The Five Most Ill-Advised Things to do Prior to Buying a Home

 There are many things that people do blindly, when they’ve found that they are extremely interested in purchasing real estate in Carlsbad. Just because you are preapproved for a mortgage and/or under contract, it doesn’t mean that it is in stone that you will receive a loan for your prospective dream house.

More hoops will have to be jumped through before your loan lender agrees to finance your Carlsbad real estate. The whole deal could be missed if buyers don’t know what hindrances between obtaining the contract and closing.

Listed below are the five worst steps you could take before you buy a home in Carlsbad, according to

Going Overboard on Credit:

Sure it may be a cliché, but it obviously has been mentioned for a reason. People continue to make this mistake. Buying new items like furniture before your loan closes could create obstacles. Abstaining from credit for any tall order expense like a car or a new bedroom set is the route you should take.

Minor expenses could become an issue to. If collecting more credit and increasing your debt is absolutely necessary, speak with a loan officer before you make that decision.

Your monthly debt-to-income ratio will be affected detrimentally. Something that could lower your credit history is making hard inquiries on your credit report. Your interest rate could be effected and you could fall out of potential qualifying for the mortgage.

Moving Funds:

As a part of the preapproval process, providers will sift through the record of your most recent income. Your assets are also given a second look as well as your bank records during the underwriting process.

Deposits and withdrawals that aren’t normal well have to answers. It will be required through documentation and a paper trail if gift financing is going into your closing cost or down payments. The enhancement of money coming in undocumented is particularly unfavorable for lenders to see.

Late Payments:

A late payment that is reported to a credit agency could ruin everything. About a third of your payment history has to do with your credit score.

One blemish to a 30-day late payment could take your application out of the running.


This is a bad financial decision – especially in the mortgage process.

Lenders will have to make a custom monthly obligation to show how affordable your profile is, and for you, it’s just another piece of debt that you will owe. This could also mess up your debt—to-income ratio and assets.

Too many employment changes:

Losing a job is a big problem, but even jumping from job to job could hurt your chances. What lenders like is a person who is reliable and stable with the ability to continue on the mortgage.

Even if you have worked for a company for a while and made a complete change in a different field, or if you start your own business, lenders could stop right away. If you have a change in employment, let your loan officer ASAP. You don’t want to waste time and money trying to get a home loan that is impossible to get.

Monitor your credit history regularly for changes and take action on any issues that may be need to be addressed.

By Linda Moore

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