Phenomenal Green Belt Home

Location is everything when it comes to real estate, and 2017 Willowood Lane in Encinitas, California is situated in a perfect spot!

Located at the end of a cul-de-sac, this home is next to a peaceful green belt! Currently listed at $749,000, this listing features 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and approximately 1,394 square feet. The kitchen has been beautifully redone! The expanded kitchen has new granite counter tops, cabinetry, SS appliances, and a spacious pantry.

This Encinitas home has both tile and hardwood flooring. The staircase has a new eye-catching black banister. But there are plenty of other amazing elements, such as double pane windows, a slider, plantation shutters, and a 3 split unit high efficiency A/C, heater, and de-humidifier.

There is a spacious front and rear patio area that are perfect for entertaining or relaxing. There are large lush plants in the rear patio, providing a Zen atmosphere and shade from the sun. An expansive green belt can be found behind the home!

This Village Park home is conveniently located by the community pool and spa, and two different sized playgrounds. To learn more about this phenomenal house, check out the listing page for more information.

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Should I Refinance My Mortgage Right Now?

The coronavirus has recently led to a lot of layoffs and furloughs. This has ultimately left many people feeling stressed and worried as to how they are going to pay their bills.

If you find yourself struggling to pay your monthly mortgage payment, know that you have options!

There are a few different options available to you, depending on the type of mortgage you have and the type of assistance you need. Refinancing is always an option, but is this the right choice for you?

The CARES Act and Forbearance

Recently, Congress passed the CARES Act. This federal bill is made up of several parts, but one section is meant to help individuals who have a federally backed multi-family mortgage loan and who are currently facing financial hardship due to COVID-19.

A multi-family mortgage loan is defined as any non-temporary loan that is secured by a first or subordinate lien on residential multifamily real property, occupied by five or more families, that is insured, guaranteed, assisted, or made by any officer or agency of the Federal Government.

As a home owner with a federal mortgage loan, this means that you could request a forbearance from your loan provider for at least 180 days, with an additional 180 day extension if you request it. A forbearance is an agreement between the lender and the borrower to delay foreclosure. During this time, you may only be expected to pay the interest on the mortgage loan, instead of the full payment amount.

Mortgage Loan Deferment

Some mortgage loan providers offer deferment, which allows borrowers to forego making any monthly payments for a period of time. Unlike with forbearance, interest payments are not expected to be made.

Deferred payments accumulate interest every month, which can increase your principal amount. But you don’t have to worry about having enough to make the monthly payment, which many people prefer.

Refinance Your Mortgage

If you do not qualify for forbearance or deferral, or you simple don’t want to cease payments entirely, you could apply to refinance your mortgage loan.

Refinancing your loan is essentially applying for a completely different loan, even if you apply with the same lender. You will receive new rates and repayment terms. This could leave you with more time to pay your mortgage loan and lower monthly payments.

Talk to your mortgage loan provider to see which options would benefit you better, and follow up on any changes to ensure proper changes have been made.

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Upgraded Bridgewater Home


Bridgewater is a stunning neighborhood and you could call it home! 1654 Orchard Wood Road in Encinitas is the dream home you have been looking for!

This lovely home backs a peaceful open space and is located on a dead-end street! This listing features 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 1 half bath, and approximately 2,394 square feet of ample space. The current listing price is set to $1,175,000.

The kitchen, baths, interior doors and hardware, and fireplace have all been beautifully remodeled. The upstairs secondary bedroom has a playroom nook and an on-suite bath! The house has lots of lovely features, such as plantation shutters, luxury vinyl plank flooring, custom window treatments, high ceilings, custom window treatments, and more!

The front and rear yards are professionally landscaped and create the perfect environment for relaxing or entertaining. There is a spacious patio area where you could set up a table and chairs or an outdoor sitting area. If you have pets, they will absolutely love the grassy yard for zoomies!

This Bridgewater home is near great schools, restaurants, shops, and parks! This home won’t be available long, so make plans to see it in person! For more detailed information, check out the listing  information.

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How to Buy a Home While You Are at Home

If you were in the midst of looking for a home before your state shut down due to the coronavirus, you may feel like you have to wait to buy a home. But that’s not the case!

You could easily buy a home while you are at home!

