New Listing at 187 Mangano Circle

Just listed on the market yesterday, my new listing at 187 Mangano Circle is a home opportunity you don’t want to miss! Located in the West Hampton Cove neighborhood of Encinitas, these homes are rarely seen on the market.

This home comes equipped with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and newly remodeled bathrooms and kitchen. You get a fireplace in your living room, and new, modern ceramic plank flooring. At this location, you’ll have access to central air, inside laundry, and patio storage. The community access and HOA comes with a spa and bike parking area, as well as common area maintenance, exterior landscaping, and exterior building maintenance.

The home itself is amazing, but what could make it better than the area it’s surrounded by? The view that comes with the home is just as outstanding as the opportunity to have a West Hampton Cove listing. You get a coastline, panoramic ocean view with a glimpse of the city lights. With the addition of the evening lights in the community, your view will be so soothing and relaxing you’ll never want to leave!

Take a look for yourself!

Another perk about the West Hampton Cove neighborhood and this listing is the convenient location. You’ll have an easy access to the freeway, beach, town, shopping, YMCA, restaurants, and more! Who wouldn’t want to live close to the life of the town?

If you’re interested in all this amazing community has to offer, make sure you keep a look out for any future open houses. Don’t miss your chance to visit this home and check out that view for yourself!

Keep a look out on my social media for an open house! This could go fast!

To see this listing, visit

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Coming soon: the first week of December! 

A detached, single story home in Village Park! Equipped with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, it offers low HOA fees in a great neighborhood with great schools. A quiet interior street location, it’s a perfectly private home.

Don’t miss out on this gorgeous little home! If you’re looking for a home in the Village Park area, this could be your sign! Make sure you keep a look out on social media and my blog during the first week of December! You don’t want to miss any open houses or viewings that could convince you that this is your home!

Price: $729,000



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Host a Huge Thanksgiving in a Small Space

Lunch table / saladAre you hosting this year’s Thanksgiving but live in a smaller home, apartment, or condo? You may be wondering how you can possibly fit all those people. Well, here are some tricks and ways to make it work!

The People

Trying to find room for everyone might be one of the more difficult things. If you have an image of everyone seated at a long table, you may need to adjust or improvise the image. Try and borrow folding tables from friends and family, or set up spots all around the house to fit people. You can even opt-in for a picnic and set everyone on the floor with pillows.

The Food

Preparing the food is the next biggest difficulty. Most of the time, smaller homes mean smaller kitchens and you’re wondering how you can possibly cook everything with one oven. If you have an outside area, you can deep fry or smoke the turkey which clears up room for the oven. Your appetizers or side dishes could be prepared the day before, allowing you to reheat them in the microwave. Another option could be seeing if your friends or neighbors will be out of town, and asking to use their ovens. Obviously with the offer to clean up after yourself.

The Buffet

Finding counter space in a busy kitchen may be a struggle. You can set up your buffet anywhere you want! You can choose the kitchen counter, an island, or use shelves and desks that are currently unused.


If you’ve never had to do Thanksgiving or a grand dinner before, you may not have enough matching plates for everyone. You can either choose the disposable route, or even get your first dinner set for cheap. IKEA is a great place, or sales at Home Goods. You can mix and match the seasonal items currently trending. Another great stop is the thrift store which you can score some older and unique dinner sets. Or, you can borrow from family who may be coming over.

For more ideas and tips, visit and the original article.

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7 Items You Need for Thanksgiving

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and you might be rushing to get everything together. Not only is Thanksgiving about being thankful and spending time with family and friends, but it’s also a great time to eat all the delicious food we want. You need the right items to prepare your dish correctly and make it look just as good as it tastes.

Roasting pan with a nonstick rack

This is where the biggest part of Thanksgiving is cooked: the turkey! This is essential, and having a perfect pan to cook it in is just as crucial as the turkey itself. You want something sturdy and non-stick, which you’ll be able to use year-round.

Fat separator

It may not be on the top of your shopping list, but it’s handy to have. Inexpensive and easy to use, it extracts the meat juices from the fat.

