Encinitas Might Limit Alcohol Sales on Coastal Highway

The city planning commissioners for Encinitas are considering placing limits on future permits for establishments selling alcohol along the 6-mile stretch of Coast Highway 101 that lies within Encinitas’ city limits. Some of the commissioners believe it is a cause for concern that more and more places that sell alcohol are popping up along the highway. There are currently 83 businesses that sell alcohol on that particular corridor of the highway. The panel wants to study whether it has enough bars, restaurants, and liquor shops and should start setting limits or not.

In the Union-Tribune article, one commissioner expressed not wanting to become Pacific Beach whose neighbors have long complained of late-night loud and rowdy behavior, drunk driving, and littering. The city has been trying to prevent this and their efforts have appeared to be successful. However, many of the crimes in Encinitas over the last four years have happened along Coast Highway 101.

One of the commissioners is encouraging the panel to think beyond what the residents desire and to also consider that Encinitas is a tourist destination. Although another commissioner responded “we’re a tourist destination for the daytime, (but) do we want to be a tourist destination for the night life?” No one has decided anything yet but the topic will be debated over the next few weeks to determine any future limits that might be placed on this historic roadway.


Check out the article from the San Diego Union-Tribune here:


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