Luxury Listing in Cardiff-By-The-Sea

One of my current listings is a luxury home, located in Cardiff in the heart of the Composer District. Built in 2001, this custom, contemporary home located on a .8-acre gated estate. A private, serene detached house with an expansive ocean and westerly views.

There are many unique features that come with this gorgeous home. On top of the wine cellar, there is a rear loggia with an outdoor fireplace, BBQ area, 2 large upper decks, and a relaxing pool. Just imagine the ocean breeze slipping through the landscaped trees while relaxing in the pool with the smell of BBQ.

For those colder, rainy nights in this Southern California, you can huddle inside in any of the rooms with a fireplace like either living room or the master bedrooms. Enjoy the updated and custom furnishings that will make this place your home.

Overall, this home comes with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 5,600 square feet. It is also split into an East and West wing which allows for 2 separate living spaces all with their bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Going for $3,999,000, you won’t only get this wonderful home but the advantages of the surrounding Composer District.

The Composer District is a neighborhood of homes developed in the early 1900s by Victor Kremer, a music publisher and land developer. He was very fond of music, so all the streets in the area are all named after composers like Anton Rubenstein, Gershwin, Bach, Mozart, Liszt, Verdi, Chopin, Vivaldi, Haydn, Schubert, Rossini, and Brahms.

Conveniently located near the Cardiff downtown, it may be small, but it has a good number of restaurants and shopping all in walking distances of one another, as well as beaches nearby. The George Berkich Park offers a place to relax and play ball. For those with children, those K to 3rd will attend on the Cardiff Elementary School, grades 3 to 6 will attend the Ada Harris Elementary School, and beyond grade 6 will go to Encinitas schools.

For more information on the Rubenstein listing or to see more pictures, visit!

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Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Autumn is officially here! Get into the seasonal spirit by decorating your home with these versatile Holiday decorations. These chic décor ideas will look great from Halloween to Thanksgiving. So gather your kids, and set up a craft table. These fun projects are sure to add curb appeal to your lovely home.

  • Make a Pumpkin Planter—By cutting up a pumpkin and adding a potted plant inside, you can create a beautiful harvest decoration. Customize your planter with different sized pumpkins, and colorful florals. Have your kids decorate the pumpkins with sharpies or paint to add flair. Check out the Spruce on how to create this planter.
  • Create a Cornucopia Centerpiece—Bring the fall harvest to your table with a pleasing cornucopia. Cornucopias can be filled and decorated with whatever you desire based on the aesthetic you’re going for. Start by using a weatherproof woven basket or traditional cornucopia, and fill it with autumn vegetables, nuts, dried naturals, shallots, or even silk flowers. The decision is yours! For decorating inspiration, check out this video.
  • Gourd Candleholders—Give your home or outdoor space a seasonal ambiance with gourd candleholders. Gourds are a versatile vegetable, and they’re perfect for decorating. By cutting the tops of some gourds, and hallowing them out, you can create a beautiful candleholder.
  • Line Pathway with Pumpkins—By lining your pathway with assorted seasonal vegetables, you can create a warm, and inviting entrance for your guests. Your home will garner some serious curb appeal with this project. Simply line up various gourds and pumpkins along your pathway or stoop, and lace them together with some vines or ivy.
  • Create a Hay Bale Display—Hay bales can be stacked, and turned into displays for your seasonal decorations. Use them to showcase your family’s carved or painted pumpkins, potted plants, or fall decorative stakes.
  • Create a Seasonal Birdfeeder—You can use a gourd to make a beautiful, seasonal bird feeder. This project would make a lovely addition to your backyard décor. For a step by step guide on how to create a birdfeeder, check out this article.

Decorating for the seasonal holidays doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. These simple, afternoon projects are sure to spruce up your home and wow your guests. Kids can also join in on the decorating fun by adding their own personal touches. So get started today, and make your home the talk of the neighborhood!

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Spectacular Custom Home in Cardiff!

This spectacular custom home is loaded with top notch finishes and is just 2 doors down from Rosini Canyon. This absolutely beautiful home is located at 425 Warwick Ave in Cardiff in the composer district adjacent to the Rosini Canyon and trails that lead to Cardiff Elementary and the Seaside Market Village area.

Currently listed at $2,395,00 – $2,595,000, this home has everything you’d ever need: 4 bedrooms each with on-suite full paths and a powder guest bath, a 4.5-car garage with storage, and over 3,700 in square feet! Enjoy ocean views and the ocean breeze from the backyard or upstairs deck.

The home has been completely finished with cherry hardwood floors and cabinetry, not to mention the two fireplaces in the living room and family room. This home also has an owned solar system, high end kitchen appliances, and home automation that includes the pool in the backyard and the security system, outdoor lighting, and HVAC.

If you’re an entertainer, this backyard will call to you! The previous owner invested about $250,000 in a brand new backyard with the lovely seating and wonderful pool and spa with waterfalls! It also has a fire pit and BBQ area for cooking.

Check out this listing for yourself!

