Design Trends That are Going to Be Big in 2017

Interior design trends are always evolving or cycling back into style. Since it is January, I have been wondering what will start gaining a lot of traction the year in the home design world. These are some of the forecasts for the next year:

  • Animal prints like tiger and cheetah prints. You will most likely see more animal accessories like pillows and throws.
  • Tole lighting will be coming back into style as a part of the “granny” movement perhaps. Tole means painted, floral lighting pieces and candelabras made of sheet metal.
  • Op Art: these are abstract ethereal prints that were made popular in the 60s and the 70s. They will be coming back into style probably in vibrant violets and neon colors.
  • Statement rugs: rugs that double as art pieces are already getting big.
  • Avant-garde and innovative lighting: it’s seems like art-deco stuff might be an emphasis in 2017 as LED bar lighting in weird shapes and interesting colors will be trending as well.
  • Antiques will be becoming much more popular as well!


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