Antique Stores You Should Check Out Around Encinitas

There are numerous incredible finds at antique stores. The preserved items found at these stores can include unique manufactured items, heirloom mementos, lightly worn historical clothing, and vintage everyday items representative of days past.

For a truly immersive look into the past, Encinitas residents could check out the San Dieguito Heritage Museum. It was founded in 1988 by Jan Grice and friends, and the property contains various historical structures like a 1920s barbershop and a house built in 1885.

Here are a few antique stores worth checking out with your family:

  • Bellini’s Antique Italia

Looking for quality Italian antiques? Look no further than Bellini’s Antique Italia in Encinitas. The Bellini’s hail from a 16th century villa in Florence, which is still home to the Bellini Gallery. Find everything from frescoes to tables.

  • Olde Ivy Antiques

This Carlsbad shop houses an eclectic collection of old and new items. By some seaside inspired hand painted furniture, rediscovered treasures, home decor, and so much more! Felipe on Google Reviews had this to say:

“Love this place, you will find all kinds of little treasures here including LP’s like the Beatles and the Doors, vintage jewelry, arts and crafts, books and my favorite collectible cameras.”

  • C’est Si Bon

Found on Chesterfield Drive, this store has a breathtaking collection of hand selected European architectural antiques, garden additions, reclaimed furniture, iron gates, lighting, and more. The items found here will transport you to a rustic Italian town with sparkling streams and lush greenery.

  • Caldwell’s Antiques

If you’re on the hunt for reasonably priced pieces of history, you need to check out Caldwell’s Antiques. According to JH on Google Reviews:

“Fred is terrific, not to mention a local legend.  He will always take all the time necessary for anyone and everyone. He will share his vast experience, offer helpful advice, and you just might find a treasure or three.  Stop by.”

  • Ransack

This Carlsbad antique store specializes in vintage and handcrafted items. Do you wish to experience the spirit of the American Wild West? Found yourself unable to stop singing “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X? Stop into this store and come out looking like a proper outlaw.

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Chic Headboards for Your Master Bedroom

If your master bedroom could use a little more personalizing, consider changing the headboard.

More than center your bed, headboards offer extra storage, design, and support. No matter if you like minimalism or elegant opulent styles, there’s a headboard perfect for you!

Take a look at these chic headboards and feel inspired to transform your living space with minimal effort!

  • Upholstered Crown Headboard

This elegant crown molded headboard is upholstered for a cozy yet chic look. Silver round studs adorn the edges. Available in various colors, sizes, and fabrics, there’s a design for everyone.

  • Colorful Patterned Headboard

Looking for a pop of color? This curved headboard comes in six stunning, colorful fabrics. Why stick to neutral solid colors when patterns are so fun?

  • Colonial Wooden Headboard

This elegant headboard is reminiscent of the colonial revival style. Designed to look like an eye-catching mantel from the 1920s, this white piece of furniture is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

  • Arched Cathedral Headboard

This arched headboard looks like a cathedral window with stunning motifs of fleur de lis and spiraling patterns. This wooden headboard comes in seven terrific colors and is undeniably chic.

  • Lotus Headboard

A lotus shaped headboard is sure to inspire tranquility. This piece is made from reclaimed wood, ensuring that every piece is one of a kind. Go ahead and chant your mantra because your master bedroom will be filled with creative power.

  • Vintage Headboard

If you love opulence and the days of old, this beautiful vintage headboard is perfect for you! The wood is completely detailed and aged. Relive the days of The Great Gatsby with this ornate piece of art.

  • Minimalist Headboard with Storage

This minimalist headboard comes without the lavishness of the aforementioned headboards. This plain wooden style has six storage units to hold your beloved books, trinkets, photos, and even a piping hot cup of tea.

  • Rustic Wooden Headboard

This rustic wooden headboard is perfect for any industrial styled room. The sleek wooden planks are topped by two decorative sconce lights. The styled wood grain gives this headboard a weatherworn look, like it was salvaged from a historical fishing dock.

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8 Awesome Wall Decals to Decorate a Kids’ Room

If your kids’ room could use more color, inspiration, or personalization, you may have considered repainting. But painting takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention the mess!

If you want a quick solution, wall decals are the way to go. They’re temporary, easy to install, and come in all kinds of patterns and designs. Not to mention, wall decals can be easily repositioned and reused!

You could completely revamp their room before they get home from school! Imagine the look on their face when you turn their otherwise boring white walls into a work of art!

These wall decal ideas are perfect for kids and look like you spent ages decorating.

