Gorgeous Home in the Community of Vida Pacifica

If you’re looking for a home in Encinitas, look no further than the gorgeous neighborhood of Vida Pacifica. 1947 Country Grove Lane is a picturesque home that has a lot to offer.

This home welcomes you with a beautiful entryway that has plentiful space for your gardening. Featuring 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1 half bath, and approximately 1,097 square feet. This home has dual master bedrooms!

Homeowners will love the new striking modern flooring, as well as the updated kitchen and baths. Enjoy a book by the brick fireplace and unwind after a long day. Or entertain in the lovely dining area with great friends or close family.

If you love entertaining, take the party outside and enjoy the California weather in the spacious stamped concrete patio area. Fully fenced, your pets will love the sun filled play area! Want to cool down? Walk down to the community pool and spa!

This home location is great! Close and convenient to stores, shopping, restaurants, and award-winning schools like Flora Vista Elementary and Diegueno Middle School. There is also plenty of extra street parking for guests!

The current listing price for this immaculate home is $595,000. For more details, visit the listing page for additional information.

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8 DIY Thanksgiving Day Decorations for Your Dinner Party

The annual holiday to relax with family and dine on incredible food is around the corner, and you may have decided to host this year’s Thanksgiving Day party. Decorating can be one of the best parts of hosting, and these decoration ideas for your party are sure to impress!

There’s no need to spend a lot of money when these 8 decoration ideas are stunning and cost little to nothing. Turn your home into a cozy den of tranquility and comfort.

1.   Apple Candle holders

Want a cool way to display your dining table candles? By cutting a small hole into the center of a few colorful apples, you will have a stunning way to display your tapered candles.

2.   Gratitude Wreath

This stunning brown and white wreath is gorgeous! The stalks of wheat and pearl accents make this gratitude wreath truly eye catching. The cones that surround the wreath are meant to hold small notes of gratitude that can be read after the dinner.

3.   Pumpkin Vase

By simply buying some tall cylinder vases and some tiny pumpkins, you have a stunning array of centerpieces that look chic yet effortless. Or if you prefer a reusable decoration, instead of real pumpkins, use artificial ones.

4.   Flower Cornucopia

The cornucopia is a traditional Thanksgiving Day harvest symbol of plenty that mimics a goat horn. It is usually filled with flowers, fruit, corn, or veggies. This DIY centerpiece is made of crepe paper flowers that are simply gorgeous.

5.   Garland of Pine Cones

Show off that stunning mantle of yours with a Thanksgiving themed garland! Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your living room with a garland of hanging pine cones.

6.   Wheat Cloches

A cloche is a glass cover that is used to protect either food or to showcase décor. In the movie Beauty and the Beast, a cloche is used to cover the enchanted rose. Elevate your dinner table with glass cloches filled with stalks of wheat that are tied with ribbon. This easy DIY decoration looks lovely.

7.   Pumpkin Tealight Candle Holders

By buying a bunch of little pumpkins and some tealight candles, you will have made a wonderful lighted display that friends and family will talk about.

8.   Wheat and Cranberry Vase

Yet another effortless decoration that looks like something you picked up at the store, is a vase filled with cranberries and a bundle of wheat. You just need three items: a tall cylinder vase, wheat, and cranberries. To add even more flair, you could use some decorative trim or ribbon.

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Tips on How to Save Money on Winter Heating

If you live in a cold climate environment, you likely turn on the heat as soon as it starts to get cold in late fall. But heating can cost a pretty penny, so you may delay turning on the heat or you try and keep the heat low. But you don’t have to bundle up indoors to save money!

Helpful Tips on Saving Money on Your Heating

Save a little money this winter while also staying toasty indoors!

  • Seal Your Chimney Damper

If you don’t use your chimney, make sure to close the damper. By keeping your chimney damper open, you allow warm air to escape and cold air to come in.

  • Decorate with Coziness in Mind

During the cold winter months, revamp your home with cozy décor items. Lay out some rugs, switch to flannel sheets, and get some fleece blankets for your living room! These items can make your home comfier and warmer.

  • Leave Your Curtains Open During the Day

By leaving your curtains open during the day, you allow the sun to warm your home. Then when the sun sets, close the curtains to insulate your home and trap in the heat. Invest in insulated curtains to minimize your heating bill.

