Haunted Houses in San Diego!

Halloween means haunted houses, and who doesn’t want to scare themselves a little bit? Why do we watch scary movies? For the entertainment and for the adrenaline! Experience real life scary movies at all these popular haunted houses in and near San Diego!

Mckamey Manor

This haunted house is very secret and you have to make reservations via phone or email: (858) 335-9670 or musicalentertainmentwithruss@yahoo.com. There website has a list of warnings, including:

  • Physically demanding
  • Close contact (may be touched)
  • Real and graphic scenes of horror

There is also a list of requirements you have to complete before you will be able to participate:

  • 21 or older, 18-20 need parental approval
  • Doctor’s physical and medical clear
  • Background check
  • Screening via FB facetime or phone
  • Proof of medical insurance
  • Sign a 40-page waiver
  • Pass a drug test

It takes place every Friday and Saturday night until Halloween. If this intense haunted house entices you, head over to their website to learn even more about the Mckamey Manor.

Savage House

The Savage House is the only themed haunted house in San Diego, guiding you through an in-depth storyline. Recommended for 12 and over, you will find the Savage House in the Westfield parking lot at 1640 Camino Del Rio North, San Diego CA 92108. To tour through the museum alone, tickets are $5, for the museum and haunted house, tickets are $18 and $5 extra for a fast pass, and to go a second time through, it’s $5.

Open Sunday and Thursday from 7PM – 11PM, Friday and Saturday from 7PM – 12AM.

Scream Zone

The Scream Zone offers three different attractions: the Haunted Hayride, House of Horror, and KarnEvil. With food, games, music, and hauntings, this is a little more suitable for kids and recommended for 10 and older. Tickets for all three events cost $33 and $53 with the fast past for the hayride and house. Located on 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA 92014, hours are Sunday – Thursday from 7PM – 11PM, Friday and Saturday from 7PM- 12AM.

The Haunted Hotel

Running for 25 years, this traditional haunted house features a Hellavator, Zombie alley, Clown Subway, and Hillbilly Swamp. A current promotion going on is “Lights Out” Wednesdays that makes you take the haunted house tour in the dark! On Wednesday, the time is 7PM – 11PM. Located on 424 Market Street, San Diego, CA 92101, the other hours are on Sunday and Thursday from 7PM – 11PM, Friday and Saturday from 6PM – 1AM. For general admission, tickets are $19 and an extra $10 for VIP.

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Best Purchases Made for a New House

An area rug

Sometimes, it only takes one item to complete a room. An area rug can add a specific vibe to the room. It acts as a frame for the furniture, and can separate the room into sections.

The perfect wallpaper

Bathrooms or other small places are a great location for wallpaper. It can have a bigger impact on a room than paint sometimes. When used in small spaces or even on one wall, it can give a normally bland or simple room a lot of character.

Floor-to-ceiling linen curtains

Simple and cheaper curtains like linen are a huge trend right now. Since they’re linen, they are 100% washable. Elaborate drapes are out, making a room seem aged and hang heavily around the windows.

Keurig coffee maker

These machines are an innovative and hot item for kitchens. They are typically inexpensive, and they are known to be a quick solution for coffee. It makes single cups of coffee which is perfect if you have busy mornings. It saves you money and time.

Cozy wood stove

You can install a wood stove where a fireplace was located. It adds a cozy comfort to your home and provides more heat than a fireplace. In the end, it can also improve your resale value when or if you decide to sell your home.

Dining table

Your dining room table can be the heart of a home. It’s where family memories can be made and where families come together. It can serve as a table and bring multiple entertainment uses.

Glass shelves

If you need a place to store makeup, hair care, perfume, or extra soap for guests, putting glass shelves in your bathroom on an empty wall is the choice to make. You can make your storage fun, functional, and attractive.

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7 Neighbor Red Flags

A neighborhood can make or break a home for people. The schools, the surrounding shopping, and even the people you live with next door can affect the way you live. Here are some red flags to be prepared for in a new neighborhood.

