Increasing Your Home Value in 5 Small Ways

When selling your home, you want the best price for your home. Nowadays, people like new homes that are updated and won’t require them to put any more money in than they’ve already spent. If they have to spend money, they will negotiate for lower prices that you never anticipated. To keep that from happening, you can make small renovations or updates that won’t require you to break the bank. Here are 5 ways that you can make a big difference in the value of your home.

1. Kitchen

Smaller investments in your kitchen can make a bigger difference than leaving it alone if you can’t afford a full renovation. People love to entertain in kitchens and it’s a main location in the home where a lot of time is spent. Updating your worn-down tiles, flooring, or backsplashes can add a refreshed and new look to the kitchen. Even replacing some of your older cooking utensils like new pots and pans can make your kitchen feel newer.

2. Bathroom

When it comes to your bathrooms, you have to decide what kind of upgrades you are willing to make. People are adding bathrooms to create more value in their homes. If adding another full bathroom is too big of a project, updating the hardware in the bathroom can add value. Putting in new towel rods or re-grouting can make your bathroom look like a full remodel was done.

3. Lighting

When selling your home, the bigger a room looks the better. With bright lighting, it can make your room feel bigger. LED lighting has become accessible and inexpensive in the recent years. By moving dangling lights into the ceiling with recessed lighting, you can make a huge impact and make your room more modern.

4. Paint

Repainting your rooms can give the house a sharper look. If you don’t want to redo every room, focus on the rooms where the most living will be. Stick with neutral tones if you are planning to completely repaint. Buyers are turned away by darker tones and neon pink rooms.

5. Landscape

The outside of the house is the first thing a buyer will see. Add a little dark mulch, some potted plants, and a fresh coat of paint on the door. Repair and replace any damaged stones or paths. If the outside looks well-kept and refreshed, a home buyer will be excited to step through the front door.

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