Creepy Halloween Décor to Buy from Etsy

Coat Rack with Baby Limbs

This coat rack can easily be made at home, or if you’re not the crafty type, you can buy it on Etsy for $66. It consists of a wooden board with baby doll limbs glued on in place of hooks where you would normally hang a coat.

Taxidermied Puppet

If you though mounting an animal head on your wall and adorning it with cobwebs would suffice, think again. This Etsy shop took it to the next level when they mounted Elmo’s cousins to a board and stuck in on their wall. Another DIY you could tackle, it currently goes for $190.

An Armadillo Basket

A little odd and random, right? Who knew a hollowed armadillo shell would make a great basket when you use its tail as a handle. Unfortunately, it’s sold out, but maybe you can find an armadillo and try it out yourself!

Screaming Pillow

This idea is actually rather impressive and within the budget, only a specific price of $21.48. Remember the scene in Harry Potter where the face tries to jump out of the book as it screams at Harry? It’s a little like that.

“Plotergeist” Clown Pillow

You might have to buy this guy, or you can really look into making him yourself. This would be a great spooky attraction for those who go all-out for Halloween. It’s a copy of the clown doll from the movie Poltergeist, going for $1,750.

Bloodshot Eyeball Cushions

This could be an easy task of you’re good with a needle and thread. Pick your favorite eye color, add some red threading, and stuff it full of fluff. It makes for a subtle addition to the couch or bed. Not so good at sewing? You can buy it for $40!

Spirit Photography

Sample of Victorian spirit photography are not quite as replaceable. These were an attempt from an era that tried to capture ghosts and other spirits (or try to fake them). There are loads of replicas on Etsy, ranging around $35.

Fox Rug

Just when we thought animal rugs were back in style, someone goes and uses them as Halloween decorations. If you enjoy a dead, angry fox laying with its mouth wide open, check out this shop who’s selling it for $295.

Shriveled Head

What better decoration for the Halloween spirit than a shriveled head? This would definitely be a fun DIY for the kids, or you could buy them for $35 on Etsy. The best part is you can reuse them for Christmas!

Baby Doll Head and Skeleton Sculpture

This piece is not so kid friendly. With a little paint and a twisted mind, pop off the head of a baby doll, stick it on a stand, and recreate some dominant body parts like the ribs, arms and spine! Or, you can try to buy it for $500 on Etsy if you can’t bring yourself to do it.

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San Diego To Dos This Weekend

Coronado Art Walk 2017

The art walk of the Coronado Ferry Landing is back again for a 2-day art show this weekend. Filled with paintings, photography, ceramics, woodwork, handmade jewelry, and more artistic items, there amazing opportunities for purchasing unique pieces of art. Filled with live music and activities for the whole family, stop by to experience beautiful work and fun! Admission is free and you can learn more at

Coronado Ferry Landing
1201 First St, Coronado
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday

Annual Thriller Flash Mob

Prepare yourself for the annual “Thriller” flash mob that happens in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park! Participants have prepared weeks at various locations to practice the Michael Jackson, iconic 1983 music video. These participants will descend on the park in scary zombie and ghoul costumes. Admission is free, so it would be a fun little expenditure for the family!

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park
4040 Twiggs St, San Diego
6:00 PM, Saturday

Street Food Cinema San Diego: Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Always a family friendly night under the stars, this event features live music with DJ M-Key, interactive games, and culinary cuisine prepared by some of Southern California’s gourmet food trucks. The movie, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, starts promptly at 8:00 PM, but the doors open at 5:30 PM this Saturday. Learn more at

Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina
333 W. Harbor Dr., San Diego
$13-$21 for Adults
$6-$11 for Children (6-12)
Children 5 and under are free.

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Picking Your Couch

Who’s sitting on it?

Consider who will be sitting on your couch. Do you have children who eat and watch TV, or will it be used as entertainment for adult guests? You want to plan ahead so you choose a fabric that’s easier to clean or a couch that is more comfortable.

Will the style match the décor?

When choosing your couch, aside from comfortability, you want it to blend with the rest of the furniture in the room. There are typically four types of styles to follow that could go with décor:

  • Traditional – English roll-arm style
  • Midcentury – Knoll-style sofa
  • Tailored but comfy – Track-arm with biscuit tufted seat cushions.
  • Casual and beachy – Big and soft slipcovered

Is it the right fabric?

