You Don’t Need to Be Royalty to Stay in a Castle

I think we all, at one point or another, have dreamed of living like a king or queen in a castle. We all wonder what it would be like to be waited on hand and foot or how it would feel to live in utter extravagant surroundings. Well, now you can with the help of the HomeAway Castle Collection. There are castles all around the globe that you can stay in, sometimes for as little as fifty dollars a night. Here are a few of the positively gorgeous castles you can spend a few nights in:

Duns Castle, Scotland: This 14th century castle sits on a 12,000-acre estate that is about an hour south of Edinburgh. Its starting price is $3,108 per night.

Stuhlingen Castle, Germany: This 453-year-old castle is actually not a castle but is, in fact, a former rectory of a church. You can stay there for a mere $59 a night!

Arquenay, France: This beautiful 19th century palace has its very own private lake, swimming pool and cinema.

Chateau de Servigny, Yvetot-Bocage, France: The 16th century retreat has great historical significance as it is the place where the treaty of Cherbourg between the United States and Germany was signed in 1944.

Lisheen, Munster, Ireland: This 19th century castle is located in County Tipperary and hosts private parties of up to sixteen people at $1,075 per night.

Saint Polten, Austria: This baroque style palace in Austria even has a moat!!!

Castello Claves, Acireale, Italy: At $270 a night, you can enjoy lovely views of the sea off the Italian coast, a huge private pool, and panoramic terraces.

La Bijoire, Vendee, France: Swim in the Atlantic while staying at this gorgeous oceanfront chateau in Western France.


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