Making A Move: How Seniors Can Keep The Stress Out Of Packing And Unpacking

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Many seniors these days are finding the need to downsize once they hit retirement age, and for some, a move to an assisted living facility is necessary. No matter the reason, a move is a big change that requires a lot of work and can trigger difficult emotions during the packing process, and seniors should make sure they have plenty of support from family members and friends.

It’s also important to make sure the moving process goes as smoothly and safely as possible, so a little planning and preparation are necessary. Here are some of the best tips on how to get everything done easily and with minimal stress.

Plan well

Everything starts with a good plan, so sit down with family members (or whoever might be able to help you) and work out dates, times, movers, and logistics of the packing and moving process. Finding the right mover is an important part, so do your research before hiring anyone. Make sure someone will be able to drive at least one car to the new place with your necessities and smaller boxes with breakables so those don’t have to be put on the moving truck.

Get organized

Organization is key with any big change, so have some things handy while you’re packing to make the entire process go smoothly: trash bags, a large marker, some note paper, and cleaning supplies. This way you can clean as you go and you’ll be able to make packing lists for each box, making it much easier to find items once you get into the new place. Have various sized boxes on hand as well; bulky but lightweight items, such as pillows and blankets, can go in larger boxes, while fragile items can be packed tightly into small boxes.

Pack necessities, such as medicine, toiletries, cleaning supplies, paper plates and napkins, trash bags, and any food from the refrigerator into boxes that stay separate from the others so you can easily grab these at the new house and unpack them first.

Stay safe

Once a box is packed, move it up against the wall to keep walkways free of clutter and trip hazards. Stack them two at a time, and don’t try to move anything more than twenty pounds by yourself. If there will be family members helping you and you have a pet at home, have someone be in charge of keeping your pet safe and out from underfoot during the packing and moving process, especially if there will be doors opening and closing often.

Don’t forget attics, garages, and crawlspaces

With so much on your mind before the move, it can be easy to forget about the things you don’t see everyday. If you have help, ask someone to assist you in cleaning out these often large spaces and create piles for the items you want to sell, the ones you want to keep, the ones you want to throw away, and the ones you want to donate.

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