  • Watercolor Polka Dots

These watercolor polka dots come in a rainbow of colors! They look best on white walls but could go with just about any existing paint color.

  • Custom Ocean Theme

This underwater decal package comes with a submarine, ocean plants, sea creatures, and more! The best part is that you can choose the colors you want for each individual decal!

  • Flower Garden

These large colorful flowers look stunning! Complete with little bees and ladybugs, this nature themed decal scene is sure to inspire your little one.

  • Race Car Roads

This race car decal reaches 24 feet! Complete with 15 race cars of every style and color, this wall decal is sure to thrill your kid. Make one long road or layer multiple roads on one wall.

  • Mountain Mural

Inspire your kids’ wanderlust with this decal mural of snow peaked mountains and gray hills.  There are numerous sizes to choose from, and you could even choose the colors of the mountains!

  • Space Mural with Name

Write your kids name in the stars with this awesome space wall decal. This zodiac decal looks best on dark walls, but you could easily choose dark colored decals for light colored walls.

  • Geometric Origami Dinosaurs

If your kid loves dinosaurs, go ahead and surprise them with this collection of geometric origami dinosaur decals! They look chic and may inspire your kid to try their hand at origami!

  • Castle Wall Decal

This colorful and whimsical cartoonish wall decal depicts a large castle and a raised bridge! Complete with a wandering story time mouse!

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Stunning Birdhouses for Your Backyard

California is home to numerous types of birds, more than 600 species to be exact! And luckily for native Californians, about two thirds of all bird species in the US can be found throughout the Golden State.

Birds are lovely to look at, as they have beautiful varying colors and come in all manner of sizes. Birds are also capable of making various sonorous musical sounds, by either call or song.

The following are just some of the songbirds that can be found throughout southern California:

•   Lesser Goldfinch         •   White-breasted Nuthatch

•   Steller’s Jay                  •   Black-Headed Grosbeak

•   Wrentit                          •   Purple Finch

•   Black Phoebe                •   Bewick’s Wren

•   California Thrasher      •   Northern Flicker

Invite native wild birds to your garden by filling your backyard with cozy nesting boxes. These birdhouses are sure to make your backyard look even more colorful and stylish.

  • Beachside Cottage

This beautiful baby blue birdhouse is complete with windows, a white porch, and a brown thatch roof. This beautiful backyard addition is anything but basic.

  • Nautical Lighthouse

Ahoy mate! This beautifully detailed birdhouse looks like a nautical lighthouse. Complete with rocks and a two-level viewing deck.

  • Home Sweet Home on the Farm

Want a birdhouse that looks like a quaint barn? This nest box is full of stunning detail! Your local birds will be able to hang out by the tractor, wheelbarrow, and sacks of grain.

  • Ranger Station

Birds will feel right at home in this elevated wooden ranger station. But beware! There’s a terrifying moose on the ground floor of the forest.

  • Colorful Dr. Seuss House

If you’re a fan of Dr. Seuss books, then you need this whimsical birdhouse for your backyard! Comes colored and uncolored if you’re feeling artistic.

  • Windsor Castle

This impressively tall birdhouse resembles a castle. The architectural detail is quite astounding, and it’s made entirely of reclaimed wood.

  • Stone Cottage

A red door welcomes you into this beautiful stone cottage. Complete with a chimney, this cozy little nest box will make any little songbird happy and keep them safe.

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Bright Colored Patio Dining Sets for Your Home

Eating al fresco and relaxing outdoors is so enjoyable, especially in California where the weather is pleasant year-round.

Patio furniture typically comes in neutral, earthy colors. But your patio furniture doesn’t have to be brown, black, or even white. Choose to decorate your patio with fun, energizing colors that awaken the senses and make you smile.

Colors mean a variety of different things and can even impact your mood with differing psychological responses:

  • Red: Passion, strength, and importance
  • Green: Stability, renewal, and harmony
  • Yellow: Energy and happiness
  • Blue: Serenity and calmness
  • Orange: Playfulness and excitement
  • Purple: Decadent, romantic, and opulent

If you want a place to read under the sun or you want a place for guests to sit, there are plenty of gorgeous patio dining sets to choose from.

  • Bright Teal Dining Set

This two-seat dining set is in a stunning bright teal color. Small enough to fit anywhere, this brightly colored trio set will calm your nerves and help you relax under a bright blue sky.

  • Barn Red Bistro Set

This patio dining set seats two and comes with a sturdy table fit for iced tea and plated sweets. It comes in a warm muted red color that isn’t overpowering to the eye. Perfect for brightening an otherwise neutral colored patio.