Carving set

When you’re cutting the turkey, you want to do it right. Buying a set is the best way to go, which means it will come with a stabilizing fork. This makes carving easier and produces good, even chunks of meat.

Meat thermometer

The technique needed for a perfect bird is the meat thermometer. The old pop-out thermometer could produce incorrect results, leading to a burnt or undercooked turkey. Using a thermometer allows you to get the accurate temperature of the bird, and you can use it again for future dinners.

Carving board with moat

While cutting the bird, you’ll be able to save the juices from spilling out when using a sturdy cutting board equipped with a moat. It can be used for anything that leaks when you’re cutting it, and the wood designs are practical and beautiful.

Large, rimmed serving platter

This can come especially handy for passing the turkey. If you do the carving in the kitchen, it’s also helpful when transporting the turkey from the kitchen to the table. The rim keeps the juices from spilling over and you can stack the turkey on the plate.

Pie pans

Getting glass pie pans could save you on the perfect display for your pie. The disposable pans wind up causing the pie crust to break, and the glass just allows the family to see into the and around the pie. Another item you can use again.

Want to find the best bargain? Read the original article at to find the best prices for these items.

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Tree Decorating Ideas

Close-up of Christmas Decoration Hanging on TreeWant to change up your tree this year? Here are some decorating ideas to make your tree look gorgeous and stand out.

1. Classic & Mod

Combine trendy and traditional with classic silver and gold ornaments, or beaded garland with a monogram topper to keep it simple.

2. Match Your Home

Regardless of your home style, you can match your tree to the style of your living room. Have purple and pink accents in the room? Decorate your tree with purple and pink ornaments, garland, and ribbon.

3. Simple Yet Bold

Keep the tree decorations simple and choose a bold tree skirt. You don’t even need ornaments, just white light and some garland to let the bold patterned skirt stand out.

4. Glitz and Glam – Budget Friendly

Choose a flashy and fun theme for this year’s tree with sunburst, pops of bright colors, and a white tree.

5. DIY Ornaments

Homemade ornaments aren’t just a project for the kids. Break out the hot glue gun and create your own ornaments for this year or even the next!

6. Shiny Ornaments

Glass ornaments give a designer look to your tree while remaining contemporary or classic. You can choose classic spherical ornaments or tear drop shape to make it modern.

7. A Pop of Color

Even if you aren’t a normal accent color decorator, use the holiday season to break out that rainbow. Tis the season to go overboard, so look for ornaments with bold blues, bright greens, pinks, purples, and choose metallic accents like silver and gold.

8. Vintage Chic

If you enjoy a vintage look, transform antique knickknacks or pictures into cool ornaments and fashion your tree like the old, simpler times.

9. Spray-Paint!

That’s right: spray-paint your tree. Make another bold statement by spray painting your tree with a coat of your color choice and fashion it with bold colored decorations.

10. Deck the Tree with Tons of Tinsel

Tinsel can be your enemy, or your best friend. Incorporate the sparkle with the subtle charm of a white tree and add amounts of soft silver and light gold tinsel.

12. Sweet Tooth

If you used to put real candy on the tree growing up, bring that tradition back. Get whimsical and hang packaged candy that typically has a longer shelf life (hard candy like lollipops and candy canes).

For more inspiration and ideas for your tree, visit where they have pictures from the original article!

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“Unshelved” at the San Diego Natural History Musuem

architecture, bones, buildingComing this week, a new exhibit has been added to the Natural History Museum of San Diego. The new exhibit has more than 200 specimen that have been stored away and never seen on display before. The Nat has more than 8 million items in storage underground and behind gallery walls, and they have chosen 200 to show to the public. It’s called “Unshelved: Cool Stuff from Storage” and will be available at the museum for 2 years.

Upon entry, the first thing shown is a giant sperm whale jaw that sets the stage for the rest of the specimen on display. There will be gems and minerals, an emperor penguin, big bats, a 20-foot-long anaconda skin, a wall of skulls, bugs and insects, and vintage taxidermied birds. Since the opening of The Nat in 1874, they have focused on the natural history of the Southern California and Baja California area, but it hasn’t stopped them from collecting specimen from around the world. This exhibit brings a perfect demonstration of all the world has to offer.