  • Set Your Fan to Low

By turning on your fan to a low setting, you allow the air to circulate upward toward the ceiling. This forces the air column to have to travel back downwards, which greatly helps in redistributing heat. Recirculating air could greatly reduce hating bills.

  • Change Filters Regularly

A dirty air filter makes your furnace work harder than it needs to. Switch out your filter once a month, or if you prefer to avoid the hassle, use a filter with a longer replacement duration. And make sure that you use the appropriate size!

  • Add Extra Insulation

If you think you are paying a lot for heating and cooling, consider beefing up your insulation! By adding extra insulation into your walls, you could save money and keep your home warm in the winter.

  • Keep Doors Shut

If you don’t use certain rooms, like a guest room, keep the vents shut inside and the door closed to save on heating. If you are in a room, keep the door closed to trap the heat inside. For extra warmth, add a draft stopper to the doors leading outside!

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10 Holiday Throw Pillows to Make Your Home More Festive

The easiest way to make your home more festive is to throw some throw pillows on your coach or armchair. Not only are they cozy, but they add flair and décor to your lovely home.

Throw pillows turn a house into a home by making it comfortable. This holiday season, add a few throw pillows to your guest bedrooms, living room, and bedroom to spread cheer!

  • Snowman: This oversized white pillow is so cute, featuring a hat wearing snowman! With embroidered details, this pillow is crafted from 100% cotton fabric!
  • Thanksgiving 4-Pack: This four pack of throw pillow covers are Thanksgiving themed and gorgeous! Featuring fall leaves and cute sayings, what more could you want!
  • LED Reindeer: This lovely light up pillow also plays the song “Jingle Bells.” Your family will undoubtedly admire your throw pillows if you add this colorful one to the mix.
  • Coastal Winter: Live in California or by the ocean? This pillow would fit perfectly with your coastal décor! This stunning white throw says “Christmas by the Sea” with embroidered starfish and shells.
  • White LED Snowflake: Light up your home with this white and silver fuzzy pillow! It has sparkling LED lights so the snowflakes shine!
  • Colorful Baubles: This throw pillow features the saying “Happy Holidays” in Scrabble letters surrounded by colorful baubles! If you have neutral colored décor, this pillow is perfect as an accent piece!
  • Dog Christmas: Love pets? This adorable pillow features 5 dogs and a cat surrounding a Christmas tree. Absolutely amazing detailed embroidery!
  • Christmas Lights: This white throw pillow has a string of Christmas lights all over, which makes it both colorful and festive. This pillow could complement any pillows you already have in holiday colors.
  • Oversized Poinsettia: Is there any other flower more festive than a lovely red Poinsettia? This oversized pillow is white with a large red Poinsettia surrounded by green leaves.
  • Floral Noel: This teal colored throw has a red border and a floral design featuring the word “noel.” Amazing floral embroidery surrounds this holiday pillow, which makes it both chic and festive.
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5 Types of Flooring for Your Home

If you have been considering remodeling your home and updating your current flooring, you may be wondering what type of flooring to choose. There are many more options than you may think!

Flooring is meant to complement your existing style while also being functional. The flooring you choose should be different for each room you are remodeling, as they all have different maintenance requirements and levels of foot traffic. For example, kitchen and bathroom flooring should be waterproof and slick resistant.

These are 5 types of flooring to consider for your home, but know there are far more options:

  • Hardwood

One of the most popular choices for flooring, hardwood looks incredible and is long lasting. There are numerous types of wood and plank sizes to choose from. Every type of wood has a different durability level so think about how much foot traffic the room gets. Hardwood flooring is best for living rooms, halls, and bedrooms.

If you don’t know which type of wood to choose for flooring, review the Janka Hardness Scale, which conveniently charts wood harness levels.

  • Engineered Wood

This type of flooring looks very similar to hardwood flooring but is more economical as it is made from layers of ply plank topped with actual hardwood. Hardwood flooring can warp due to moisture, but engineered wood doesn’t! This means you could install engineered wood flooring in a bathroom or basement! Best of all, you still have many wood types and styles to choose from.