Find Your Dream Home Online

Just about every home for sale can be found online. Some of the top real estate websites include Zillow, Real Estate, Redfin, and more. You could browse through photos of the home and check out the detailed information at home.

Some online home listings even have virtual tours available. This allows you to virtually “walk” through every room in the home and see everything as if you were there in person. Or you could contact a real estate agent and request that they conduct a live tour for you. This would allow you to see the home in real time and get your questions answered.

Get Disclosures and Notes Online

When a homeowner decides to sell their home, they are required by the state to provide a disclosure statement. This includes notes about the home and detailed explanations of issues (if any).

Depending on the state you live in, this information may not be available to consumers. However, it’s entirely possible your real estate agent could provide you with access to these documents!

Visit the Home In Person

If you have found your dream home online, you may want to see it in person to make a final decision. Your real estate agent could easily set up a private showing for you! This means you would be the only person allowed to see the home, no other potential buyers would be present.

All of the social distancing rules will be followed. Your real estate agent will make sure to protect your health by following all of your states health guidelines.

Closing on the Home

When you find your dream home, you want to make a bid and get your keys as soon as possible! Your state may currently be experiencing social distancing guidelines, but you don’t have to wait to close on the house.

Your real estate agent will limit the amount of people allowed at the closing. They will more than likely schedule you to sign documentation on a different day than the sellers. Or your agent may set up two closing rooms so you may ask the sellers questions without compromising your health.

Depending on the situation, your real estate agent may simply have you electronically sign all of the necessary documents online.

As you can see, it is super easy and convenient to buy a home while you are at home!


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High Country Villas Home

If you dream of owning a home surrounded by gorgeous scenery and lush flora, then 1993 Springdale Lane in Encinitas is perfect for you!

This High Country Villas home has 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath, 1 half bath, and approximately 936 square feet. Tucked away in a serene location, this home backs peaceful green belts and natural canyons! Plus, there are absolutely no steps to entry!

The interior features modern fresh paint, a vaulted ceiling, and a central heating system. The master bath has been beautifully remodeled and expanded. There is also a stucco walled gated courtyard entry with newly planted landscape.

The back-patio area is incredibly spacious and perfect for entertaining! You could decorate the patio any way you want, space is not a limitation. Set up a dinner table for friends and family or acquire some relaxing chaise lounges for quiet reading time. There is even a wonderful brick fire-pit for those chilly nights!

The High Country Villas complex has many amenities, such as two pools, a 9-hole gold course, and a clubhouse which is included in the HOA fee. The current listing price is $529,900.

Immersed in a picturesque Zen-like environment, you could take in the sight of sand cliffs and blooming plant life right outside your back patio! This is the home you have been waiting for! Check out the listing page for more photos and details.

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Tips for Working from Home During a Pandemic

Due to the quick and unpredictable spread of the coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, a lot of employees have been directed to work from home. While you may look forward to working from the comfort of home, a lot of people have trouble adjusting.

In order to remain productive and work efficiently, keep these tips in mind!

Set a Schedule and Routine for Yourself

One key perk of working from home is that you can roll out of bed and start working. But to stay as productive as possible, try and stick to a schedule!

Even if you have nowhere to go in the morning, take the time to get ready as you normally would. Take time to savor your morning coffee, go for a light jog, or do your cleansing routine. A morning routine can prepare you for the day and put you in work mode.

Schedule Breaks and Lunches

Working frenzies can be great, but you need to make sure you adequately set time aside for your breaks and meal times. Spending too much time staring at a screen without breaks can lead to dry eyes and eyestrain.

Keep track of how much time you spend working and set alarms so you don’t forget to pull yourself away from the computer. Allow yourself to take full advantage of the time allowed. If you have an hour for lunch, then take your time making a proper meal or spend time reading your book while you eat.

Set Expectations Up with Your Children

Having children in the home can be chaotic and loud. Take the time to sit them down and explain the situation. If you set up a work schedule for yourself, explain when “quiet time” is reinforced–such as when you have a conference.

If you live in a married household and both spouses are working from home at the moment, take turns checking in on the kids and spending time with them. Take lunches together and make them feel like you’re available during certain times of the day.