1. They ask a lot of questions

For those who are more private introverts, neighbors that ask a lot of questions can be too overwhelming or overbearing. Realtor.com reports people going to initial viewings of homes and asking a bunch of questions about the potential buyers’ family, what they do, where their family is from, etc.

2. They wash the street frequently

If you don’t really get around to washing your own car, you can’t be expected to help wash the streets. These neighbors are obsessed with curb appeal down to the state of the driveway and street in front of their home. Be prepared to hear about the oil stain on your driveway or be ready to clean it up.

3. High-powered floodlights

Unless you live in a crime ridden area, floodlights are usually an indicator that these neighbors have no respect for privacy. They always want to know what’s going on in the neighborhood, which could also mean your personal life.

4. Zero cars in sight, 24/7

This is a typical indicator of an accepted norm in the neighborhood. It may not be a HOA rule, but neighbors might expect you to use your garage for your car. If you like to use your garage as extra storage, a hang out, or a dance studio, this may raise a red flag.

5. Perfect lawns

Forgetting to mow your lawn or not owning a weed wacker may create tension with your neighbor. If they like to have the perfect lawn, they may be the type of neighbor that gets anxious when dogs, kids, or your guests hover too close to their property.

6. HOA president

Don’t expect to be breaking any rules when your neighbor is the HOA president. When they take their position seriously with intensity, they will comment when you have the T.V. or music too loud past 11 PM, you left the trash can out past 7 PM on garbage night, and your fence isn’t exactly to HOA code.

7. Custom cars in the driveway

Don’t know what a custom car is? Well, usually custom cars mean a car savvy neighbor that may be running an auto shop out of their garage. This could lead to loud noises late at night and crowded streets.

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California Haunted House: For Sale


A “haunted house” in the small town of Dunsmuir in Northern California is for sale with a massive price drop. Originally listed at $899,000 in 2015, the price has dropped to $100,000 – a 88.8% price plunge.

This haunted home was built in 1912 with all the original Victorian architecture still prevalent: crown molding, a sun porch, staircase. Naturally, it comes with 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, but because of remodeling started by the previous owners, only one bathroom remains useful.

What makes this house haunted? The previous owners recalled the fireplace going out and then suddenly starting back up on its own, hands appearing on the privacy glass in the bathroom, and doors opening and shutting without any explanation.

In its glory days, this Victorian home served as a home, furniture store and a mortuary on the ground floor. When the couple originally acquired the house in 2010, it still had all the tools left from the mortuary and even the skeletal remains of a young girl found left in a casket.

Another legend stems from the house being an inspiration for the best seller, “The Mortician’s Wife”. In the legend, the mortician’s actual wife supposedly watched him die at the dinner table. She was so distraught that she retreated to her room and left his body untouched for weeks. Could the mortician be the haunting of the house, along with the spirits of the dead that came through his mortuary?

When the couple realized its haunted history, they decided to remodel the home to make it a “dark tourism” location as a “Dead and Breakfast”. Since then, the couple divorced and listed the house on the market in 2015.

The downside is that while the house still has its Victorian qualities, it’s in worse condition than when the couple purchased in during foreclosure in 2010. Shingles are falling off the side of the house, the ceiling is exposed, wires are hanging out of the walls, the windows are boarded, plumbing has been removed, and there is only one working bathroom.

In 2015, the man listed the home for $899,000, but dropped the price to $599,000 in July 2016. Now, at $100,000, the house is barely more than its foreclosure price from 2010: $69,000.

Interested in taking over this haunted project to finish the dead and breakfast? Visit https://www.realtor.com/news/unique-homes/mystery-haunted-house/.

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Home Maintenance for October

  1. Clean dryer vents

Cleaning out excess lint in your dryer vents is important because too much lint build-up can increase your risk of a fire. A good indicator to tell when it’s time to clean them out is if your clothes aren’t drying fast enough or it takes longer for them to dry.

DIY: Make sure you’re emptying your lint tray with every dry to prevent quick build up. You can also clean out the main vent yourself through the help of different DIY videos.