Related to the first question, the choice of fabric will determine how easy it is to clean. How often do you think your couch will get dirty? Mohair and silk is pretty, but not to sit on for prolonged periods. If you have kids, pets, or you will sit on it regularly, going with what’s called “performance fabric” will make it easier to clean and more comfortable.

What about the cushions?

The cushions determine most of the comfortability level. You can choose to do ultra-soft 100% feather and down, or a stiff 100% foam. The best choice that most go with and is recommended by designers is a spring/down combo that has foam-wrapped coils in the center like a mattress.

Did you measure it out?

You want to know if your couch will comfortably fit in your room. Measure the space by the size of the couch and tape off the space the couch will take up. Walk around with food and drinks to see if there’s enough room to get around it without bumping into it. Even lay on the floor within the area. You want to make sure it’s big enough to lay on or take a nap if you know that will happen once in a while.

Should you buy online?

If you need to buy online for some reason like the sake of convenience or saving money, visit a few stores and test out their display models. You want to get a feel for it if you are searching for a couch so you do know what fabrics to go with. Make note of the measurements so you can compare it to the online shopping.

Check out the original post for more tips on picking the right couch!

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Winchester Mystery House

If you have the opportunity, touring the Winchester Mystery House is a California relic you can’t miss out on. In San Jose, the Winchester Mystery House was designed by none other than the widow of the wealthy gun magnate who transformed this 8-bedroom farmhouse into a 160-room mansion with bizarre features.

It is said that the spirits of people killed by her husband’s creations haunted her, so she created the house to confuse the spirits and trap them. Some say she held seances for ghosts to tell her how to build the home. There are many interesting mysteries and curiosities that are featured in their tours, while some are hidden from the public.

  • $25,000 Room – Displays fine artisan windows Mrs. Winchester purchased for $25,000 ($350,000 today), but now they are worth millions.
  • Séance Room – Near the center of the house, she would communicate nightly with spirits about the design of the house. It has one entrance and 3 exits.
  • Grand Ballroom – Built almost entirely without nails, it cost of $9,000 ($125,600 today) when it only cost $1,000 to build an entire house during that time.
  • Crystal Bedroom – The wallpaper had been encrusted with crushed mica to make the paper sparkle in the light. Closed to the public to slow deterioration of the walls.
  • Doorway to Nowhere – Located on the second floor near the Daisy Room, a door opens directly to a two-story drop and no one know why.
  • Staircase to Ceiling – A small set of stairs leads right to the ceiling, along with other odd stairs in the house.
  • The Number “13” – Windows have 13 panes, 13 bathrooms each with a window (13), 13 steps on many stairways, 13 ceiling panels, and a will from Mrs. Winchester divided into 13 parts and signed 13 times.
  • 7-11 Staircase – Built in the shape of a “Y”, servants could get to 3 levels of the house. One set has seven stairs while the other two have 11, all with different destinations.

It should be no surprise that the house brings paranormal activity if Sarah Winchester held seances and was haunted by the dead. Those who work say its playful haunting, but you can see for yourself!

Mansion Tour

See 100 rooms and hear the story of Sarah Winchester.

Length: 1:05
Cost: $20-$37

Explore More Tour

View rooms and spaces that have never been seen, or that aren’t allowed on the simpler tour.

Length: 2:15
Cost: $20-$47

Hallowe’en Candlelight Tour

Come at night and see the house tour, led by a tour guide by candlelight. Costumes encouraged and tickets sell fast.

Length: 1:05
Cost (Oct. 18-22, 25-31): $20-$49

Keep a lookout for the motion picture coming out in February of 2018!

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Gems Hidden at Estate Sales

1. Solid wood pieces

This is the number one item to search for at estate sales. It’s hard to find quality wood pieces today because most are made with junky veneers. Good joinery is made from walnut, cherry, or olive wood. The quality of the wood can be determined by its weight: the heavier it is, the better quality.

2. Wingback/club chairs

If you find upholstered wingback or club chairs, you should grab them while you can. You might think of the chairs from childhood or any country/golf club, but these chairs can be easily updated with new fabric and stuffing. The best leather wingback and club chairs will show distress, but they won’t be cracking or peeling.

