2 Open Houses This Weekend In Village Park

It’s an exciting weekend in Village Park of Encinitas! I will be having 2 open houses for these cute location homes this weekend. If you’re looking for a home in a great area with award winning school and low HOA fees, you have two options to choose from in Village Park.

280 Cottage Grove Ln, Encinitas – Village Park

This adorable home is located on a cul-de-sac, equipped with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. With spacious front and rear patios, you get a sunny south facing exposure to lighten your home. Laminate flooring and double pan windows makes it easy to care for.

It comes with a one car garage and separate laundry room area. You’ll also be getting newly remodeled bathrooms and a fresh coat of pain. Not to mention the new dishwasher that will be coming soon!

Open House will be this Saturday and Sunday from 1:00PM – 4:00PM.

1708 Old Mill Rd, Encinitas – Village Park

1708 Old Mill Rd - Photo 2A detached, single story home in Village Park! Equipped with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, you’ll be investing in a tranquil back yard space with patio pavers, keystone block retaining walls, and low maintenance dryscape.

1708 Old Mill Rd - Photo 4Not only that, but this home is loaded with warmth and charm. No pun intended when you see the adorable fireplace located in the open living room. Berber carpet and bedrooms with mirrored closet doors, you can’t miss out on this cute single-family home.

1708 Old Mill Rd - Photo 3

Open House will be this Sunday from 1:00PM – 4:00PM.

Check out the websites for these listings, and don’t forget this weekend to pop in and take a gander at these homes. You won’t want to miss it!

280 Cottage Grove Ln

1708 Old Mill Rd


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Fab Finds for Your Christmas Decorations

Green Christmas TreeChristmas will be here before you know it, and if you haven’t already decorated your house for the holidays, now is the time. Maybe you want to change up some of your most traditional Christmas decorations, or add to your already existing decked halls. Here are some great places to find deals on Christmas decorations:

  • Kirkland’s
  • Pier 1 Imports
  • Jo-Ann
  • Big Lots
  • Sears
  • Target
  • Home Depot

To add to all the deals, here are some awesome finds that you didn’t know you wanted, or needed, for your home deco.

1 – Burlap Stockings

Stockings are the eye-catcher for your fireplace or the room where you display them. They can represent your family and who’s a part of the Christmas traditions in your home. These stockings will be a shabby chic addition to your Christmas decorations. They are made from natural burlap and have a soft, cotton lining with a tailored ruffle top. You’ll have the option to personalize them with your family’s names or initials.

2 – Pom-Pom Tree Skirt

Not only is the tree skirt a great way to hide the base of your tree, but it also works perfectly to decorate your tree with all the Christmas gifts you are giving. Add to your farmhouse style decorations with this festive tree skirt that leaves enough room for all the presents. This quilted tree skirt features 100% cotton with the pom-pom ball trims. You have the color options of red and ivory, both coming in a size of 60”.

3 – Christmas Card Holder

Display your family and friend’s Christmas cards this year with this perfect holder to bring Christmas into any room. If you usually struggle to find room on the refrigerator for all the Christmas cards you get in the mail, this holder lets you have 22 cards on it. It is a metal 5-tier frame with hand-twisted loops to insert the cards.

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Real Estate Trends for 2018

White and Brown Concrete Bungalow Under Clear Blue SkyRealtor.com put together their own study and found some potential results for the real estate market this coming year. All of the following game changers are based on their data collected from their home database and knowledge.

#1 – Supply catching up to demand

For the last 3 years, there has been a shortage of homes for sale on the market, but 2018 may bring change to that and finally catch up to the buyers’ demand. This change would be beneficial to any would-be buyers that previously had a hard time finding a home for sale that met their needs, but was still within their budget.

While it may take a most of the year before things start to turn up, the overall inventory of homes for sale should increase by fall 2018. Most of this inventory will be new homes produced by bullish construction, prices in the higher tiers starting at $350,000 and more. Unfortunately, it’ll have to get worse before it can get better.

#2 – Millennials join the market

As of recent years, the market has been a challenge to most millennials due to student loan debt. Their loans can’t pay themselves. But, there are some bright spots arising for the millennials when it comes to the housing market.

As their incomes start to grow because of the overall economic improvement and their own personal career development, they’ll be able to afford mortgages. In fact, millennials are predicted to be a whopping 43% of home buyers by the end of 2018, which is up from last years 43%. While that 3% may not seem like a lot, the largest generation in US history could add 3% to the home buyers which equals hundreds of thousands of new-home buyers.

