Common Phrasing for Real Estate Ads

The jargon surrounding real estate ad descriptions aren’t always the easiest to understand. Finding the difference between certain words could mean anything from a house that needs to be overhauled for updates to your dream home in Encinitas.

According to, these are some of the phrases that are commonly used as normal vocabulary for Realtors:

Original Condition: The owner that used to live in the property didn’t do anything to renovate or update this home in Encinitas – so usually that means it will be an older model.

Needs TLC: Usually if you’re a home buyer in Encinitas, this indicates that the real estate needs a good amount of work.

Cozy: It may have a lot of character, but that means the home, condo or apartment in Encinitas very small.

Charming or Vintage Charm: Repair or modernization for this home in Encinitas is needed. Most likely because it is old.

Low-Maintenance Yard: This means that the dirt is so rocky that no landscaping will be able to bloom. Most likely the cement will have to be taken out, new soil, grass implants and a new sprinkler system will have to be added if you are trying to have a lawn or garden. This could be costly.

Flexible Floor Plan: The rest of the neighborhood homes are different because of some additions have been attached. This home usually doesn’t match the floor plan that was originally made, when the house was erected.

Model Home Condition:  This may mean someone was hired to primp the home before doing a walk through. Just because it looks pretty, doesn’t mean the value is increased – and they will try to increase the value of the home in Encinitas.

Convenient Location: Usually this means that this area in Encinitas has heavy traffic. It may be that is close to night clubs and bars and could mean that it is a noisy area.

Waterfront Property: It may be next to a body of water. That being said, be skeptical of the home in Encinitas that needs extensive renovation due to water damage.

House with a View: Either the home panoramic view or the home in Encinitas has a desirable view that is limited by the angle and/or vantage point.

Some descriptions are honest, but if you are attempting to sell your in home in Encinitas, don’t exaggerate on the facts. By doing so, and not having good real estate descriptions – this could make your home in Encinitas stay on the market for a long time, resulting in decreasing value.

By Linda Moore

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