425 Warwick Ave

Cardiff, CA 92007

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Fall Activities in Southern California

Autumn is almost upon us! This means there will be so many festivals to go to, and so many enjoyable fall activities to try with your family. So go ahead and embrace the seasonal spirit! Take a look at some of the upcoming fall events in and around Encinitas this season:

1. Visit A Pumpkin Patch

There are no shortage of pumpkin patches to visit in North County San Diego. Aside from just the fun of picking out harvest vegetables, pumpkin patches are chock full of entertaining family activities. There are amusement rides, petting zoos, fun inflatables, and games. For a list of pumpkin patches and what activities they offer, visit the Your North County website.

2. Channel Your Inner Viking!

The Norway Hall Foundation is hosting their 16th annual Vista Viking Festival Sept. 22nd -23rd. The festival will feature a Viking village and marketplace, a weapons area, and various forms of entertainment. Sip some traditional mead or try your hand at axe throwing. This festival is a step back in time, so check it out!

3. Run a Marathon and Drink Some Craft Beer

The Craft Classic Half Marathon and 5k is a course taking place October 21st. If you are active, sign up! You’ll receive a delicious craft beer upon completion, and other amazing perks. As an extra incentive, the top male and female half marathon finishers will receive their weight in beer! If you’ve never participated in a 5k or a marathon of any kind, there is still plenty of time to train. Check out this helpful training guide for beginners. But of course, always check with your physician before attempting any rigorous exercise.

4. Celebrate German Food and Drink

Encinitas is hosting their 23rd Annual Oktoberfest on September 30th on Mountain Vista Drive and El Camino Real. This event is completely free! Entertainment will consist of authentic German music, Gemütlichkeit Alpine Dancers, a craft fair, carnival rides, family fun zone, and a craft beer garden. The ceremonial parade will take place at 12PM but the event will run until 6PM.

5. Lego and Have Fun!

Starting September 29th, Legoland California Resort will host their Brick or Treat Party Nights. The park will have all kinds of Halloween themed activities, entertainment events, and more. So get the whole family dressed up, and have some spooky fun! For tickets and times, visit the Legoland website.

6. Apple Picking

Picking apples is a classic American pastime. So go ahead and pick some delicious apples with your family, drink some homemade orchard cider, and learn about the agriculture process.  For a list of orchards in and around San Diego, visit this website.

There are so many fall themed activities to try this year. So if you’re on a hunt to try some delicious food, join a marathon, or simply spend the day with your family, there’s a fun event for you.

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Homes for Dogs Project: National Pet Adoption Event!

Have you or anyone you know recently considered adopting a dog? Or are you simply a fan of four legged friends? If so, get ready to mark your calendar and fill that heart with love!

This year, in support of Coldwell Banker’s Home’s For Dog’s Project, we’re taking part in the National Pet Adoption event being held on October 6th, 2018.

The event will be held at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society located at 389 Requeza St., Encinitas, CA 92024. The event will run from 11AM to 1PM.

Back in 2015, Coldwell Banker launched the “Homes for Dogs Project” in collaboration with The national campaign aims to help adoptable dogs get matched to loving owners, and find their forever homes!

So if you are looking for a sweet, loveable new addition to your family, come by and see the dogs that are up for adoption! You may just fall in love with your new best friend!

There are many health and social benefits to being a dog owner. Aside from the boundless love you receive from a furry angel, you may also acquire better heart health! For more information on the benefits of owning a dog, check out my blog post.

Owning a dog is a lot of work, and though you may feel you are ready, there are a lot of things to consider. For example, the average lifespan of a dog is 10 to 13 years. That’s a whole decade! Are you prepared to commit that much time to a pet?

Adopting a dog is similar to raising a child, they’re a lot of work, and require a lot of maintenance. The American Kennel Club has a quiz to determine how ready you are for a dog.

Owning a dog can impact your lifestyle in more ways than one, but they are a wonderful addition to any family. So if your heart is set on owning a dog, then make sure you are fully aware of what a dog will need, and what the cost of owning a dog entails.

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Make a Statement with These Bold Paint Ideas

When it comes to painting, most of us choose a pretty color and simply cover the entire walls in one monochromatic finish. But there are plenty of ways to artfully decorate your home and create visual interest with paint. To get the look you desire, with a little effort and no more than one paint color, you can really change the feeling in your room! Whether you’d like a simple accent wall, or a statement making room, you can create awe-inspiring designs with these simple paint ideas.

1. Meet the Room Halfway

Painting half of the walls can create a beautiful color accent. A traditional half-painted wall will have a neat, clean line through the middle on either the top or bottom half. But to add a little flair, don’t make the line as neat. The edge of the paint line can be scalloped, triangle shaped, or even artfully uneven. For clever half-painted ideas, check out these decorating ideas.

2. Color Blocking

Instead of hanging wall décor, turn your wall into the décor! Color blocking provides beautiful geometric design to your house. You can try painting each wall of a room a different color. Or if you prefer a bolder design, use painters tape to create a dozen or more shapes and paint each one a different color or a differing shade.

