How to Determine Property History

How to Determine Property History for Your Home in Encinitas


Property history gives homeowners an idea how their home in Encinitas has changed throughout its history and development. Whether you are simply curious about the property history of your home, or you want to embark on a home remodeling, property history is a great tool. For remodeling your home in Encinitas, you might need to know the past additions and state of your home.

To determine property history, there are a number of easy research techniques that will inform you about the previous state of your home in Encinitas. I hope you find these methods useful, informative, and fun!

1. Talk to Neighbors

It’s very likely your neighbors might have lived in the neighborhood for a long time. If so, they could be a useful resource to get an idea what your home’s property history is like.

2. Talk to Previous Owners

If possible, as the previous owners of your home in Encinitas. Find out what the home was like when they owned it, and if they did any major renovations to the home.

3. Ask your Inspector

Consult your home inspector as to the property history of your house in Encinitas. Their trained eyes might be able to pick up on valuable information about the house that you would not notice.

4. Visit the Library

The library is a great source for historical information and the property history of your house. Ask librarians for help finding any local publications or old newspapers with pertinent information about the history of your property.

5. Look at the House Deed

Visit your local county courthouse Register of Deeds department, and you should be able to find property history information. You may be asked for the address and legal description of the property (section number, portion of section, township).

6. Search Online

Search online for any news or information regarding home projects. Websites like encourage owners to note property history, and your home in Encinitas could be listed on sites like these.

Property history research is a fun and valuable way to determine the historical background of your home in Encinitas, and how it has developed over the years. If you are interested in selling your home in Encinitas, and would like more information about the property history, enlist Linda Moore as your real estate agent. I will help with your property history research, and help sell your home at a price you want.

By Linda Moore

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