5 Weekend Renovations on Your Encinitas Homes

The weekend is a perfect time for you to complete some renovation and redecorating projects on your Encinitas homes. These 5 renovations can each be completed in a weekend and let you beautify your Encinitas homes without having to take on massive, lengthy renovation projects.

  1. Fresh Flooring – You can give your home in Encinitas an updated look and provide some added warmth by adding area rugs and carpet runners to the rooms in your house with hard surface floors. Even if you already have rugs in these rooms you can go out and find some rugs that help update the room at a place like Grounded or North Park Rug & Carpet.
  2. Kitchen Hardware Update – A great way to modernize your kitchen is to update the cabinet hardware, something you can do with a quick trip to your local hardware store, be it the Ace Hardware on S Coast Hwy or Home Depot on N El Camino Real.
  3. Install or Update Your Molding – Whether you decide to update baseboards or crown molding you can now buy corner pieces that have already been cut and mitered, which means installation is easy. Pick out a modern paint color that matches the room and you can make this update over the course of a day or two for all of your rooms.
  4. Update and Unify Wall-Hanging Picture Frames – Finding new frames that unify your wall adornments (be they for art or pictures) will help provide your home with a unified look. You can even paint the frames in unifying colors or shop online to find frames that fit together.
  5. Organize Media and Books or Collectibles – Often times media libraries (CDs and DVDS) and bookcases become cluttered and can make even a well-designed room look cluttered. Take some time to organize the books, CDs, DVDs, or other items that you collect to provide a more unified look.

Follow a few of these tips from an Encinitas real estate agent and you may save time and money on more elaborate renovations.

For additional weekend renovation tips visit the blog of the National Association of Realtors.

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