Crazy and Fun Ideas to Make Your Home Awesome

Happy Friday one and all! Whew. It has been quite a week but we have made it to the weekend. I thought since it’s Friday I would share something fun with everybody to get the weekend off to a good start.

I found an amazingly cool collection of pictures showing some of the craziest home installments I have ever seen. Some of my favorites include the aquarium bed, the swing set table, and the beach desk, a work desk set on top of an indoor sandbox. I love the idea of a backyard cinema with a projector and screen and the staircases that double as bookcases. There are pictures of a see-through bathtub, a backyard office, a balcony pool, and a spiral wine storage that is located under a glass opening in the kitchen floor. One of the scariest ones on the list is a bathroom with a glass floor with an open shaft underneath! You have to see that one.


Check them out and get some of those creative juices flowing for your own home:

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