How to Create a Work Space When You Have No Home Office

Do you find it incredibly hard to get work done at home? That is understandable because the temptation to watch Netflix is always hanging over you. It might make it easier to have a home office. However, the problem with that solution is that not everyone has space for a home office. It is still possible to work something out by using some of these great ideas form Apartment Therapy in this article: .

You simply need to pick a space to carve out specifically for the purpose of a home office. You can literally turn a closet into a home office by putting a desk in it and hanging some wallpaper. Or you can put a small desk right next to your sofa or your bed in the place of an end or side table. Using small nooks or crannies that likely won’t be missed can be the perfect solution to your lack of a work space. And if you really are living cramped then consider turning a cabinet or wardrobe into a home office that can be opened and shut when it needs to be hidden from sight.

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