7 Neighbor Red Flags

A neighborhood can make or break a home for people. The schools, the surrounding shopping, and even the people you live with next door can affect the way you live. Here are some red flags to be prepared for in a new neighborhood.

1. They ask a lot of questions

For those who are more private introverts, neighbors that ask a lot of questions can be too overwhelming or overbearing. Realtor.com reports people going to initial viewings of homes and asking a bunch of questions about the potential buyers’ family, what they do, where their family is from, etc.

2. They wash the street frequently

If you don’t really get around to washing your own car, you can’t be expected to help wash the streets. These neighbors are obsessed with curb appeal down to the state of the driveway and street in front of their home. Be prepared to hear about the oil stain on your driveway or be ready to clean it up.

3. High-powered floodlights

Unless you live in a crime ridden area, floodlights are usually an indicator that these neighbors have no respect for privacy. They always want to know what’s going on in the neighborhood, which could also mean your personal life.

4. Zero cars in sight, 24/7

This is a typical indicator of an accepted norm in the neighborhood. It may not be a HOA rule, but neighbors might expect you to use your garage for your car. If you like to use your garage as extra storage, a hang out, or a dance studio, this may raise a red flag.

5. Perfect lawns

Forgetting to mow your lawn or not owning a weed wacker may create tension with your neighbor. If they like to have the perfect lawn, they may be the type of neighbor that gets anxious when dogs, kids, or your guests hover too close to their property.

6. HOA president

Don’t expect to be breaking any rules when your neighbor is the HOA president. When they take their position seriously with intensity, they will comment when you have the T.V. or music too loud past 11 PM, you left the trash can out past 7 PM on garbage night, and your fence isn’t exactly to HOA code.

7. Custom cars in the driveway

Don’t know what a custom car is? Well, usually custom cars mean a car savvy neighbor that may be running an auto shop out of their garage. This could lead to loud noises late at night and crowded streets.

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