Blind Surfing Event hosted by the Encinitas Lions Club

The Encinitas Lions Club has been mentioned on this blog before, but I feel that the wonderful organization should be covered again!

You may have read or heard about the upcoming blind surfing event which is organized by the Encinitas Lions Club. This year’s Blind Surfing Event will take place on September 19th at South Ponto Beach and will be the 14th year of the event. Last year, the event took place on September 20th and was a great success. Many people and surfers came to the beach to help teach surfing to people with vision disabilities. The event is proof of the amazing ability and accomplishments the human spirit is capable of as well as the strength and comradery had by our local community! Make sure to head out of your Encinitas home and to South Ponto Beach and check out the fun and learn more about the Encinitas Lions Club!

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