10 Fall Desserts Under 300 Calories

The holiday seasons are upon us, it usually means many weeks and meals of gluttony. If you’re saving your cheat days for Thanksgiving or Christmas, here are some desserts from the Men’s Fitness site that could change the game.

1. Pumpkin Black Bean Brownies

Pumpkin Black Bean Brownies

Adding blended beans to your batter can add a little extra protein to your dessert. The dates, cocoa powder, pumpkin, and chocolate all cancel out the bean taste so it tastes like a normal brownie.

2. Snickerdoodle Protein Balls

Snickerdoodle Protein BallsThese cinnamon-spiced mini guys are packed with 6 grams of protein and 57 calories per serving, so you can enjoy them as a dessert or snack.

3. Tropical Hibiscus Poached Pears

Tropical Hibiscus Poached PearsBartlett pears are the key to this recipe. If you’ve ever had them, the skin brightens in color as it ripens with varieties of yellow and red. With this dessert, you are only looking at 290 calories per serving.

4. Cinnamon Apple Crumble

Cinnamon Apple CrumbleA perfect dish for those who are vegan, it combines the traditional apple and cinnamon flavors while only being 137 calories per serving.

5. Oatmeal Chews

Oatmeal ChewsIt’s all in the name. A simple, filling, and tasty dessert for only 185 calories a piece.

6. Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding with Saucy Montmorency Tart Cherries

Vanilla Bean Rice PuddingYou can find these tart cherries in the frozen aisle, adding a nice tart flavor with antioxidants into a traditional dessert.

7. Apple Pie Chips and Dips

Apple Pie Chips and DipApple chips are another fall favorite treat. Store them in a dry, cool place for a week and add a spiced Greek yogurt dip as dessert or even a snack.

8. White Chocolate Pistachio Crunch

White Chocolate Pistachio CrunchIn this bark, you can enjoy the fall flavors of orange zest which enhances all the other flavors. Not only is it delicious, but adding the white chocolate gives it an eye appealing color.

9. Cran-pecan Baked Pears

Cran-pecan Baked PearsStuff up your pears with cranberries, pecans, and dates, bringing it to only 161 calories per serving.

10. Popped Sorghum Peanut Butter Balls

Popped Peanut Butter BallsPopped Sorghum looks like mini-popcorn and can add crunchiness to your dishes. If you don’t want to pop sorghum yourself, you can find pre-popped sorghum at specialty stores or online.

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