How to Decorate Your Home for Fall When It Feels Like Summer

For us in the beach side town of Encinitas it can be hard to relate to the talk of fall weather with chilly afternoons and fall fashion and décor. Many people in warmer climates want to enjoy the feel of fall and one of the easiest ways to do this is changing up your home décor. It’s quite simple to change out a few of the little accents in your home and add richly colored throw pillows and glowing candles then suddenly it feels like you are joining in with everyone else in the fall excitement.

This article on Houzz by Nicole White Quinn gives all sorts of ideas on how to make your house a little more fall friendly. But all of these ideas are completely simple and interchangeable. She advises that you think rust-tones and olive greens when looking for good color palettes. Switch out all the white and cooler toned accessories in your house for warm and fall-themed candles, pine cones or other nature items, and warm colored throw pillows. Try out some burnt orange colors or burlap wrapped candles or put little pumpkins on display if you really want to get into it. Many of us in the warmer climates also don’t have fireplaces which are an important architectural aspect of fall décor. You can get creative to make up for this one element by getting a floating shelf and putting a bunch of candles on it. You have a cute little makeshift fire that you can light before curling up under your red throw with your head resting on a burnt orange pillow while sipping a pumpkin spice latte. Now that is the perfect fall scene.

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