Alternatives to the Traditional Christmas Tree

Sometimes you just want to avoid all those pine needles that litter your carpet on New Year’s Day. For those of you who don’t want to deal with the mess this year, here are a few alternative ideas to give your house the holiday spirit without the vacuuming:

  • Make a chalkboard tree by stringing some colorful garland across a flat chalkboard where you drew a tree.
  • Make a Christmas tree shaped wooden card display to showcase all your beautiful holiday cards.
  • Align ordinary items in the shape of a Christmas tree on the wall…ordinary items like garden tools. (don’t believe me, just look at the original article)
  • Make cute lacey doily Christmas trees to create a snowy winter wonderland.
  • Use coffee filters dyed green. By using filters of different sizes, you can create the illusion of a tree shape.
  • Show your boozy side and make a tree out of wine corks.


Look at all these great alternatives at the link below:

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