Located on Level 2 of the museum, admission into the exhibit will be included with the purchase of general admission and with memberships. Included in general admission will not only mean admission into the new exhibit, but access to 2D and 3D films, as well. Ticket prices are $19 for adults, $17 for seniors, students, and military, and $12 for youth 3-17 years. Admission is free for members and children 2 and under.

The exhibit will open this coming Saturday, November 18th, and will be around for some time. The Nat is open daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, and located at 1788 El Prado in Balboa Park. The exhibit will be closed when The Nat is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For more information about The Nat and “Unshelved”, visit their website!

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Holiday DIY: Create Your Own Mercury Glass

Photo Credit –

A fun project to tackle yourself or with kids that will help decorate your house for the holidays: mercury glass. Not only is it subtle and chic, but adding these to your normal everyday décor can add a touch of delicacy to the mantle or table.

You can reuse old vases, candle votives, or decorate ornaments for your tree. It uses the three simple ingredients of vinegar, water, and spray paint.

Materials Needed:

  • Glass (vase, candle votive, ornament)
  • Protective gloves
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Mirror finish spray paint
  • Cloth/paper towel


The first thing you’ll do is mix one-part water with one-part vinegar in your spray bottle.


Spray the glass you have chosen with a light coat of the mirror vanish spray paint. Then, immediately spray it again with the vinegar and water mix.

Blot and Finish

Use a cloth or paper towel to blot the glass. Let it dry for about 30 seconds. You can repeat this process 6 times, or until you get the look you desire. Allow the glass to dry completely before you display your finished piece, so it doesn’t leave marks on your furniture.

Visit to see the video demonstration.

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Top 10 Real Estate Agents: Coldwell Banker – October 2017

So excited to announce that in October, I made not only the top 10 sales associates for Coldwell Banker last month, but was ranked #2!

I have been a resident of Encinitas since 1977, and have been doing real estate for 28 years. I know the area like the back of my hand including schools, neighborhoods, and the individual communities. I specialize in Encinitas, Cardiff, Carlsbad, Solana Beach, Del Mar, and other areas of North County San Diego.

My experience has led me here today, and I want to share some tip when it comes to choosing a good real estate agent.

Know the different titles

There are many different titles you will come across when searching for a real estate agent. You’ll see the agent, broker, and Realtor.

  • Real estate agent – Licensed to sell property through hours of course work and state exam.
  • Broker – Continued studies and hires agents to work under him/her.
  • Realtor – agent or broker and a member of the National Association of Realtors.

Conduct preliminary search online

We constantly use the internet for search for things we need or advice, so why not utilize it when looking for a real estate agent? There are many different websites that you can take advantage of by searching for reviews on a specific agent or looking for one in your area. Coldwell Banker allows you to do both, offering you a collective group of teams and individuals ready to work with you.

Don’t settle

The NAR did a poll and found that 52% of first-time buyers used a referral as their agent, while two-thirds contacted only one agent before moving forward. If you think about it, that’s like going on a blind date and settling after date two.

Make sure you explore your options and don’t settle for the first one that comes up. You want to make sure they’re a fit for you and your needs as a buyer/seller.

Don’t forget, if you ever need a real estate agent, I’m ready to help you buy and/or sell your home!

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Oldest House for Sale in the US

In New England, you will find much of the history on American colonization preserved or recorded through battlegrounds or buildings left behind. That says the same for what is probably the oldest house on the market. In Massachusetts, this Georgetown home was built in 1964 which is a perfect example of First Period architecture.

Commonly known as the Dickinson-Pillsbury-Witham House, it sits on 8.5 acres of land including 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and an 18th century barn and shed. It’s listed at $549,900 and is on the National Register of Historical Places.

The home has been expanded on two separate occasions by previous owners. It was originally built with a chimney and rooms on one side with an enclosed staircase. The first renovation took place just years after it was built where the owner added more rooms to the other side. The next renovation happened in the 19th century when a larger addition was built.