3. Silver platters

Silver platters are a versatile decorative item and give the home and old-world glam. They are normally inexpensive, so it’s okay when they are stained or tarnished. It’s rather simple to fix that. They are best when used for candles or even plants, while some people use them in their bathroom as decoration for toiletries.

4. Leather-bound books

If you need cheap but decorative books to fill your empty spaces on your bookshelves, leather-bound books are a great set to add in an office or home. They are a good vintage addition, and they’re typically in great condition because they’re never used that much.

5. Wrought iron

This can fit any home as it gives your room an “expensive” and “timeless” look. Similar to wood, it’s hard to find any good, solid wrought iron pieces without them being hollow. Good wrought iron will also be heavier the better quality is it. Hand-forged are always better than a hollowed core.

6. Vintage accents

Tabletop gems are a great way to add decoration throughout your house without crowding the table: colored bottles with unique shapes, graphic tin cans, antique boxes, or gilded, embossed, or engraved items. Arrange them by mirrors adds color and pop. Another vintage accent to look for could be misc. candlesticks.

7. Oriental rugs

Well-made vintage rugs are better than newer ones made with machinery. Rugs that are handwoven from wool and silk have greater value than those also made with machines. Make sure you find one that isn’t too faded or has been overexposed to zealous vacuuming.

For more estate sale tips, visit the original article from

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13 Movies to Watch on Friday the 13th

Babadook (2014)

This iconic character who can be seen paired with the pride flag is a character in a disturbing children’s book that a single mother decides to read to her violent son. This could make you scared of children’s stories and pop-up books.

It Follows (2015)

A sexual encounter leads to a college-age woman being followed by a supernatural presence that is trying to kill her. This can definitely mess with your head and make you question your friends (and sleeping with strangers).

Get Out (2017)

An awards-buzzy film about a black man who meets his white girlfriend’s family and starts to learn there’s something sinister going on. People running at you, chilling smiles, and animal heads are among the frightening things in this movie.

It (2017)

Historical and renowned Stephen King book was re-adapted and tuned out to be the biggest horror film opening weekend of all time. For those who don’t know, it’s about a clown named Pennywise that follows children around. This movie is not for you if you are even remotely scared of clowns.

Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

The old game you have maybe played with before takes a new meaning when a family promises clients communication with the dead and invites a terrible evil into their home. If you weren’t afraid of Ouija boards before, you will be.

Insidious (2011)

The first in a series of movies, the parents suspect bad spirits in their new home where their son falls into a coma. You might be afraid to go to bed, or maybe to move ever again.

Happy Death Day (2017)

A horrifying spin on Groundhog’s Day, a college girl relives her birthday which happens to be the day she gets murdered. Being murdered is obviously a fear, but on your birthday?

The Witch (2016)

An English Puritan family in the 1630s turns on each other after the baby is abducted under the watch of the oldest, and animals start to turn malevolent. A little creepy, it takes on the stereotypical horror of something hiding in the woods.

The Conjuring (2013)

Another first in a movie series, this film is based on the true events of famous paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. Like any good haunting, you may be afraid of old farmhouses, ghosts, and dolls.

The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

A little different on the horror spectrum, this improved sequel to the original film is set in a future where the government sanctions a holiday that allows people to get away with murder for one night. You may fear humanity and politics.

Unfriended (2015)

A video chat with a group of friends turns deadly when they are joined by the ghost of a girl they all bullied into suicide. If you’re a little weary about how you treat people, you may be hesitant to accept a Skype call.

mother! (2017)

A very chilling and quite disturbing film, it follows impending motherhood and marrying a famous man. It may cause frustration along with the fear of being famous.

Oculus (2014)

A haunted mirror that takes siblings back in time to when their parents were murdered, and what directly led to those deaths. You might want to cover up all those mirrors in your home once this movie is finished.

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15 New Restaurant Openings for October


With the reopening of Nordstrom at the Westfield UTC today, they’ll also be opening a new contemporary restaurant named Bazille, equipped with a full bar and patio overlooking the mall.

4321 La Jolla Village Drive, La Jolla

Bivouac Ciderworks

Set to open in late October/early November, this restaurant, tap room, and cider brewery was founded by Lara Worm and Matthew Austin.

