Some Maintenance Tasks to Complete in April

According to many home improvement experts, April is the prime time to complete a lot of important home projects. April is the perfect time because most parts of the country have just finished a harsh winter but they won’t enter the sweltering heat of summer until later on. has made some great suggestions of outdoor tasks you can tackle during this perfect window of time. These kinds of maintenance or upkeep tasks don’t take very long at all but if you don’t regularly do them, you could end up with a world of hurt! So, get up off your couch and out into that spring weather:

  • Check your yard for low spots

“After a spring shower, tour your yard to look for puddles that indicate low spots that will kill your grass and provide a happy breeding ground for mosquitoes.”

  • Check soil drainage around foundation

“Make sure soil slopes away from foundation walls to prevent water from soaking the soil around your foundation and causing leaks and cracks.”

  • Clean out planting beds

“Prepare flower and veggie beds for spring planting by removing debris, trimming back last year’s dead perennial growth, and adding compost and mulch.”

  • Check sprinkler system

“Get your sprinkler system ready for summer by inspecting each zone to make sure it’s working and covering each zone properly. If you find dry spots, straighten and re-aim any crooked sprinkler heads. Replace heads with broken or worn parts.”

  • Tune up your lawn mower

“Sharpen the cutting blade, add a new spark plug and air filter, and change the oil to make sure you’re ready to tame your lush lawn. Regular spring maintenance ensures a long life for your mower and avoids costly replacement.”

  • Check foundation and eave vents for obstruction and damage

“Your house likes to breathe and has vents that let air circulate through crawl spaces and roof framing to help prevent mold and mildew. These vents have screens to keep out debris and—worse—critters. Tour your house to check and clean clogged vents along the foundation walls and under eaves, and to repair any broken or missing screens.”

  • Spot worn and chipped paint exterior

“Not all house painting tasks are major. This yearly job involves inspecting your siding and exterior trim for small cracks and chips and repairing spots before moisture can penetrate.”

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