#3 – Southern homes selling

Southern homes are increasing in sales and will only continue, including these specific areas: Tulsa, OK, Little Rock, AR, Dallas, and Charlotte, NC. The Southern states are predicted to see a home selling increase of 6% or more compared to a 2.5% national increase for the entire US. These states are, and have been, luring corporations and people with their overall low costs of living, and that means real estate, too. The more corporations moving south, the more individuals needing to live there.

#4 – The potential tax reform

The Republican Party introduced a new tax reform plan that could complete alter these first three game changers. The proposal has yet to been passed or fully accepted as the House and Senate are all in limbo over the tax reform suggestions.

If the Republican’s version does pass with the current provision affecting real estate, 2018 could actually lead to fewer homes for sale and declining home prices and values. However, it will mostly be the upper prices tiers in areas with expensive homes and high taxes in coastal cities. Unfortunately for those of us living in California, that means us.

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Home Stress

bazaar, bottles, businessThe holidays bring family members and friends to your houses to celebrate the season. This means it’s time to decorate and clean the home to make room for everyone, and make people feel at home. But, clutter and disorganization can leave you stressed and unable to find a place to begin. So, what’s causing your home stress?


No doubt an obvious answer. Clutter can be overstimulating and bring defeat when you realize there is no where to put things. Go through the clutter and think about what you really need, and if it’s actually useful. With the items you keep, create a nontransparent organization system that will allow you to relax.

Bad Smells

You may not realize it, but lingering odors can send bad vibes to you. With babies’ or toddlers’ stinky diapers an undertone or your teenage son (or husbands) dirty laundry hiding about, you eventually get used to the odor, but it doesn’t make it any more pleasant. Candles and essential oils can be used not only for scents but for relaxing vibes.


Piling dishes, laundry, or even chores that need to be done create stress. Take a breath and tackle one of the piles – you have to start somewhere. To keep the piles at a minimum, create yourself a structured schedule for completing these items before they become problems.


Naturally, light creates happiness. Change any bulbs that may be out or add more lighting to a dim room. If you have the ability to enhance natural light to a room, take advantage! Natural light makes us happier, and seasonal depression is a real feeling!

The Closet

Another cluttering problem we face every day, we have more clothes than we can wear. Take a good look at your closet and think about when you’ll actually wear that shirt, and when was the last time you wore that dress. Anything you don’t want you can donate to your local charity, and your spacy closet will feel much better.


We may not think about it, but TVs can be overstimulation at its finest. One in every room is too much of a good thing and you can be distracted from the tasks you really need to do. Keep TV to a minimum and try to keep one in the living room, and not anywhere else.


The TV is on, there are multiple family members having separate conversations around the house, and your brain is overloading with all the distractions pulling you from one room to the next. Find a safe room to separate yourself and take advantage of headphones when you need to focus.

Big Furniture

People aren’t the only things that can invade your personal space. Keep clunky and large furniture or pieces to a minimum. The more room for you to breathe, the less stressed you’ll be.

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Holiday Party Ideas

Close-up of Christmas Decorations1. BYOB Wrapping Party

Bring-Your-Own-Bow, that is. The holidays usually mean a lot of gift wrapping, and why not host a wrapping party with friends so you can enjoy the company while you wrap gifts for family and friends. You supply the wrapping paper and other good treats, and guests can bring their own bows (and maybe their own booze, too)!

2. Gingerbread House Competition

Building gingerbread houses is a fun tradition that not many participate in anymore. Bring it back by holding a competition in your home! Encourage guests to get creative and inventive with their gingerbread’s curb appeal. Don’t forget the essentials: buttercream frosting, gumdrops, cinnamon candy.

3. Holiday Movie Marathon

What’s better than a movie night in with some snacks and drinks, especially a holiday movie marathon? Throw on the traditional and classic movies: A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and other fan favorites. Cuddle up in some blankets on the couch and camp out with friends and family.

4. Icing Cookies

Gingerbread men, snowflakes, snowmen, and Christmas trees – icing cookies as a party is a great theme for everyone from adults to children alike. Everyone can enjoy baking and icing their cookies to the Christmas theme or their favorite superhero.

5. DIY Ornaments

Show off each other’s craft skills and decorate some ornaments. Even make it a contest to see who can make the best ornaments. Gather different supplies like paint, stickers, Sharpie, and even glitter. Allow your creativity to shine!

