Encinitas Realtor Featured in Encinitas Magazine

As an Encinitas Realtor I find it imperative to know what is happening in our community. Keeping up-to-date as an Encinitas Realtor is much easier with the help of tools like local magazines.

Starting in September, I will be featured in one of the leading magazines directed to the residents of Encinitas: 92024 Magazine.

92024 Magazine is specifically designed for the people of Encinitas. 92024 Magazine is directly mailed to homes in the city of Encinitas, focusing on community, family, and lifestyle.

In this magazine you will find features on local events, local businesses and local families,  as well as local recipes, local photos, a variety of contests, community calendars, local sporting highlights, and local business profiles. All of these features make 92024 Magazine an amazing resource to learn about what is going on in the community of Encinitas.

The magazine is attractive to those of all ages, which makes it a great tool to help get adults and younger children invested in their community. There is also a 92024 Magazine application so that you can view the magazine on your phone and share featured articles with your friends and family.

92024 Magazine is direct mailed to 17,000 Encinitas homes and available every two months, so make sure that for the month of September you look for the magazine and for your Encinitas real estate agent Linda Moore in it!

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