Home Items that Could Randomly Explode

1. Glass shower doors

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, they get dozens of reports every year about glass doors randomly exploding, even when no one is using them. The glass that doors are usually made of is tempered glass. Tempered glass, when high heat is followed by intense cold, can create a tension equivalent to a tightly wound spring under a lot of pressure. When the pressure is released suddenly, the glass will explode. This can be the result of a long, wearing process.

To prevent it: Eyeball for any dips or sags in the glass that cause the door to rub against something. Or, you can hire a glass company to inspect it twice a year for around $30-$125.

2. Light bulbs

Any type of light bulb can explode, but halogen bulbs are usually the common to burst. They get a lot hotter than most bulbs, so any oil on the bulb can make it heat up irregularly and explode. Other than the heat, that’s why they say it’s bad to touch any bulb with bare hands.

To prevent it: When screwing in a lightbulb, use a glove or paper towel. Water can also cause a bulb to burst, so wipe any dirty bulb with a microfiber cloth instead of water or cleaning fluids.

3. Pumpkins

When storing or displaying pumpkins outdoors, they can explode on their own without the help of tricksters. The water in them can freeze on cold Halloween nights, push through the skin, and explode.

To prevent it: Carve your pumpkin! They will have natural pressure release valves so they won’t explode.

4. Hot water heaters

If there’s a gas leak into or around your heater, or if the tank’s safety mechanism fails, the tank can become so dangerous it’ll shoot out of your house like a rocket.

To prevent it: It isn’t a common occurrence, but you should still hire a plumber to annually inspect your tank. They’ll check for gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, and test the temperature and pressure valve. Hiring a plumber may cost $40-$150 an hour.

5. Pantries

The actual pantry won’t explode, but items you commonly store in there could cause one. Items like flour, sugar, cocoa, powdered milk, and coffee can explode when disturbed. Little particles are distributed into the air that could be ignited by static electricity, friction, or any little spark.

To prevent it: It takes a high concentration of these particles to create an explosion. Keep your powdered items in safe containers and you’ll be fine.

6. Beer bottles

Water expands when it freezes and becomes ice. Beer is up to 95% water and, if you forget about your beer glass chilling in the freezer, the liquid can increase in volume and shatter the glass.

To prevent it: If you want to chill beer quickly, place the bottle or can in a cold-water bath with a 2:1 ratio of water to ice.

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