6. Tacky Sweater Party

Not just a great time to wear the ones that you already own, but try to make your own ugly Christmas sweaters. Give people options with felt, bells, and even strange toys. Even if your friends don’t know how to sew, you can use iron-on stickers or fabric glue to create your masterpieces.

7. Pancakes and PJs

Footsie pajamas or matching fleece pants, have an excuse to wear those fancy pajamas other than Christmas morning. Everyone can bake their favorite pancakes with a pancake and fruit bar while wearing your festive pajamas.

8. Pallet Painting Party

A different and unique idea that could inspire craftsmanship in all. Gather some pallets and create your very own Christmas themed pallets to paint, decorate, and use as household decorations. Hang it on the wall, place it on the mantle, pose it on a table, or put it outside – the possibilities are endless.

9. Wreath Workshop

Who doesn’t love a homemade wreath? You can pick your favorite sports team, make it completely out of bows, or use the tradition garland to create your own wreaths to hang on your doors.

10. Stocking Soiree

If you’ve been wanting an excuse to create new stockings, now is your chance! Gather your friends and family to create new stockings for everyone! Bring your own stocking and supply the lettering and other designs for everyone to enjoy.

For inspirations, check the original article at Realtor.com.

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6 Smart Tips to Protect Your Home During the Holidays

Black Android Smartphone on Top of White Book1. Lock it up

This is probably a given, but better safe than sorry. Keep everything locked down to the windows and doors. If you have an alarm system, make sure it’s set up for when you leave. If you can, keep a car parked in the driveway so it appears that someone is home. If you’re expecting mail, check with a neighbor to see if they’ll hold it until you get back.

2. Outsmart package thieves

Having packages just sitting outside your door for days is a calling for thieves to take it, as well as proving no one is home. If you live in a city or high traffic area, consider using an Amazon Locker where you’ll be able to pick up packages at your own convenience. If you’re getting a package from a local retailer, opt for in-store pickup. Otherwise, most shipping providers let you post-pone delivery until someone will be home.

3. Social media protection

Any smart thieves will be watching your home, and your social media channels. If you aren’t at the highest level of privacy, its suggested to do so at least until you’re home from vacation. Otherwise, take a break from social media and try not to post where you are located.

4. Be smart

If you’ve been considering updating your home with the newest smart technology, the holidays are the perfect time to finally do so! You’ll not only have new stuff to play with, but you’ll also have that extra safety when you’re not there. The options are endless:

  • Smart doorbell: detects motion and a view of your door from your phone
  • Smart security light: push alerts to your phone to see and speak to whoever is lurking – or sound an alarm

5. Home upgrade

If you don’t want to upgrade your wood or glass door to stainless steel, there are quicker and cheaper options to double up your door safety. There are smart locks that are easy to install with a deadbolt that requires a key on both sides.

6. Online security

Not only are the holidays a prime time for burglars, but cyber hackers are just waiting to retrieve your money information on Cyber Monday or even Black Friday. Use a virtual private network, VPN, when using your public Wi-Fi to protect your data from hackers. Make sure any site you are using as a secure and valid encryption certificate. Install the latest antivirus software and consider identity theft protection.

Want even more tips? Check out Realtor.com for their original article.

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8 Tips to an Efficient Holiday Buffet

buffet, delicious, dinner1. Separate the bar

Whether it’s the soda serving or cocktail making area, you want to keep it separate from the food. You don’t want bodies blocking or hanging around the food area where people are trying to get grub. By separating them, the cocktail makers won’t have to worry about being rushed.

2. Move buffet out of the kitchen

We all have the relatives that like to poke at the food and pick as you are preparing it or serving it. Keep the hovering members away from the prepping by moving the buffet from the cooking area. You can also cover anything you’re not ready to serve.

3. Designate a starting point

When you have a buffet, you want to create a specific starting point, so people aren’t grabbing and cutting others. To avoid conflict, stack plates at one end of the table. People tend to pick up the plate with their left and serve themselves with their right. End the table with napkins and cutlery to free up hand space for your guests as they serve themselves.

4. Elevate dishes

If you’re afraid the food won’t all fit in your serving area, try elevating some dishes to make room. Tiered displays and risen platforms will take up less room and leave more for the bigger dishes.

5. Scatter stations

Don’t cram everything on one table. Create stations for any cheese and crackers, warm food, cold food, and sides around your home. This allows for everyone to find what they want without cramming into one table looking for the dish they like best.

