65 Tips to Make Your Home Sell Fast

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Did you take my advice and do #SelfCareSunday yesterday? I hope you did! Over the weekend a new blog, KayuConnection, came to my attention because of a particular article posted entitled “65 Killer Tips for Selling Your Home Fast”. This article basically encompasses all the previous blog posts I have written about selling your home quickly into ONE SIMPLE ARTICLE. This is a great reference point to go back if you need some help strategizing.

The writer Tim divides the 65 tips into three separate sections of Finding a Buyer, Making the Most Out of Your Viewings, and Closing the Deal. Here are some of the great things he advises to speed up your home-selling process:


(1)   Finding a Buyer [some more unconventional ways of displaying your property]

  • Create your own website for the house featuring great photographs
  • Produce a video and put it online
  • Facebook or Pinterest your listing
  • Find real estate investors to contact through LinkedIn


(2)   Making the Most Out of Your Viewings

  • Provide a complete information sheet
  • Stage the interior and exterior
  • Depersonalize and declutter your home
  • Make the home smell nice by cleaning thoroughly, lighting candles, or baking cookies


(3)   Closing the Deal

  • Weed out the unqualified buyers before you get too far along
  • Make sure the pricing is realistic
  • Leave some good things behind to sweeten the deal like certain kitchen appliances or a big screen television


Check out the original article here to read all 65 tips: http://www.kayuconnection.com/tips-for-selling-your-home/

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