Maximize Your Home Selling Price with RealVitalize

Selling your home and thinking about how to best go about prepping your home? Leave the guesswork to the experts! Coldwell Banker announces an easy and hassle-free way for homeowners to maximize their home selling price!

The RealVitalize program, powered by HomeAdvisor, is an exclusive offering for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage clients. This program helps homeowners with improvements and repairs to better prep their home for a quicker sale!

What Projects Does RealVitalize Offer Homeowners?

To fully transform your home and prep it for market, RealVitalize offers staging, carpentry, painting, and more. Take a look:

  • Appliance Purchasing and Installation
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades
  • Carpet Cleaning and Installation
  • Cleaning and Maid Service
  • Drywall and Insulation
  • Electrical Upgrades

If your home requires maintenance or repair, handyman services are offered. They can handle plumbing, and wall or ceiling repair. And enhancements aren’t limited to the interior of your home, as your curb appeal could be vastly improved as well.

What Does the RealVitalize Program Cost?

All the upfront costs of using RealVitalize are conveniently paid back once your home sells. This saves you the trouble of paying out of pocket. There are also no hidden fees, interest charges, or markups of any kind!

How Does One Get Started with RealVitalize?

If you would like to maximize your selling price and sell your home faster, schedule a consultation with a RealVitalize project consultant. They will help you accurately determine what services are needed to prep your home for market.

Your project consultant will then handle and manage all projects from start to finish, so you can relax. They will also find appointment times to work conveniently within your schedule, so your life goes uninterrupted.

With RealVitalize, feel confident that experienced service professionals will show up on time ready to tackle home improvements. To learn more, contact Linda Moore by calling (760) 310-0234 or sending an email to

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