Currently, the house has an updated kitchen with a gas stove, wall oven, and a soapstone counter and sink. Otherwise, it has all the original characteristics like the fireplaces, wood flooring, and wood paneled walls. The exterior features red window trim, wood clapboard, and shingles. The barn has all the original hardware, as well, including a loft with exposed wood beams.

One of the past owners included Paul Pillsbury, the inventor, who the house is partly named after. A historic account by John Louis Ewell states that a letter from Pillsbury talked about an attack on the home by local Native Americans. Ewell described the home as “an heirloom from the seventeenth century”. Modeled after a nearby home that was built in 1653, Ewell mentioned the large fireplace (still present) with cooking stoves and candlesticks hanging from the ceiling beam. He even included a photo of the house.

If you want to learn more about this historic home and see current pictures, visit for the original article.

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Thanksgiving in the States

What are the favorite dishes of Thanksgiving across the US?

Alabama: Southern Red Velvet Cake

A Southern favorite with a triple-layer rendition.

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

Alaska: Classic Cheesecake

No doubt it’s a coast to coast American favorite, the cheesecake is highly ranked in our 49th state.

(Photo: Food Network)

Arizona: World’s Simplest Turkey

A no-fuss turkey requires little attention for a warm November in Arizona.

(Photo: Tara Donne – Food Network)

Arkansas: Turkey Spaghetti

Those in Arkansas have bigger plans for the day-after-Thanksgiving meals.

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

California: Oven-Baked Salmon

In our very own home, who needs a turkey when you’re right next to the Pacific Northwest’s schools of seafood.

(Photo: Armando Rafael Moutela – Food Network)

Colorado: Glazed Ham

A little glazed ham with your turkey never hurt anyone!

(Photo: Levi Brown – Food Network)

Connecticut: Shepherd’s Pie

Perhaps this is another day-after favorite with leftover mashed potatoes.

(Photo: Food Network)

Delaware: Slow-Cooker Macaroni and Cheese

Residents of Delaware pull out the slow cookers to make the perfect Thanksgiving side dish.

(Photo: Marshall Troy – Food Network)

District of Columbia: Oyster Stuffing

With prime proximity to the East Coast, our capital favors a rendition to their cornbread stuffing.

(Photo: Alice Gao – Food Network)

Florida: Deep-Fried Turkey

Everyone should try deep frying their turkey once in a while.

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

Georgia: Sweet Potato Soufflé

Sweet potato crops thrive in the warm weather, so Georgia gravitates to this casserole.

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

Hawaii: Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

This recipe is packed with 6 cloves of garlic, but who’s complaining?

(Photo: Tara Donne – Food Network)

Idaho: The Baked Potato

A vegetable synonymous with this state, they are in search of the perfect baked potato.

(Photo: Tara Donne – Food Network)

Illinois: Pumpkin Spice French Toast Casserole

In the Land of Lincoln, this is the perfect breakfast to start this festive day.

(Photo: Renee Comet – Food Network)

Indiana: Corn Pudding

This creamy casserole lets you make room for corn on Thanksgiving.

(Photo Jamie Kimm & Marina Malchin – Food Network)

Iowa: Pumpkin Bars

What a great alternative to the pumpkin pie!

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

Kansas: Cranberry Salad

A gelatin mold packed with cranberries, add this retro dish to your spread.

(Photo: Alice Gao – Food Network)

Kentucky: Leftover Turkey Chili

Leftovers from Thanksgiving are sometimes the best part!

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

Louisiana: Shrimp-Stuffed Mirliton

Also known as chayote in Mexico, this dish gets an upgrade for Thanksgiving.

(Photo: Kate Mathis – Food Network)

Maine: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

You know a good cookie when you see one!

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

Maryland: Sweet Potato Pie

Pumpkin pie could have some competition this year.

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

Massachusetts: Caramelized Butternut Squash

People from New England enjoy this simple yet delicious side dish.

(Photo: Tarra Donne – Food Network)

Michigan: Green Bean Casserole

Such a classic and ultimate comfort food casserole!

(Photo: Tarra Donne – Food Network)

Want to see the rest of the states? Visit the Food Network to view the original article!

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