Fix Up That Family Photo Wall

It seems as if every single family home contains a family photo wall. Most of the wall displays I have seen in my line of work are cluttered, mismatched, and utter craziness. There has to be another way to tackle the family photo wall. It obviously isn’t a prime option to have such a distracting display but you can’t NOT have your amazing family with all their unique and special personalities out there for everyone to see. Your home would be cold and sterile without it. Thankfully, I have a resource for you that enlightened me with a few more tips, that I had not thought of before, on how to do a display wall properly.

Depending on your budget, the creation of this wall could be a DIY weekend or you could hire an interior designer to make sure you get the look you want that would also be pleasing to the eyes of your guests who might not know your family like you do. First thing you will need to decide is whether you want to have a grid-like or an asymmetrical display. There are benefits to both and the decision mainly comes down to decorative preference along with what matches with the style of the rest of the home. Next, you will need a common element throughout all the photographs displayed. For the common element, you should pick either photograph color, frame color, or image size. Houzz says that, for example, you might have a bunch of photos that are all different sizes but if they are all black and white then they are tied together. These are the main keys that, when disregarded, cause family photo wall displays to look unbelievably messy.


Check out the original article on Houzz with some great example pictures:

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