Make Time for Friends and Family

A lot of states are currently enforcing social distancing. If you are stuck at home working and living, make sure you make time to call, Face Time, or text your family and friends.

Just because we have to stay isolated does not mean we have to forego social connections. Socializing is important for our mental well-being. Staying social has been proven to boost brain health, so take a few minutes every day to check in on loved ones and ask how they’re doing.

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San Diego Grocery Stores with Special Hours for Senior Citizens

While there is a lot of confusion and concern surrounding the current COVID-19 virus, many in the community are banding together to help each other out!

Many grocery stores in and around the San Diego area are holding special hours just for senior citizens! These stores will open an hour earlier, allowing for faster checkout times, more stocked items, and better customer service.

And in accordance with California’s Department of Health guidance rules, many grocery stores are enforcing social distancing. The number of customers shopping at once are often limited and product displays are spaced out, allowing shoppers more room to maneuver.

Check out the details below and take advantage of these special hours for senior citizens and at-risk populations.

**Hours will vary based on location, so check with your local grocery store.

Vallarta Supermarkets

  • Locations: Escondido and National City
  • Target: Senior citizens, pregnant women, and individuals with disabilities
  • Hours: Every day from 7am-8am

Whole Foods

  • Locations: Three main locations in San Diego
  • Target: Senior citizens over 60
  • Hours: Will open 1 hour earlier. Hours vary by location**


  • Locations: Numerous locations around San Diego
  • Target: Senior citizens over 60
  • Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 8am-9am. No guests.


  • Locations: Numerous locations around San Diego
  • Target: Senior citizens and at-risk populations
  • Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 7am-9am

Trader Joe’s

  • Locations: Numerous locations around San Diego
  • Target: Senior citizens over 60
  • Hours: Every day from 9am-10am


  • Locations: Numerous locations around San Diego
  • Target: Senior citizens and at-risk populations
  • Hours: One hour earlier on Wednesdays**


  • Locations: Numerous locations around San Diego
  • Target: Senior citizens over 60
  • Hours: Will open 1 hour earlier from Tuesday, March 24 through April 28**


  • Locations: Numerous locations around San Diego
  • Target: Senior citizens over 60
  • Hours: Every day from 7am-7:30am

Barons Market

  • Locations: Alpine, Murrieta, Chula Vista, and more
  • Target: Senior citizens over 65, pregnant women, and those with disabilities
  • Hours: Every day at 9am

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How to Deep Clean Your Home with 5 DIY Cleaners

Now more than ever, it is important that our homes remain clean and germ free. With the recent spread of the coronavirus, also called COVID-19, homeowners are looking for ways to deep clean their home to keep family members healthy and safe.

If you are running low on cleaning supplies, or might run out soon, don’t risk running to the store. Know that you could easily make your own cleaner at home!

1.       All Purpose Cleaner

  • One part white vinegar
  • One part water
  • Lemon rinds
  • Rosemary springs

This cleaner is good for many surfaces, such as walls and counter-tops. But avoid granite, as acid can break down the stone! Combine the ingredients listed above and let it infuse for a week. The lemon and rosemary leaves behind an invigorating scent that is sure to make your home smell good!

2.       Window and Glass Cleaner

  • 2 cups water
  • ¼ cup distilled white vinegar
  • ½ teaspoon dish soap

Wipe away those fingerprints on windows and glass coffee tables with this cleaner! Simple combine the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake. You could also add a drop or two of essential oil to add scent.

3.       Marble and Granite Cleaner

  • 2 drops mild dish washing liquid
  • 2 cups warm water

The combination of dish washing soap and water can effectively kill germs on marble or granite counter-tops! Use a sponge soaked in the liquid to go over marble. Rinse the surface and then buff with a soft cloth.

4.       Bathroom Cleaner

  • 1 2/3 cup baking soda
  • ½ cup dish soap
  • ½ cup water
  • 3 tablespoons vinegar

Combine the baking soda and the soap first, do it slowly while constantly mixing so no clumps form. Then add the water and vinegar. You can use a sprayer to cover any hard surfaces in the bathroom. Then all you have to do is rinse!

