Explore Encinitas’ Hiking Trails

Hiking can be the perfect way to welcome spring. With the daylight savings time change, we will have brighter evenings after getting off work. Why not take advantage of that with a nice long hike before dinnertime? It can be an amazing de-stressing tool after a long hard day at work. Whether you prefer to stroll or jog, it’s a great idea to get some fresh air.

Encinitas has 40 plus miles of trails that can be enjoyed by hikers, dogs, and horses. If you have not had the opportunity to explore any of Encinitas’ amazingly beautiful trails, then you ought to check them ought as soon as possible. Encinitas has three different trails with their own unique characteristics. You can find excellent trail maps for Olivenhain Trails, Manchester Preserve Trails, and Encinitas Ranch Trails on the website link below.

These are some of the tips, guidelines, and rules that the Parks and Recreation department provides on Encinitas’ website:


Trail Tips for Encinitas Trails

1. Carry water with you on your hike or ride on the trails
2. Wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses
3. Make sure to complete your hike or ride while the sun is still out
4. Know the length of the trail you’re hiking or biking on
5. If taking your dog, please make sure they are on a 6-foot leash
6. Many trails are adjacent to private property, so please be courteous to property owners
7. Please follow the trail courtesy signs- generally, cyclists yield to all other trail users and hikers yield to equestrians.
8. Report any issues or concerns to the Parks & Recreation Department at 760-633-2740 or encinitasparksandrec@encinitasca.gov

General Rules for Encinitas Trails

  • Trail hours are sunrise to sunset
  • No littering or dumping. Please use the trash receptacles located along pathways or dispose of your refuse when you leave
  • Dogs must be leashed. People must pick up after their pets
  • No fires or smoking
  • No camping
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