6. Protect your surfaces

There is bound to be a spill at some point. Put down a waterproof covering and keep heavy matts beneath dishes to avoid burning cloths or tables. Even put out saucers for condiments spoons to leave the temptation out of placing it on the tablecloth.

7. Safety first

You’ll have lots of bodies surrounding your home and tables. Keep tall tapers in the back of the room or table to avoid an accident. Low votives should be kept behind dishes, and try to get the correct size table cloth to avoid a tripping hazard.

8. Seating arrangements

Where you’ll sit everyone is all up to strategy. Don’t hesitate to borrow or rent extra tables for extra seating. Also, consider TV trays for people to set their drinks and plates. Decorate them with place matts to add the Thanksgiving/Christmas decorations to the trays.

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New Listing at 187 Mangano Circle

Just listed on the market yesterday, my new listing at 187 Mangano Circle is a home opportunity you don’t want to miss! Located in the West Hampton Cove neighborhood of Encinitas, these homes are rarely seen on the market.

This home comes equipped with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and newly remodeled bathrooms and kitchen. You get a fireplace in your living room, and new, modern ceramic plank flooring. At this location, you’ll have access to central air, inside laundry, and patio storage. The community access and HOA comes with a spa and bike parking area, as well as common area maintenance, exterior landscaping, and exterior building maintenance.

The home itself is amazing, but what could make it better than the area it’s surrounded by? The view that comes with the home is just as outstanding as the opportunity to have a West Hampton Cove listing. You get a coastline, panoramic ocean view with a glimpse of the city lights. With the addition of the evening lights in the community, your view will be so soothing and relaxing you’ll never want to leave!

Take a look for yourself!

Another perk about the West Hampton Cove neighborhood and this listing is the convenient location. You’ll have an easy access to the freeway, beach, town, shopping, YMCA, restaurants, and more! Who wouldn’t want to live close to the life of the town?

If you’re interested in all this amazing community has to offer, make sure you keep a look out for any future open houses. Don’t miss your chance to visit this home and check out that view for yourself!

Keep a look out on my social media for an open house! This could go fast!

To see this listing, visit http://paragonmls.sandicor.com/publink/default.aspx?GUID=b5f6bf66-15fd-443e-ba8f-3a8aa2555584&Report=Yes

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Coming soon: the first week of December! 

A detached, single story home in Village Park! Equipped with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, it offers low HOA fees in a great neighborhood with great schools. A quiet interior street location, it’s a perfectly private home.

Don’t miss out on this gorgeous little home! If you’re looking for a home in the Village Park area, this could be your sign! Make sure you keep a look out on social media and my blog during the first week of December! You don’t want to miss any open houses or viewings that could convince you that this is your home!

Price: $729,000




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Host a Huge Thanksgiving in a Small Space

Lunch table / saladAre you hosting this year’s Thanksgiving but live in a smaller home, apartment, or condo? You may be wondering how you can possibly fit all those people. Well, here are some tricks and ways to make it work!

The People

Trying to find room for everyone might be one of the more difficult things. If you have an image of everyone seated at a long table, you may need to adjust or improvise the image. Try and borrow folding tables from friends and family, or set up spots all around the house to fit people. You can even opt-in for a picnic and set everyone on the floor with pillows.

The Food

Preparing the food is the next biggest difficulty. Most of the time, smaller homes mean smaller kitchens and you’re wondering how you can possibly cook everything with one oven. If you have an outside area, you can deep fry or smoke the turkey which clears up room for the oven. Your appetizers or side dishes could be prepared the day before, allowing you to reheat them in the microwave. Another option could be seeing if your friends or neighbors will be out of town, and asking to use their ovens. Obviously with the offer to clean up after yourself.

The Buffet

Finding counter space in a busy kitchen may be a struggle. You can set up your buffet anywhere you want! You can choose the kitchen counter, an island, or use shelves and desks that are currently unused.


If you’ve never had to do Thanksgiving or a grand dinner before, you may not have enough matching plates for everyone. You can either choose the disposable route, or even get your first dinner set for cheap. IKEA is a great place, or sales at Home Goods. You can mix and match the seasonal items currently trending. Another great stop is the thrift store which you can score some older and unique dinner sets. Or, you can borrow from family who may be coming over.

For more ideas and tips, visit Realtor.com and the original article.

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