  • Ceramic Tile

Made from a mixture of clay and shale, ceramic tile is gorgeous and comes in a lot of colors and shapes. There are four main types of ceramic flooring: glazed, porcelain, quarry title, and terracotta. Depending on the type of tile you choose, you may have to do constant upkeep like resealing. Ceramic tile is best for high traffic area like the kitchen.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo flooring is stunning, durable, and eco-friendly! The cost varies but is comparable to hardwood. The patterns and color can vary, giving you choices. There are solid strips and engineered planks. Bamboo flooring can be used anywhere that hardwood flooring is used, like living area, bedrooms, and hallways.

  • Laminate

Laminate flooring is economical for those on a budget and looks similar to hardwood! But with laminate flooring, there is no real wood top layer like with engineered wood. The top layer of laminate flooring is a captured image that can resemble wood, ceramic, stone, and more! Laminate is good for high traffic areas like kitchens, playrooms, and foyers.

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2019 Holiday Cash Drawing!

The holidays are coming, and that means treating those you love with gifts they’ll cherish! Buying gifts may be stressful, after all you want them to love what you got them. But buying thoughtful gifts can be easy if you just follow these simple tips:

  • Don’t Shop for Yourself
  • Consider their Passions and Hobbies
  • Plan in Advance
  • Expensive Doesn’t Always Mean Better
  • Consider Gifting an Experience

But the holidays aren’t just for your friends and family, you should buy things for yourself as well. After all, wouldn’t you like to have the best holiday season ever in 2019? You could!

By entering my holiday cash drawing, you could win $1,000 CASH! All you must do to enter is contact me before December 12th. You can do so by calling (760) 310-0234 or sending an email to Linda@LindaSellsMoore.com!

The winner of the holiday cash drawing will be announced on December 13th! That gives you just enough time to splurge on some last-minute shopping for yourself or someone you love before Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah!

Good luck and Happy Holidays this year!

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Free Paper Shredding Event in November

Still holding onto your old tax returns and documents? While it’s helpful to hold onto your old documentation, it’s not necessary to keep tax paperwork older than 3 years. But how to get rid of them?

You don’t want to throw them out–after all they contain sensitive personal information. You may own a strip-cut shredder, but it may not be secure enough! It can be very easy for fraudulent thieves to stitch back together paper documents that were cut into strips.

Instead of holding onto that paper clutter in your home, come to my paper shredding event!

This is a free event where a professional shredding company will shred your private documents into indiscernible bits of paper! At absolutely no cost to you!

This free event will be held on Saturday, November 16th from 10 AM to 1 PM. Simply stop by my office located at 740 Garden View Court, Suite 100, in Encinitas, California.

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8 Healthy Halloween Treats to Serve Guests

Halloween is all about candy, but if you’re watching your sugar intake, or simply want some healthier snacks, there are plenty of healthy options! Just because you decide to serve veggies or fruit doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the spookiness!

Make these bone chilling healthy snacks for your Halloween dinner party and mix it up!

  • Zombie Toast

Love avocado toast? It’s full of vitamins and it tastes delicious! Not to mention, this zombie toast treat is super easy to make! Simply slather some avocado on toast and make some haunting faces using sheets of roasted seaweed or other veggies. Guests will surely snatch them all up!

  • Jack o’ Lantern Fruit Cup

This super easy to-go treat is made with a hollowed-out orange peel! Simply carve a spooky face in the peel and stuff the inside with sliced fruit! This Halloween fruit cup is perfect for goody bags or as a dessert.

  • Skeleton Snack Tray

This gorgeous veggie snack tray is made with sliced veggies and a cup of dip! All you need to do is arrange your veggie slices to look like various anatomical parts. This treat takes little to no time to arrange yet looks incredible!

  • Monster Sushi

Making sushi doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming! This monster sushi recipe can be completed in no time at all and makes about 16-18 sushi balls. The only time-consuming part of the process involves cutting out the face shapes, but your kids can help!

  • Zombie Bars

These gross, green, zombified bars look spooky but taste great! This recipe makes 16 bars of zombie goodness that taste like chocolate. Made with numerous good for you ingredients like almonds, dates, coconut oil, and more!

