Home Safety: 10 Things to Check After Move-in

Creating checklists is important when moving into a new home. A house safety checklist should be included. From smoke detectors to the screens on your window, you never know when the last owners check them or put in new batteries. The safety of your family in your new home is important, and making sure all the things below are checked off is essential in insuring their safety.

1. Smoke detectors

Many homes already come with smoke detectors installed. Regardless, it’s important to make sure you check that they are installed correctly and working.

2. Fire extinguishers

This may be the last thing on your list to buy for your home, but it is one of the most important. Having at least one on the entry level of your home could keep a small fire from turning into a big problem.

3. Carbon monoxide detectors

If you have a gas or oil furnace, it’s extremely important to have a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide has no taste, color, odor, and is poisonous. Being exposed for prolonged periods of time or in substantial amounts could kill someone, so investing in a detector is crucial.

4. Dryer vent

While it’s important to check the vents inside your dryer, it’s more important to check the big vent from the laundry room to the exterior of the home. It may be more work than you want to do, but lint is very flammable.

5. Escape route

In the event of a fire, your family should know the escape plan. Make sure you know the exit in every room, even if that means a window.

6. Water heater

Check the setting on your water heater so it’s not dangerously hot when you decide to take your first shower. If you don’t know what it should be set at, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Front door

If your door lacks proper insulation, it could mean higher energy bills for you. It could also mean access for unwanted guests. Insure your front door is as safe as you can make it.

8. Door locks

Changing the locks should also be a priority. You never know who the previous owners gave a key to (family relative, neighbor, babysitter) so getting new locks will keep your family safer.

9. Windows and screens

Normally, screens can be removed from the inside. Double check to make sure they cannot be removed from the outside. Checking latch locks on windows is important because from age or use, they could be easily opened regardless if they’re locked.

10. Weather alert apps

Keep yourself updated and change your location on your weather apps. When a natural disaster arrives, you’ll be prepared.

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