After a horrific, unjustifiable, and evil act of terror took the lives of 49 people in Orlando, the entire nation locked arms with their brothers and sisters in the LGBT community to spread love and knowledge, dismissing the hate and fear that still embodies some small-minded Americans today. One year later, we look back in respect and remembrance of those wounded and those lost, and live for them, loud and proud. Many of our nation’s Pride month festivals have boomed, with turnouts doubling, and even tripling, from prior years.

In our San Diego area, the neighborhood of Hillcrest has always been known as a beacon of hope, tolerance, acceptance, and pride. Well, our friends over at Trulia and OKCupid teamed-up to research and analyze which US neighborhoods have the highest concentration of same-sex couples, and how much it would cost to live in those neighborhoods for said couples and anyone else looking for a modern place to live. Their findings were a bit surprising, financially speaking, as it costs folks nearly 40 percent more per square foot to live in a zip code with large LGBT population. Here are some of the top neighborhoods where Pride is more than a five letter word:


Edgewater, Chicago

Situated on Lake Michigan at the north side of the Windy City, its average home value per square foot is $342, which isn’t too pricey to be near Wrigley Field. The average pride score was .53.

Hillcrest, San Diego

Our lovely Hillcrest made the list, with a pride score of .55, and an average home listing at $504 per sq. ft.

Palm Springs, California

Our resort neighbors to the north hit with the same pride score, but a cheaper value with $267 per sq. ft.

West Hollywood, California

The hills scored the highest pride score on the list with .75, while having a $696 per sq. ft. price.

Treme-French Quarter, New Orleans

This Big Easy neighborhood scored a .47 while only paying $290 per sq. ft., which gives you more money to sip on hurricanes.

Castro, San Francisco

What would a Pride list be without the most notable safe haven for the LGBT community? This San Fran neighborhood lists at the most expensive home value per square foot with $1,261 and a pride score of .66.

For more neighborhoods on this list and more information on the methodology behind the Pride scores and home value, visit our friends over at the Tribune for their initial coverage:


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