3986 30th Street, North Park

Bluewater Grill

The former Fish House Vera Cruz has been revamped and set to open October 30. Its dining room has been refreshed, along with 2 dining patios, and a takeout selling fresh seafood and local wine.

417 Carlsbad Village Drive, Carlsbad

Breakfast Republic

The Breakfast Republic is popularly known for its quirky breakfast items like cinnamon roll pancakes. The sixth location opened last week in Carmel Valley’s Highlands Ranch shopping center.

6025 Village Way, Suite F101, Carmel Valley


Israeli-born mini-burger chain will be opening two locations set in late October. This min-burger place features slider size burgers with house toppings and sauces.

324 Horton Plaza, San Diego
1271 Prospect Street, La Jolla

Cloak + Petal

A Japanese concept, Cloak + Petal is set to open late October with a dining room with a crudo and sushi/cocktail bar.

1953 India Street, Little Italy

Cross Street Chicken & Beer

Featuring Korean-style fried chicken, the former Your Story restaurant is opening this week.

4403 Convoy Street, Kearny Mesa

Draft Republic

Opening its second location this craft beer-centric social restaurant and bar adapts to a casual, warehouse-style look.

5958 Avenida Encinitas, Carlsbad

Fishmonger’s Market

Fishmonger’s Market opened October 3 as a European-style fish market and seafood bar, located inside 57 Degrees wine retail and storage complex.

1535 Hancock Street, Mission Hills


This location opened earlier this week, serving elevated Japanese food with dinner only Monday through Friday.

1030 Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla

Nautilus Tavern

The owners of Pillbox Tavern in Solana Beach will be introducing this new bar-and-grill eatery later in the month, designed with 2 patios and coastal-chic décor.

6830 La Jolla Boulevard, La Jolla


Opening late October, the Busalacchi family will be opening another restaurant to feature their Italian comfort food with its accompanying Italian bakery, Café Zucchero.

1735 India Street, Little Italy

Shake Shack

The New York burger chain is supposed to open at Westfield UTC with a second opening in December near Trader Joe’s in Mission Valley.

4545 La Jolla Village Drive, La Jolla

Stella Public House/Halcyon Coffee Bar

This dual dining concept opened up last week. Halcyon is a breakfast/lunch/coffeehouse/cocktail/late-night bite concept, while Stella Public House serves lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch.

North City Block C, 250 N. City Drive, San Marcos

The Taco Stand

This Mexican-fare style food with Tijuana-inspired décor will be opening in late October/early November.

3000 Upas Street, North Park

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Décor Trends of the Decades

Walking into an outdated home, you know when something is “so 70s”. From the best, to the worst, to the resurfaced, we’ve got the trends from the last 60 years.


Stretching into the 70s, the entire room being one color would be slightly overwhelming. Some colors that were popular tended to be frilly pink, red bunting, red vinyl, pea soup green, and yellow. Neutral toned but loud prints and small, floral wallpaper reigned where needed. Daybeds replaced real ones.


If your favorite color is green, you should’ve lived in the 60s. The kitchen was all green, your living room, and occasionally you’d pair green with a walnut brown. Couches were usually dark brown or striped fabrics, and somehow the white patio furniture found its way inside. On top of the circular shower, orange and yellow cabinets made their appearance in the kitchen.


How could anyone forget the 70s? Shaq carpets with all the new, innovative furniture and mustard yellow walls. The sunken spaces seemed to be an architectural signature, along with wallpaper galore. Red-lacquered kitchens and groovy bathrooms also have postmarked this era.


Yuppie styled room and track lighting made headway during this period. Stain glass pendants, glass block walls, and carpeted bathrooms were some of the style breakthroughs. Shabby chic and farmhouse-style prints were always accented by the lace grandma curtains.


The 90s seemed to be a cluster of styles. Overdone country themed rooms, vintage frilly spaces, French country toile, Japanese style, and the mix and match style seen on Friends scattered across every home. Jewel toned decorations and paint, along with that dark sage and outdoor neutral tones were some of the color choices of the time.


Vintage, vintage, vintage. Everything about the 2000s trends was “vintage”. We brought back floral fabric, 70s prints, shabby chic, brown furniture, gold, vintage glam, and adapted a sort of “flea market” look. We added a little 2000s unique touch with a single red accent in the room for a pop of color, or the dark wood kitchens.


