Gallery Wall Layout Ideas

apartment, chair, cleanA new trend for home décor that’s been gaining popularity is the gallery wall. It can be used to tell stories of your family, travels, and/or life. You can create it using pictures, mismatched paintings, photos, or even empty frames.

Most of the time, people put it above their couch, but the goal is to target one area on a wall and fill it with items. You can use a wall in your home office, above the baby crib, above the bar cart, or above a fireplace mantel.

In order to avoid making it a mess, there are some tricks and ways to organize it. You can:

  • Group same type of frames
  • Similar art
  • Color theme
  • Subject

To get started, pick a rather large item (about 60 inches long) and make it the focal point and center of the entire gallery, and then move outward.

Lay out frames

One way to organize is to arrange the frames on the floor to plan out your possible gallery. Measure it to make sure it will fit in the designated area.

Use paper

To be a little more precise, use a large piece of sheet paper to plan out the images on. Place the images on top of the sheet, then outline the pieces with a pen or pencil. Remove the art and hang up to sheet to see where adjustments might need to be made.

Trace & cut

For those truly dedicated and maybe a little craftier, trace the outline of your pieces, but cut them out, too. Then, you can hang the pieces of paper on the wall with tape and organize them on the wall until you find what you like.

Utilize technology

Maybe that all sounds just a little too much work. Don’t worry because there’s an app for that! You can upload your art into the program and use the virtual layout to plan your wall decorations.

Or, you can buy a fancy hanging tool that helps you line up all the pieces horizontally and vertically.

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