Pro: If you really want to have a cleaned-out vent to ensure your fire risk is an all-time low, hiring a professional could cost between $90 to $180 to clean it out.

  1. Seal outdoor surfaces

Cold temperatures and any chance of cold rain/snow can damage your outdoor surfaces and cause paint peeling.

DIY: Clean the surface that you’ll be sealing and make sure you’re getting in between all the crevices. Wait 48 hours to make sure it’s dry, sand the surface, sweep or vacuum dust or residue, and then apply the sealant or stain.

Pro: If you would rather trust a pro to seal your deck, an average deck could cost about $800 for the pro.

  1. Store yard furniture

Furniture can wear and fade in elements, especially when there are drastic and sudden changes. Store grills, deck chairs, and outdoor sets.

DIY: If you don’t have anywhere to store your items, doubling up on covers to protect them will keep them safe.

Pro: While you won’t really need professionals to help move things into your storage, if you want to store things over covering them, you could invest in a storage unit for the few months of colder and damaging weather.

  1. Stow hose

Especially if you experience snow or freezing temperatures, you should be draining and storing your hose to prevent any bursts.

DIY: Relocate your hose to a storage area or garage until the season has passed. To prevent any leaks, you could buy a foam insulator for your external faucet.

Pro: If you suspect any leaking or damage to your hose system, call a professional to check it out and it could mean a $150 to $300 repair.


  1. Fall cleaning

It’s always good to clean and get fresh air circulating before the cold arrives.

DIY: Wash the drapes, dust blinds, dust ceilings and fans, remove window screen, wash windows inside and out, and open the windows.

Pro: You can always hire someone to do the deep cleaning for you, which could cost anywhere from $100 to $250.

  1. Feed & seed lawn

Lawns can look a little dead after summer has passed.

DIY: Choose a seed in your budget and good for your geographic region.

Pro: You can always hire a landscaper for $250 up to $1,500.

  1. Inspect gutters and downspouts

Prevent any roof leaks and falling leaves.

DIY: Get in there and get your hands dirty. Pull out any big chunks of nature or use the house to flush any small particles. Inspect for leaks, too.

Pro: To get your gutters cleaned, it could be about $150.

More cleaning advice at https://www.realtor.com/advice/home-improvement/home-maintenance-checklist-october/

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What’s in your fast food?

Everyone knows that most fast food isn’t always the healthiest option for food, but hey, it’s fast for a reason! Even in moderation, eating some of your favorite fast food restaurants can have long term repercussions. Not for your weight or diet, either.

Antibiotics for animals are normally used to prevent illness in crowded and unsanitary industrial farming conditions, and to accelerate weight gain. When it comes to giving animals antibiotics, the drugs may kill a number of bacteria, but some may harbor a gene that makes them resistant to the drug. The CDC estimates that, every year, 2 million Americans contract antibiotic-resistant infections every year and 23,000 Americans die as a result.

A report on fast food released on Wednesday covered the top 25 largest US food chains and their stand on antibiotics. Rated on a grade scale, Chipotle and Panera Bread received A’s for the third year in a row. Luckily, more companies passed this year, but 11 still received an F and took “no action to reduce use of antibiotics in supply chain”.

Out of the 11 companies that failed, 9 of them did not respond for comment on the original article by CNN. While 11 failed, that is a better score than last year where 16 companies failed.

The idea of reducing the use of antibiotics is to prevent any “superbugs” from forming with an immunity to antibiotics. If you’re eating those meats loaded with antibiotics, the resistance could enter your body. When you get sick with an infection, your body could be immune to the antibiotics and potentially make you sicker.

Below is a list of the food chains and their grades. For those that received F’s, this is their third year in a row of receiving an F. Other higher scores have either improved since last year or maintained a steady position with animals and antibiotic usage.






