Increasing Resale Value on Encinitas Homes

If you have a home for sale in Encinitas then you may want to follow these tips on how to increase the resale value on Encinitas homes.

Here are some home improvements that you can make to help you sell your Encinitas home for more.

  • Bathroom – Updating your bathroom is an improvement that almost always yields a higher resale value. The key is to modernize and update the bathroom as much as possible, which can be achieved by focusing on the sinks and fixtures, counters and vanity, and flooring.
  • Kitchen – An update to the kitchen is typically the remodel that adds the most resale value. By adding new cabinetry, stainless appliances, and granite counter-tops you can significantly boost the value of your home. Typically a remodeled kitchen is one of the highlighted features of real estate listings as it helps to attract buyers.
  • Exterior Remodels - The first impression that your house makes will be the first thing a potential buyer sees; the front of your home. Updating the siding on your home (which could include fiber cement as it has the best return on investment) and performing some landscaping can help you ask for and receive a higher asking price.

Additionally, while updating and replacing windows and roofs will not increase resale value it will keep your home from significantly decreasing in value. Buyers expect these parts of the homes to be in tip-top shape and issues with the roof can cost the seller a great deal of money on the asking price or sour a potential sale altogether.

Projects that you should avoid taking on if you intend to sell your home include garage conversions and swimming pools, and you should ask yourself these questions before moving forward with a renovation project for resale return:

  • Do the renovations conform to the other homes in the neighborhood?
  • Do the renovations focus too narrowly on the update of single room?
  • Will these remodels push the asking price too far out of the range of potential buyers?

If you are considering performing some remodels before listing your home for sale in Encinitas, you can consult with a real estate agent in Encinitas to get some perspective and see if your renovations will indeed increase the resale value of your home.

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