Lovely Little Art Gallery in Encinitas!

When I was discussing the arts with Linda, my Encinitas Real Estate Agent, the other day at my new beautiful Encinitas home she helped me find, she mentioned all the galleries and festivals in Encinitas for aficionados like myself! I was so inspired to see for myself, and I came upon this quaint little gallery down the street, Leucadia Art Gallery.  I decided to visit for a new frame for my Polansky Painting.  This art gallery holds a wonderful collection of artwork, which is not only displayed, but also sold as well.  They have a huge array of sculptures, paintings and pencil drawings by modern artists.  In addition, art students have constructed brilliant imitations of masterpieces.  There are impressive re-creations of Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ and Cezanne’s ‘Still Life’. Furthermore, a frame shop is attached to the gallery with a vast selection of styles-which was perfect for what I needed at the time!   Their design guidance was excellent as well as their friendly customer service.  In addition to my picture that I had framed on the premises, I also got some very neat mirrors that I put in the bathroom and study in my new home in Encinitas. Even without a frame I still would have stayed for hours viewing the spectacular artists!  This was by far the nicest and most respectful frame shop I have used.  They also have live art exhibits, just like Linda described, that I fully intend to visit. I highly recommended a visit my experience could not have been more pleasant!

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