New College Grads Ought to Head to These 10 Cities

We are half way through May which means that it ‘tis the season of tons and tons of college graduations which means that many more millennials will be entering the work force this summer. I think when we imagine young millennials going out into the world, we picture them in huge metropolises like New York, Boston, Washington, DC, or San Francisco. We also tend to picture them only working in website design or something and yes, while many millennials work in graphic design and software engineering, there are just as many going into careers like customer service, recruitment, investment banking, and accounting according to LinkedIn. And if there is so much diversity in job choice then there has to be a wider set of options for young people moving off on their own and, preferably, one that offers more affordable living arrangements than those major cities do.

Thankfully, did some data analysis to figure out the best cities for new college grads by taking job opportunities, affordable housing, and fun amenities into account. These are the aspects that they factored in when they did their analysis:

  • Percentage of the population with a Bachelor’s or higher
  • Percentage of millennial residents
  • New business growth
  • Home price estimates
  • Rental home affordability
  • Percentage of single people
  • Percentage of unemployed millennials
  • Percentage of fast-growing occupations popular with young professionals
  • Number of bars and restaurants per capita

And these are the top ten results that they came up with from their study:

Number 1: Fargo, North Dakota

Number 2: Lincoln, Nebraska

Number 3: Austin, Texas

Number 4: Madison, Wisconsin

Number 5: Charlottesville, Virginia

Number 6: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Number 7: Des Moines, Iowa

Number 8: Columbus, Ohio

Number 9: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Number 10: Boulder, Colorado


Check out the original article at the link below:

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