Encinitas Events Weekend of 8/10/12

One of the things I love about being an Encinitas Realtor and resident is how much there is to do here. As an Encinitas Realtor I love being able to match the right event to the person who would enjoy it most. Unfortunately I can’t do that for you over the Internet, but I can make some suggestions of events you may enjoy this weekend.

It may be a bit later than you had hoped to get some summer reading done, but why should reading stop in the summer anyway? Load up for the rest of the year’s reading by visiting the Friends of Cardiff Library’s two-day book sale this weekend; they will even have a table where you can load up a grocery bag full of books for only $3.

The Solana Center for Environmental Innovation is beginning a four-week course this Saturday at 9am where they will show you all you need to know to start an organic, edible garden.

If you own a dog then you especially don’t want to miss the Cardiff Dog Days of Summer which will run Saturday from 10am to 3pm. This event features everything for you and your pet, and it makes a point of catering to dogs of all personalities. There is so much going on that you are better off just viewing the schedule by clicking here. 

As always these are just a few events that you can participate in as a citizen and resident of Encinitas. Please leave a comment if you found these tips helpful or, if you end up taking part in any of them, how they went.

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