Angelo’s Burgers in Encinitas

One of the best places to get quick delicious burgers in Encinitas is Angelo’s Burgers. This burger stand features huge portions and amazing burgers, burritos, tacos, and sandwiches. Pair your meal with their home made fries, onion rings, and fried zucchini which are known to most as the best sides for burgers in Encinitas. If you are looking for a quick meal and do not want to settle for fast food, then head to Angelo’s Burgers.

This restaurant in Encinitas has limited seating inside and the drive thru is always busy with cars full of people looking to feast on the great food here. There are no waitresses as you order from the counter and sit where you want. The prices are extremely reasonable and you can get a great meal for under $10. Angelo’s Burgers is located right in downtown Encinitas just a few miles from Moonlight Beach so it’s a great place to take the family or your friends for a bite to eat after a day at the beach. You’ll need a huge appetite though to try the Big Mouth Burger, a specialty at Angelo’s Burgers, possibly the biggest burgers in Encinitas!

Angelo’s Burgers is not fast food, but you will get fast service and delicious food at Angelo’s Burgers, basically fast food done right! So skip the cooking tonight at your house in Encinitas and stop over at Angelo’s Burgers for great food in a pinch!

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