  • Canary Yellow Dining Set

This eye-catching patio dining set comes in a blazing yellow color. This seating arrangement was meant to be seen and invoke feelings of happiness. How could you not fall in love with this vibrant canary colored furniture?

  • Minimalist Green Patio Set

If you love minimalism, then this patio set has your name on it! This lime green patio furniture speaks of subtlety and delicacy. Part of your patio, rather than the shining star.

  • Lively Orange Conversation Set

This brightly colored orange dining set comes with two large reclined chairs perfect for conversation or relaxation. Go ahead and unwind in the cooling breeze.

  • Matte Purple Dining Set

If you love the luxurious look of the color purple, this matte colored patio dining set is unbeatable! It seats two, and is compact for just about any size patio or deck.

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DIY Literary Inspired Home Décor

If you have a passion for the written word, incorporate that interest into your home with these stunning DIY décor ideas. These literary inspired décor ideas are perfect weekend projects.

Get inspired, grab your tools, and get crafting! Your home will feel cozier in no time.

  • Picture Books

Collect some back-free picture frames of your choosing and go thrifting for some books with intriguing covers. Situate the book cover on your wall with some two-sided tape and center the art with a frame of your choosing!

  • Book Staircase

Turn your plain old staircase into a gorgeous stack of books! This project involves painting, so go ahead and get creative with color! Think of your favorite novels and recreate their spines using each staircase riser.

  • Bookish Coffee Table

Create your own coffee table using books! Go thrifting for hardcover books and stack them to the height of your choosing. Use different sizes and colors for a truly colorful masterpiece. Glue the books together using Gorilla glue. Then once you have four equally tall book stacks, top them with a wood plank or a glass piece.

  • Stacked Book Table Lamp

This DIY book lamp is stunning! The base is a stack of books that you can customize to your choosing. All of you need to recreate this table lamp are 8 hardcover books, a lamp kit, spray paint, and some tools.

  • Removable Book Page Wallpaper

Create an accent wall with decorative pages from a book! To recreate this stunning wallpaper idea, simply get a copy of your favorite novel and tear the pages out. Adhere the pages to the wall using this homemade cornstarch adhesive. That’s it! Once you wish to remove the wallpaper, simply use a wet rag.

  • Floating Book Mobile

This vintage looking book mobile is made using only one book, a small craft knife, and a hot glue gun! To hang the mobile, simply use strong, clear wire and a screw in hook attached to the ceiling. Go ahead and hang one or several!

  • Book Chapter Wall Art

Think of your absolute favorite book. You could have the first page on a wall of your choosing! Simply mark lines on your white wall with a level and a pencil, or for more precision, use a projector to project the page onto the wall for tracing. Then using a steady hand and some opaque black paint, get to work!

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Scrumptious July 4th Dessert Recipes for Your Party!

Fourth of July is coming up quick. You may have plans to host a barbeque party or attend a picnic with family and friends. The menu may already be set, with everything set to be prepared for the big day. But what about dessert?

Dessert concludes the dinner and is often the most anticipated course! Create scrumptious desserts everyone will enjoy while they watch the blazing fireworks. These recipes are easy to follow and take little to no time to make.

  • Strawberry Hand Pies

Pies are a staple American dessert, and this dessert recipe makes 8 round hand pies or 16 half-moon pies. These cute little pies have forked edges and fit right into your hand! The middle is a sweet strawberry filling made from scratch.

  • Chocolate-Cherry Ice Cream Sandwiches

These ice cream sandwiches will have your guests screaming for more! And the best part? They’re so easy to put together. Simply scoop some chocolate cherry ice cream in between two chocolate coated cookies and freeze. Once frozen, dip the sandwiches in melted bittersweet cholate and serve once cool!

  • Chocolate Dipped Blondie Sticks

This mess free dessert is served on a stick and is absolutely scrumptious! The blondies are made from scratch, making them even more delicious. The treats are frozen and skewered with lollipop sticks. Then, they are dipped in either melted bittersweet chocolate or white chocolate. While still hot, dip them again in colored sprinkles or chopped nuts.

  • Strawberry Thyme Lemonade Pops

These refreshing frozen pops are made with fresh strawberries, thyme leaves, and refrigerated lemonade. The strawberries and thyme are mashed into a pulpy concoction, and then mixed with lemonade. This cold dessert is perfect for outdoor parties!

  • Star Studded Berry Tarts

These delicious morsels are perfect finger food. These mini tarts start with delicious crusts that are covered in a sweet pastry cream. The fruit tarts are finished off with blueberries, raspberries, star shaped crust pieces, and powdered sugar.

