Algae as New Encinitas Energy Source?

Being an Encinitas Realtor is never dull; not only does my work as an Encinitas Realtor itself keep me busy but there is always news of an innovation, development, or achievement coming from our town or nearby.

For example, it was recently announced that the Scripps Institution of Oceanography would be partnering with the Southern California Gas Company to collaborate on an effort that would convert emissions from natural gas combustion into biomethane, biodiesel, or animal feed.

The planned system will attempt to use algae as a means to consume carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon dioxide consumed by the algae would then be turned into a valuable commodity like biodiesel, animal feedstock, or biomethane.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography hopes that if their Phase I analysis conclusively proves that the planned system can be economical and safe, they will enter into a Phase II agreement, which will include helping SoCalGas build and operate a module of a commercially scaled system, and test its capabilities at a site to be selected within Southern California.

This is a great way to get a renewable source of energy for homes for sale in Encinitas and other Encinitas real estate that will also decrease our carbon footprint.

As an Encinitas real estate agent I hope that this project and collaboration proves fruitful and results in more clean energy.

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