California Haunted House: For Sale

A “haunted house” in the small town of Dunsmuir in Northern California is for sale with a massive price drop. Originally listed at $899,000 in 2015, the price has dropped to $100,000 – a 88.8% price plunge.

This haunted home was built in 1912 with all the original Victorian architecture still prevalent: crown molding, a sun porch, staircase. Naturally, it comes with 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, but because of remodeling started by the previous owners, only one bathroom remains useful.

What makes this house haunted? The previous owners recalled the fireplace going out and then suddenly starting back up on its own, hands appearing on the privacy glass in the bathroom, and doors opening and shutting without any explanation.

In its glory days, this Victorian home served as a home, furniture store and a mortuary on the ground floor. When the couple originally acquired the house in 2010, it still had all the tools left from the mortuary and even the skeletal remains of a young girl found left in a casket.

Another legend stems from the house being an inspiration for the best seller, “The Mortician’s Wife”. In the legend, the mortician’s actual wife supposedly watched him die at the dinner table. She was so distraught that she retreated to her room and left his body untouched for weeks. Could the mortician be the haunting of the house, along with the spirits of the dead that came through his mortuary?

When the couple realized its haunted history, they decided to remodel the home to make it a “dark tourism” location as a “Dead and Breakfast”. Since then, the couple divorced and listed the house on the market in 2015.

The downside is that while the house still has its Victorian qualities, it’s in worse condition than when the couple purchased in during foreclosure in 2010. Shingles are falling off the side of the house, the ceiling is exposed, wires are hanging out of the walls, the windows are boarded, plumbing has been removed, and there is only one working bathroom.

In 2015, the man listed the home for $899,000, but dropped the price to $599,000 in July 2016. Now, at $100,000, the house is barely more than its foreclosure price from 2010: $69,000.

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