  • Star Shaped Cookies with Star Sprinkles

These star shaped sugar cookies can be made from scratch or from a box. They are topped with white, red, and blue star shaped sprinkles. That’s it! This cookie dessert is equally easy and delicious.

  • Stars and Stripes Gelatin

This gelatin recipe looks incredible! This dessert may take more time than the others to create, but the result is undeniably amazing. A red and white striped gelatin with a stunning blue star in the middle. Your friends and family will absolutely love this themed dessert.

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Home in The Terraces at Cantebria

Are you looking for a dream home that is as stunning on the outside as it is inside? Look no further than 212 Via Tavira in Encinitas! This remarkable home can be found within the lovely community of The Terraces at Cantebria.

This highly upgraded, turnkey home has 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1 partial bath, and approximately 2,614 square feet of space. Featuring hardwood floors, designer baths, Millard Styleline windows, and Hunter-Douglas window coverings. The upgrades also include dual split high efficiency HVAC systems, new electrical with LED lighting, Contempo fixtures, and even new plumbing fixtures.

The backyard is quite simply paradise found! Enjoy entertaining or relaxing in the striking, lush, professionally landscaped backyard. Take advantage of the BBQ island, shady trellace, and ample patio area to host family and friends. Enjoy playing with the kids and pets out on the grassy lawn.

Found just West of El Camino Real, this location is hard to beat. Close to numerous shops, restaurants, and parks, there no shortage of things to do! The marvelous Moonlight State Beach is merely a short 10-minute drive away!

This dream home is currently listed at $1,099,500. For more information on this incredible Encinitas home, visit the listing page for more details.

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8 Accent Furniture Pieces Under $100

If your home could use a little more color or an additional gorgeous piece of furniture, invest in an accent piece.

Accent pieces of furniture do more than fill a space, they enhance your existing décor and color scheme to further tie a room together. An accent piece could provide additional storage or seating. So invest in pieces that will provide your household with functionality in addition to style.

The following 8 pieces of chic accent furniture are all under $100.

Hexagon Storage Ottoman: This eye-catching hexagon shaped ottoman doubles as a storage unit. Keep your blankets and pillows tucked away and provide additional seating for guests. This style comes in 4 colors.

White Storage Table: Looking for a stylish and artistic storage table? This geometric white table is perfect for your home! It is both deep and wide, perfectly sized to store and hold items.

Wooden Screen Divider: Rather than just dividing rooms, screen dividers can we used as accent pieces against empty walls. This elegant divider is composed of 3 panels and is evocative of Asian style.

Pari Rattan Chair: This chair seems to have sprouted right from the earth. Made from natural rattan, this woven chair is reminiscent of British colonial times. Invite natural elements into your home with this accent furniture piece in either neutral or charcoal.

Wicker Ottoman: This ottoman mimics a woven basket. It is made of woven rattan and goes with just about anything. It is both chic and functional, serving as both storage and seating.

Intricate Lace Stool: This piece of accent furniture is absolutely stunning! This lace garden stool features a black lace pattern that will surely draw attention. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Gold Accent Table: This whimsical accent table is sure to capture your heart. Composed of gold finish, the leg of this table has flourishing tree branches and leaves. There is even a perched gold bird. Absolutely gorgeous and within budget.

Colorful Round Ottoman: If you want an accent piece that adds creativity and vibrancy, this colorful ottoman is perfect! It comes in 3 colorful prints and 2 basic colors. Add an intriguing accent piece to any room with this comfy ottoman.

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Spectacular Spacious Custom Home

If you’re looking for a Mediterranean styled house with lots of space and an incredible pool, look no further! 1076 Melba Road in Encinitas is a spectacular dream home.

This spacious single family home has 4 bedrooms, 2 extra rooms, 2 full baths, and approximately 3,500 square feet! Completely rebuilt in 2005, this house has an incredible floorplan with dual master bedrooms—1 up and 1 down. There is an upper loft area and an additional bedroom in the basement.

The open kitchen is huge and airy! It opens to great room and a dining area. Featuring dual pane windows, tankless water heater, and hard surface flooring throughout. There is also a stunning fireplace right upon entering the house.

The backyard is meant for entertaining and family fun. There is a stamped concrete patio and a large sparkling swimming pool. Relax and unwind on those hot California days.

This dream home requires no HOA fees! It is located near amazing schools, parks, and stunning beaches. For more information on this listing, visit the listing page.

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