ChipotlePanera Bread SubwayChick-Fil-A


Taco Bell

McDonald’sWendy’s Pizza HutStarbucks

Dunkin Donuts


Burger King

Papa Johns

Dairy QueenSonic


Olive Garden

Little Caesar’s


Cracker Barrel

Buffalo Wild Wings





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Home Items that Could Randomly Explode

1. Glass shower doors

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, they get dozens of reports every year about glass doors randomly exploding, even when no one is using them. The glass that doors are usually made of is tempered glass. Tempered glass, when high heat is followed by intense cold, can create a tension equivalent to a tightly wound spring under a lot of pressure. When the pressure is released suddenly, the glass will explode. This can be the result of a long, wearing process.

To prevent it: Eyeball for any dips or sags in the glass that cause the door to rub against something. Or, you can hire a glass company to inspect it twice a year for around $30-$125.

2. Light bulbs

Any type of light bulb can explode, but halogen bulbs are usually the common to burst. They get a lot hotter than most bulbs, so any oil on the bulb can make it heat up irregularly and explode. Other than the heat, that’s why they say it’s bad to touch any bulb with bare hands.

To prevent it: When screwing in a lightbulb, use a glove or paper towel. Water can also cause a bulb to burst, so wipe any dirty bulb with a microfiber cloth instead of water or cleaning fluids.

3. Pumpkins

When storing or displaying pumpkins outdoors, they can explode on their own without the help of tricksters. The water in them can freeze on cold Halloween nights, push through the skin, and explode.

To prevent it: Carve your pumpkin! They will have natural pressure release valves so they won’t explode.

4. Hot water heaters

If there’s a gas leak into or around your heater, or if the tank’s safety mechanism fails, the tank can become so dangerous it’ll shoot out of your house like a rocket.

To prevent it: It isn’t a common occurrence, but you should still hire a plumber to annually inspect your tank. They’ll check for gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, and test the temperature and pressure valve. Hiring a plumber may cost $40-$150 an hour.

5. Pantries

The actual pantry won’t explode, but items you commonly store in there could cause one. Items like flour, sugar, cocoa, powdered milk, and coffee can explode when disturbed. Little particles are distributed into the air that could be ignited by static electricity, friction, or any little spark.

To prevent it: It takes a high concentration of these particles to create an explosion. Keep your powdered items in safe containers and you’ll be fine.

6. Beer bottles

Water expands when it freezes and becomes ice. Beer is up to 95% water and, if you forget about your beer glass chilling in the freezer, the liquid can increase in volume and shatter the glass.

To prevent it: If you want to chill beer quickly, place the bottle or can in a cold-water bath with a 2:1 ratio of water to ice.

Visit Realtor.com for more!

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Music Festivals and Halloween Events!

This weekend in San Diego not only features an electric music festival, but kicks off an annual event that happens every year at Legoland California Resort.

CRSSD Festival

This electronic music festival is a 2-day event that features 3 stages and over 36 performers on the San Diego waterfront. Not only does it feature top electronic musical artists, but there’s also more to enjoy like craft beer, mixed drinks, food, contests, and more!

On Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1, the gates open and 12:00 PM and include the following lineups:

  • Saturday – Alex Wax, Abjo, Bearson, Breakbot, Broods, Brothers Macklovitch, Chris Lake, Damien Lazarus and Ancient Moons, and more
  • Sunday – Bedouin, The Black Madonna, Chromeo, Cooper Saver, Cut Copy, Dena Amy, Detlef, Elorium, and more

There will be after parties starting on Friday night and continuing on into Sunday, with 3 of them already sold out! You must be 21 and over to attend the concert and the after parties.

Tickets are at their final prices, all last call:

  • Weekend pass: $115
  • Saturday only: $110
  • Sunday only: $90

This festival will take place at the San Diego Waterfront, 1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego 92101.

Brick-or-Treat Party Nights

At LEGOLAND California Resort, the entire park is open for party nights for the kids! Starting this Saturday, September 30 and every Saturday in October, this fun filled Halloween excitement is perfect for the kids of all ages. The Halloween fun will feature:

  • Live entertainment and shows
  • Character meet and greet
  • Costume contests
  • Treat stations
  • Heartlake City Fall Festival with Pumpkin Patch Build and craft time
  • AstroBash Dance Party
  • And more

Included with your admission, you could see the SEA LIFE Aquarium with candy, decorations, and fishy friends.

