Helping Children Through a Big Move

Encinitas Realtor Linda Moore guides you through the process of making sure your children are prepared for moving. 

Out of the 24,082 households in Encinitas, it is estimated that about 29% include children under the age of 18 living with their parents. Children who are a bit older may have experienced a move before, but for younger kids moving may be stressful.

If you are looking to move into a different home or neighborhood that will benefit your children, don’t hesitate because of this stress, just use a few simple tips from a real estate agent in Encinitas to help ease the transition.

  •  Communication – The most effective way to limit the stress associated with moving in children is to make sure that you communicate with them in advance. Calling the family together to explain why you are moving and sharing your enthusiasm and excitement about this decision and the new possibilities it presents for your kids is hugely beneficial. Offering your child or children the opportunity to express their feelings is equally essential to a successful move.
  • Planning – Giving your child a picture of what the new home will be like and how you will make their room and/or play area feel like home can help. Working with them to pick a color to paint their room, for example, is a great way to get them excited about moving or make them more receptive to the process.
  • Map it Out – Try printing out a map to show your child or children all of the new opportunities surrounding your new home. You can even take a tour of the neighborhood using Google Maps or Google Earth and plan out fun activities you will be able to participate in as a result of being located near new surroundings.
  • See You Soon Party – This suggestion comes from, where instead of hosting a “Goodbye Party” you have a “See You Soon Party,” where you instill in your children that, despite the move, their friends are still their friends and that it doesn’t mean goodbye forever. Make sure that you exchange email addresses and phone numbers with the families of your kids’ friends to keep old relationships.

Children take different attitudes toward moving; one child may take to the idea of moving right away, while another may take some time to getting used to it. Utilizing these tips will help in the moving process and continuing on to your new life in your new home.

By Linda Moore

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