  • Homemade Fruit and Veggie Gummy Candy

Who doesn’t love gummy candy! And these homemade gummy treats are made from fresh fruit and veggie juice, which makes them even healthier than the store-bought kind. This recipe uses carrots, oranges, and apples.

  • Boo-nana Pops

These chocolate covered boo-nana pops are delicious! Not to mention, they’re a healthier alternative to candy! You can use chocolate chips for the eyes or buy candy eyes from the store. Both kids and adult guests will love them.

  • Orange Pumpkins

Orange pumpkins are super easy to make, and they produce such a cute presentation! Peel some clementine’s or another small orange and stick a small piece of celery in the middle so they look like mini pumpkins!

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8 Window Style Ideas for Your Home Remodel

If you are remodeling your home and considering replacing your windows, consider what type of style you want. You could choose to keep the same style you currently have or choose a new design if you don’t like the one you currently have.

When selecting new windows for your home, it’s important to consider how you want your home to look, how far you want the window to open, and how much you want to spend. These are 8 gorgeous window style ideas to consider, but know that there are far more to choose from!

  • Single Hung Windows

One of the most common window styles, a single hung window opens by lifting the bottom panel up and down, while the top panel doesn’t move. Average costs are between $170 to $360.

  • Double Hung Windows

Similar to single hung windows, this window features a top and bottom panel that can both be opened. Average cost is about $450 to $600.

  • Casement Windows

Casement windows are large windows have no muntin’s that obstruct the view, and they open by either a crank mechanism or a handle. They open entirely out either from the right, left, or from the top. Average costs are between $270 to $750.

  • Arched Windows

Perfect for adding character and architecture to a home, arched windows have a curved top that many homeowners love. The average cost for this window design is around $325 to $500.

  • Transom Window

An addition rather than a full window, a transom window is a decorative styled window added to the top of doors or existing windows. This window is perfect for making your home look a little more upscale.

  • Sliding Windows

Sliding windows open by sliding one panel overtop of the other. They usually have no muntin’s, meaning the view is less obstructed than with single/double hung windows. The average cost to a homeowner is about $320 to $1,3000.

  • Picture Windows

Picture windows offer homeowners a gorgeous, unobstructed view outdoors. But know that this type of window style is fixed and cannot be opened. Average cost is about $245 to $850.

  • Garden Windows

This window style resembles a mini bay window! A garden window juts out so that you can place plants on the sill. The way this window is designed, it acts like a mini greenhouse, giving your plants plenty of sun. Depending on the style, some panels can open. Average cost is about $365 to $785 for homeowners.

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Maximize Your Home Selling Price with RealVitalize

Selling your home and thinking about how to best go about prepping your home? Leave the guesswork to the experts! Coldwell Banker announces an easy and hassle-free way for homeowners to maximize their home selling price!

The RealVitalize program, powered by HomeAdvisor, is an exclusive offering for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage clients. This program helps homeowners with improvements and repairs to better prep their home for a quicker sale!

What Projects Does RealVitalize Offer Homeowners?

To fully transform your home and prep it for market, RealVitalize offers staging, carpentry, painting, and more. Take a look:

  • Appliance Purchasing and Installation
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades
  • Carpet Cleaning and Installation
  • Cleaning and Maid Service
  • Drywall and Insulation
  • Electrical Upgrades

If your home requires maintenance or repair, handyman services are offered. They can handle plumbing, and wall or ceiling repair. And enhancements aren’t limited to the interior of your home, as your curb appeal could be vastly improved as well.

What Does the RealVitalize Program Cost?

All the upfront costs of using RealVitalize are conveniently paid back once your home sells. This saves you the trouble of paying out of pocket. There are also no hidden fees, interest charges, or markups of any kind!

How Does One Get Started with RealVitalize?

If you would like to maximize your selling price and sell your home faster, schedule a consultation with a RealVitalize project consultant. They will help you accurately determine what services are needed to prep your home for market.

Your project consultant will then handle and manage all projects from start to finish, so you can relax. They will also find appointment times to work conveniently within your schedule, so your life goes uninterrupted.

With RealVitalize, feel confident that experienced service professionals will show up on time ready to tackle home improvements. To learn more, contact Linda Moore by calling (760) 310-0234 or sending an email to Linda@LindaSellsMoore.com.

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