Quartz kitchen countertops
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Tile backsplash
  • Central air
  • New water heater
  • French doors
  • Designer paint colors
  • Custom molding


Check out the listing site at the link and read more at the brochure below:



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Homes Sold in 2016!

My new brochure will be going out soon but here are some previews of the content that will be in my brochure! Here are some of the absolutely lovely client testimonials I received last year:

Here is my map of sold listings for 2016:

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Design Trends That are Going to Be Big in 2017

Interior design trends are always evolving or cycling back into style. Since it is January, I have been wondering what will start gaining a lot of traction the year in the home design world. These are some of the forecasts for the next year:

  • Animal prints like tiger and cheetah prints. You will most likely see more animal accessories like pillows and throws.
  • Tole lighting will be coming back into style as a part of the “granny” movement perhaps. Tole means painted, floral lighting pieces and candelabras made of sheet metal.
  • Op Art: these are abstract ethereal prints that were made popular in the 60s and the 70s. They will be coming back into style probably in vibrant violets and neon colors.
  • Statement rugs: rugs that double as art pieces are already getting big.
  • Avant-garde and innovative lighting: it’s seems like art-deco stuff might be an emphasis in 2017 as LED bar lighting in weird shapes and interesting colors will be trending as well.
  • Antiques will be becoming much more popular as well!


Check out the original article here:

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Try a Media Fast for a Night

I have a bit of a challenge for you. It’s a challenge I found on one of my new favorite sites: Apartment Therapy. It’s an assignment from a series of articles Apartment Therapy calls The January Cure which includes a bunch of challenges to make January all about breaking patterns and forming new habits that will make your home feel more like a retreat from the outside world. The assignment is to take a break from all media including television, social media, internet, and your smart phone. This is definitely more difficult than it sounds. However, it will be well worth it since making your home intentionally quieter than usual can be very eye-opening.


They describe the challenge/assignment in this way:

“Give a media fast a try. It’s simple in concept but can be tough in the execution. This evening (or whenever your main block of “home time” is) take a break from television, computer, tablet and cell or smart phone.

Part of the takeaway of doing the Cure is having the experience of spending time in our homes in different ways, which helps us to find new ways to enjoy it. This media fast will shake up the routine a bit and give you a rare break from the energy of the outside world finding its way into your private space.

Maxwell explains one of the perks of their exercise well in the Eight Step Home Cure: ‘As you experience your home time without the usual sights and sounds to listen to, pay attention to how you feel. While you may find it uncomfortable and unfamiliar at first, you will inevitably find yourself with time that is unfilled and now yours to spend in new ways.’”

Give it a try and let me know what you end up doing instead. All those hours spent in front of a screen…it’s hard to figure out how you might actually spend all that time.

Also, as a little end note… I got an amazing client testimonial that I just have to share with you!

Check it out:

To Whom It May Concern:

I enjoyed doing business with Linda Moore when selling my home in Encinitas.

She was competent, cheerful, energetic, dependable, and very informed about the properties in the area. I particularly appreciate her dealing with contractors repairing my home. She kept me informed and was most professional in placing my property on the market and selling it at a good price.

I highly recommend her as an excellent real estate agent.


Connie B. Savage



Here is the original article from Apartment Therapy:

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Better Rates for New Homeowners in San Diego County for 2017

According to Phillip Molnar of the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Federal Housing Administration announced Monday that it will be decreasing the annual insurance premiums that borrowers must pay by a quarter of a percent. Now this might not seem like a very substantial amount but the FHA says that it will save the average homeowner $500 this very year. However, San Diego County will receive an even bigger impact from this seemingly small decrease since we have higher housing prices compared to the rest of the nation so our average homeowner will be saving $1,200 a year.

This rate change will go into effect for all homes in escrow after January 27th. Julian Castro, the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary, said in a news release on Monday “after four straight years of growth and with sufficient reserves on hand to meet future claims, it’s time for FHA to pass along some modest savings to working families.” Glad for it!


Check out the original story here:

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Cleaning a Small Home

Sometimes having a small house or apartment can feel like curse. You don’t have much space to host friends and you feel like you are lacking in storage. However, when it comes to the area of cleaning, having a small home or apartment is a blessing and not a curse. Here is why you should love cleaning a small home:

1)      You save a lot of time. The less space there is, the less time you will need to spend cleaning it up.

2)      You already know where everything is. In large homes, things are usually hidden in some tucked away corner of your residence but that won’t be the case in a small house because there are no tucked away corners.

3)      A little goes a long way with a tiny home. Making your bed or sweeping the floor can make a huge difference in a small home so the deep cleanings required in larger homes aren’t always necessary for company.

4)      You save a lot of money cleaning a small home. If there is less space, then there are less rooms to clean and that means less needs to be spent on cleaning supplies.

5)      Dusting is an absolute breeze. You might even run out of thinks to dust which means more time for Netflix!

6)      You can do a deep cleaning in one day instead of blocking out an entire weekend for the task.

Small homes are great because just by doing a few simple tasks every morning and evening, your place can look spick and span all the time. Try these morning and evening routines to keep your small space clean at all times:

Every Morning

Make the bed: doing this every morning can actually make you happier.

Do a five-minute pick-up right before you leave the house.

Every Night

Sort your mail

Wipe down the counters

Handle the dishes

Put your clothes away


Check out the original articles here:

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