You have three options for tickets for admission to the Brick-or-Treat Night Party:

  • Brick-or-Treat only (5PM-9PM) – $55
  • One full day + Brick-or-Treat – $75
  • Two full days + Brick-or-Treat – $95

LEGOLAND Resort is located at One LEGOLAND Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008, or if you’ll be a hotel guest, you can enter at 5885 The Crossing Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008 for the hotel entrance!

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Your Home and a Reality Show

Have you ever wanted to be on a reality show and have your house get one huge makeover? Realtor.com interviewed a reality show producer to figure out how to find casting opportunities near you and nail the interview.

Surprisingly, you don’t have to live in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, or Chicago to appear on one of these shows. A lot of the time the candidates aren’t from major cities, but suburbs of those cities.

To find a casting or application, there are many ways to apply:

  1. Network websites: Search for the show that you want to be on in your area. You’ll find pages like Be on HGTV, Be on DIY, Bravo TV Casting, or TLC Casting.
  2. Production company websites: At the end of a show, read the credits or look up online to find out the production company for that show. The company’s website will have casting opportunities posted.
  3. Dedicated casting websites: Casting directors will use websites like ReallyWanted.com or Backstage.com to acquire casting. These websites may charge a fee or membership fee to join, so it’s up to you if it’ll be worth the fee.
  4. Craigslist: Shockingly, casting professionals will use Craigslist to find casting in specific areas when they don’t have any contacts. After looking in the city of choice, look under “Jobs” and then “TV/Film/Video”.

Keep in mind when you’re apply that most shows won’t makeover your house for free. They’ll have you set a budget and then move from there, or everyone pays a flat fee to have it redone. The casting directors will be up front about what’s required.

When completing the application, follow the directions. Tell them about you and why you need to be on the reality show. Sell yourself and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. Casting directors look for three things: sex, humor, conflict. Sex usually means a tantalizing and intriguing story or background while the conflict usually ties into why you need it done. Whether you’ve suffered damage to your home or you realized you couldn’t flip it by yourself.

If the application makes it through, they’ll conduct a video interview. On your video call, make sure you’re dressed professionally, have great lighting, and there’s a nice background behind you. When on the call:

  • Know your story
  • Be candid
  • Be clear about why people would root for you
  • Highlight the unexpected, unusual, and extreme
  • Appear low maintenance – No one wants a diva
  • Let them know you’ll work hard and be dedicated

For more information, visit Realtor.com

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California Room: Increasing Trend in US

Across the U.S., the California room is becoming a trending outdoor addition to homes in typically warmer climates. The California room is an outdoor space that brings indoor amenities to your outdoor space, almost like a porch but more “posh”.

Even though it’s called the California room, it’s really not a room at all. It’s part room, part porch. It’s equipped with a roof that keeps out rain and any beating sun. While similar to a sunroom or solarium, it is open to the outdoors on one or more walls whereas a sunroom or solarium is completely enclosed. Another perk about the California room is that it can be detached from the house, freestanding the backyard.

These spaces aren’t just in California. They actually originated in southern Europe in places like Italy, Greece, and Spain centuries ago. In the last 20 years, they’ve made their way to the U.S. from Florida and traveling all the way to what is now the California room. It can be found in the states from California all the way to Maine and back down to Texas.

How it looks and appears will be entirely up to you and our needs. Many people add electric lighting for evening use, maybe even adding a fireplace for cooler nights. You can add the traditional comfort of indoor living. People choose to put in a full bar, T.V., and carpet; it’s a living room for the outdoors.

The cost will all depend on those needs, size, amenities, and the construction costs. They tend to start around $15,000 and increase based on the decorations and additions to the interior. For those considering a California room, it can actually create a dramatic spike in the value of your home. It could attract future buyers that are willing to spend more for an added outdoor space to enjoy. Realtor.com noted that home owners can see an 80% to 100% property value increase of the building costs.

For more information and some picture inspirations, visit Realtor.com.

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