Fun Friday: Brilliant Uses for Duct Tape

I have never in my life known anything more versatile than duct tape. Oh, the things that you can use it for. It truly is amazing. For our fun Friday blog post, I thought we could explore all the miraculous uses for duct tape with this amazing article I found on Let’s take a look at all the various brilliant uses for duct tape:

  1. Remove pet hair: duct tape is the perfect DIY lint/pet hair remover, simply by wrapping some duct tape sticky side up around a paint roller.
  2. Weatherproof windows and doors: you can duct tape along the gaps of doors and windows to prevent any cold winter air from getting inside.
  3. Wrap handles: putting duct tape around hammer handles or other tools will give you a better grip.
  4. Temporarily replace a roof shingle:  if you have a leak in your roof but no extra shingles lying around then you can cut a shingle-sized piece of plywood and simply duct tape it to that leak.
  5. Grab ceiling cobwebs: wrap duct tape around a broom handles to swipe away high up cob webs.
  6. Keep remotes from disappearing: if you duct tape remotes to large kids’ building blocks they will less likely be lost or stuck in a couch cushion.
  7. Prevent furniture scuff marks: put a tiny piece of duct tape on the corner of chair legs so that they don’t scuff the floor with you move them.
  8. Waterproof shoes: cover the tops and sides of running shoes to protect them from those splashing puddles.
  9. Fly catchers: strips of duct tape hung from your patio ceiling can catch flies that will land on the sticky tape.
  10. Secure cords: duct tape the loose cords in your home or office to the floor so you don’t trip on them.
  11. Locate garden tools: wrap a bright colored duct tape so they are easier to find in that dark shed or garage of yours.
  12. Fix a leak: wrap duct tape around a garden house to stop a leak.
  13. Repair ripped screens: place small piece of duct tape over ripped mesh screens to keep the mosquitoes out.


Check out the original article here:

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