5.       Hard Surface Disinfectant

  • 1/3 cup chlorine bleach
  • 1 gallon of water

Bleach is great for killing germs! This DIY cleaner is great for all hard, non-porous surfaces in your home. Make sure to wear gloves when handling bleach, and avoid contact with skin or clothing. Use a soaked cloth to wipe surfaces and let air dry. If you’re cleaning a food contact surface, rinse the surface with water first before air drying.

If you have isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, you could easily clean and disinfect surfaces directly. Keep the surface wet for at least 30 seconds before rinsing or air drying.

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Home Renovations that Are Actually Worth the Cost

If you’ve grown tired of the look of your kitchen, you may have considered renovating it. But perhaps you would also like to expand the master bedroom. What home renovations would better suit you in the long run though?

Eventually, you may resell your home. If this happens, you want to ensure any money you invest is going to be earned back, otherwise known as increasing your ROI (return on investment). Renovation costs are sizable, so think carefully before making any improvements.

These home renovation costs are proven to be worth the cost!

  • Updating the Kitchen

The kitchen is essentially the heart of the home. It’s where everyone meets together and prepares for the day. Kitchen renovations have been proven to be well worth the cost. Focus on the cabinets, tile, counters, and appliances.

  • Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom improvements are great for your home’s value! Depending on how outdated your bathrooms are, you could change the counter-tops, hardware, bathtub, shower, or tile.

  • Improving Your Curb Appeal

When buyers pull up to your home, the first impression is greatly important! If your home looks dated, or the landscape is unkempt, visitors could form a negative opinion before even stepping inside! Improve your curb appeal by pressure washing the porch, repainting the exterior, or redoing the walkway.

  • Upgrade Your HVAC System

By upgrading your HVAC system, you can attract more buyers! Newer HVAC systems save homeowners more money on utility bills and heat/chill the home more efficiently. The average cost of a new HVAC system with duct-work is anywhere from $6,820 to $12,350.

  • Redoing the Living Room

The living room is usually the first room visitors see, so the cost of remodeling this room is worth it! Open floor plans are still on buyers checklists! Tearing down those walls could expand the living room and increase the natural sunlight.

  • Replacing the Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most searched for features. On average, hardwood flooring can increase a home’s value by about 2.5%! The cost greatly depends on the type of wood you choose and the room(s) in square feet.

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Phenomenal Tree House Plans for Your Backyard

As a kid, tree houses were the ultimate hangout spot. They were a personal escape and a fun climbing exercise. But tree houses are not just for kids, adults can also join in the fun and create a space to relax or entertain.

But if you have no idea how to go about building one, not to worry! These tree house plans can easily help you get started on building an incredible wooden fortress! Give your kids the gift of a secret hiding spot or build yourself an outdoor reading nook.

  • Slide and Swing Tree House

This tree house is low to the ground and features both a slide and a set of swings! Specifically designed for younger kids, this tree house resembles a platform, so there is a minimized risk of falling.

  • Climbing Adventure Tree House

This tree house is perfect for your little spider monkeys! There is a 12-foot rock climbing wall with a rope and climbing holds. In addition, there are monkey bars, a trapeze bar, hanging chairs, and even a zipline! This massive tree house is made for adventurous souls!

  • Ultimate Kids Tree House

This tree house is the one most kid’s dream of! It’s a beautiful house high in the tree, with three decks, and two slides! The house even has electrical light! This is a full playground, with climbing rope, tire obstacles, and a sand box.

  • Zelkova Tree House

This tree house can be built between two trees or on one post. The plans are simple, so you won’t have to deal with complicated instructions or techniques. The entire deck is covered, so even on rainy days, your family could enjoy this tree fort. You can add slides and other additions or keep it simple.

  • Country Chic Deck

This tree house resembles a large deck, so it’s closer to the ground. These plans are very precise, and the grand total of the supply list is estimated to be approximately $1,052.12. But although kind of simple, this tree house still sports a cool slide!

  • Rectangular Tree House

This spacious rectangular tree house is about 8 by 14 feet. You will need two trees to build this structure. This tree house plan comes with additional features which you could add to the structure, such as trap doors, ladders, climbing walls, and more.

  • Epic Tree House

This tree house is perfect for all types of weather! The house is two levels, and is fully enclosed, with functioning windows and a door. The top level is a narrower sleeping loft while the main level is larger for entertainment. This plan does require two trees.

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