Election Day in Encinitas

It’s Election Day in Encinitas and the majority of Encinitas Realtors, residents, owners of Encinitas real estate, and anyone who has registered will be able to cast their ballot. If you did not take advantage of the early voting opportunities in Encinitas then the last thing you want is to get out of work and scramble to find your polling location before the polls close.

Luckily Microsoft has provided a handy tool to locate your polling place called the VIP Polling Place Locator. The application is powered by Bing maps and allows you to type in your address to find the polling place that you are registered at if you have forgotten or want to double check. Also included in the app are voter registration deadlines, who and what is on the ballot and contact information for local election officials.

In order to stay up-to-the-minute on election results, Encinitas Patch will be running the results of not only the presidential election but also the race for the Senate, House of Representatives, California State Senate, California General Assembly, and all propositions and amendments. You will even be able to learn about propositions 30 through 40 on the same page so that you can go into the polls as informed as possible.

Make your voice heard and take the opportunity to vote this Election Day in Encinitas.

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