So, You Are Moving Abroad?

I was recently talking with a friend of mine who is moving to Ireland in the fall of this year. We discussed how different it actually is to move to a different country, across an ocean nonetheless, compared to moving simply to another city or another state. She is still in the beginning of her moving process but I wondered if she could highlight a few of the big things one needs to consider in the process of moving to another continent. These are some of the main stepping stones necessary:

  • A Visa

You can’t simply move to another country whenever you feel like it. There are immigration laws for other countries just like there are for ours. You must apply for some kind of visa; the most common types being work and student visas. You need to go through an application process and pay a fee to be approved. Only then can you go into the country to stay, not for holiday.

  • Moving Truck for Oceans?

When you are crossing the ocean, moving all your furniture overseas will get very pricey and can sometimes take significantly longer. You should consider if it would be more financially sound to simply sell your things and buy new once you get there. However, some things are too important to let go. It all depends on your particular priorities and lifestyle.

  • The Housing Market Over There

Don’t forget that the real estate market is probably at least a little bit different from the one that we have here. Before you make any real decisions, do your research and learn about the housing market. This way you will find the best deals and settle in the right area for you.

  • Storage Space

Perhaps you are only planning to live abroad for a short amount of time. In that situation, it may be worth it to rent a storage space to hold all your furniture that you can’t afford to ship. You can get it all out of storage when you are done and settle in back to your American way of life.

  • Accustomed to a New Culture

Learn about the culture you will be living in before you move. You will need to acclimate so make sure that you have an in-depth knowledge on the people and their customs. Look up the typical grocery stores, their clothing stores, their traditional food and music. Get ready to learn a lot, not only about others but about yourself.

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