In the last 7 years, we’ve definitely witness a lot tamer trends as the modern age takes over. Turquoise, black/white/gold preppy polka dots, typography, monograms and upholstered headboards typically adorn our main rooms. Animal prints and mounted animal heads have made a comeback at some point, but DIY items like mason jars seem to be the main decorations inspiration.

To see the popular trend for the exact year you were born, visit the original article.

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Teal Pumpkin Project

In order to raise awareness of food allergies, and to promote inclusion of all trick-or-treaters throughout the Halloween season, the FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) has created the Teal Pumpkin Project.

In order to participate, all you have to do is paint a faux or real pumpkin teal and place it outside in view so children and parents know that your house has something for kids with food allergies. You can either have an alternative option for the children with allergies, or offer the same treat to all the tricksters. Skipping the candy, you can offer small toys, stickers, or temporary tattoos to the trick-or-treaters.

Make your Teal Pumpkin the best by adding these DIY touches to your pumpkin.

  • Decorate with lace

Take some of your ripped old lace tights or find some holiday lace ribbon to give your teal pumpkin a sassy attitude.

  • Groovy gourds

With faux pumpkins, a marbling kit, and different shades of teal paint, you can turn your pumpkin into a glistening and groovy gourd.

  • Pumpkin piñata

Another fun, candy free treat would be mini pumpkin piñatas to put in kids’ bags. Or, as a fun and innovative decoration, create your own pumpkin piñata to decorate your house.

  • Peek-a-boo pumpkin

Hallow out a real or faux pumpkin and create a festive Halloween diorama.

  • Bedazzle it

Adorn your faux pumpkin in teal beads and glitter with cute patterns to make your pumpkin stand out in the night.

  • Pumpkin planter

Why should the orange pumpkins attract all the attention? Create a season planter with a faux pumpkin that can be used throughout the fall every year.

  • Pompom pumpkin

Everything’s better when you add pompoms. Find different shades of blue and teal, then stick those pompoms all over your pumpkin to give it some character.

  • Fabric covered foam

Instead of buying a faux or real pumpkin, create a foam pumpkin and decorate it with fabric, ribbon, and sequins.

  • Eyes on teal

The whole pumpkin doesn’t have to be teal! Do your normal family’s pumpkin tradition but paint some teal polka dots on one of them and glue googly eyes on those dots.

  • Tinted teal

If pumpkins aren’t part of your fall theme, tinting glassware with food coloring could be a fun DIY. Add cute jack-o-lantern stickers to put a face on that glass.

For ideas and more tips on DIY Teal Pumpkins, visit

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Netflix Strikes Again

Mashable reported that Netflix will be raising their prices within the next month. Starting in November, Netflix will be raising the prices for its standard and premium package. So, for those with the basic package of $7.99 – you have nothing to be concerned about.

The standard package will be raising from $9.99 to $10.99. This package has HD available and allows simultaneous streaming on 2 devices. Their premium package will be increasing from $11.99 per month to $13.99 per month. On top of all the services offered with the basic plan and standard plan, the premium also allows Ultra HD streaming and simultaneous viewing on 4 devices.

For current users, you won’t have to start paying until November for the new prices and you’ll receive a 30-day notice on October 19, 2017. Unfortunately, for new users, this new pricing will take place immediately. Netflix released an official statement: From time to time, Netflix plans and pricing are adjusted as we add more exclusive TV shows and movies, introduce new product features, and improve the overall Netflix experience to help members find something great to watch even faster.

The last time Netflix raised their prices was in October 2015 to include the new streaming options. The competition for online streaming services has definitely increased in those last few years as services like Amazon Prime and Hulu match to make their services just as good. Hulu even beat out Netflix at the Emmys this year. Disney has also announced recently that they will be pulling all their original movies, Marvel, and Star Wars content from Netflix to start their own streaming services in 2019.

For Netflix, the increase in service plans’ cost comes with the increase in budget for next year. Netflix announced their budget for next year will be $7 billion on new original shows and movies. These investments go into their original series, comedy specials, documentaries, and films.

Regardless of their bump in price, they are still cheaper than HBO at $15 per month and Hulu’s commercial-free plan of $11.99 per month.

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