3. Wall Stenciling

Wall stenciling is one of the easier painting methods, but still striking. There are hundreds of stencils to choose from, and all you have to do is use a roller or flat brush to paint. So whether you want Moroccan tiles, or peonies on the wall, check out Cutting Edge Stencils. They have dozens of stencils to choose from, and helpful stenciling videos.

4. Add Texture

If you like the idea of creating visually interesting walls, but only want to use one paint color, try adding texture! Texture creates dimension to otherwise boring walls. From stippling, to patterned rollers, there are various painting tools for differing painting effects. For a more in-depth look at texturing, check out this helpful video.

5. Stripe It Up

Adding stripes can be geometrically pleasing and statement making. They can be vertical, horizontal, asymmetrical, thin, or wide. The possibilities are endless. Click here for some ideas on color scheme and stripe placement.

6. Faux Molding

Molding is a beautifully classic addition to a room. But rather than installing molding yourself, create some faux eyelet borders or crown molding with paint. This technique isn’t simple and requires precision and planning, but is definitely worth the final result.

There are numerous ways to add color, dimension, or texture to your walls. From complex paint styles, to easy afternoon paint projects, there is no limit to how you can custom paint your rooms. So no matter your design taste, or artistic skill, you can add some beautiful color to your home.

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How to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

Not everyone is aware that the air quality inside homes can sometimes be much worse than the air found outside. When we think of air pollutants, we may not always be conscious of the fact that the air trapped inside our homes can be hazardous. But dust, chemical odors, mold, and even heating can have a damaging effect on one’s health. Allergies, headaches, fatigue, and heart disease can all be attributed to poor air quality. But don’t worry, improving the air inside our homes can be easily done.

  • Keep the Floors Clean—By sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, a person’s home can become free of dust mites, pet dander, and pollen. Vacuuming is great to pick up most of the dust that has accumulated, but to really get all of it, mop afterward to pick up any dust residue left behind. Aside from just the floors, carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture should also be vacuumed.
  • Remove Your Shoes—Shoes track in all kinds of debris, dirt, and pollen into your home. Remove your shoes at the door to eliminate extra pollutants from entering. Or if you prefer to keep your shoes on, make sure to get a door mat. This way people can wipe their shoes before entering.
  • Track the Level of Humidity—Humidity can lead to mold and dust mites. Homes should have a 30% to 50% humidity level. Maintaining a healthy level of moisture inside the home can help keep allergens under control, and prevent mold from building up.  To reduce excess moisture, use a dehumidifier, fix leaky plumbing, and don’t overwater house plants.
  • Ventilation—The easiest and quickest way to improve the air quality in your home is to let air circulate throughout. During the warmer months, open your windows and let the outside air circulate throughout your home. By doing this, you can get rid of excess moisture, odors, and indoor pollutants. When it comes to interior ventilation, make sure any and all exhaust units are functioning correctly. For more tips on properly ventilating your home, check out this helpful guide.
  • Houseplants—Plants are not only a wonderful decoration for the home, but they serve as natural air purifiers. Plants absorb carbon dioxide, and in turn produce oxygen. It has been proven that having indoor potted plants can reduce the amount of air particles found inside homes. But if the idea of live plants turns you off, check out this list of houseplants that are “almost impossible to kill.”
  • Reduce Aerosols—Air freshening aerosols are nice because they eliminate unpleasant odors. However, they also harmful. Inhaling chemicals can be hazardous to one’s health by contributing to air pollution. They can aggravate allergies, and they’re terrible for the environment. Aerosols can contain formaldehyde and xylene, known carcinogens and neurotoxins. So instead of buying aerosols, use a natural air refresher instead.
  • Test for Radon—Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Radon is a natural gas caused by the decay of uranium in soil. It can travel up through the soil and enter homes. Radon is odorless, as well as invisible, but it can be detected using a radon kit. If radon is found, there are easy ways to reduce levels.

Improving the air quality in a house can improve a person’s well-being and boost energy levels. If your family suffers from allergies, these helpful tips can reduce nasal aggravations. Air quality is often overlooked but definitely an important factor in health and safety. Protect your home, inside and out.

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These Delicious Recipes Are Pumpkin to Talk About!

Autumn is just around the corner! Although the weather change is subtle in California, there’s no reason to be any less festive. California is one of the top pumpkin producing states! That should be plenty enough reason to take advantage of the fresh produce available and make some scrumptious pumpkin recipes. Take a look at all of the ways you can incorporate the spirit of fall into your weekly meal plan below.

1. Apple Pumpkin Muffins

Muffins make for a quick breakfast on-the-go, or a delicious treat. This recipe makes about one and half dozen muffins. The combination of apples and pumpkin make this recipe a perfect representation of fall. Fresh or canned pumpkin can be used. The jarrahdale pumpkin has a medium sweetness, so if you prefer to cut back on the sugar, use this pumpkin.

2. Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin bread is a warm, and sweet. It is a must-try staple for the fall season. This recipe can be simple, or complex. This recipe for pumpkin bread is basic, but can be the foundation for a more interesting recipe should you choose to add anything to it. Sugar pie pumpkins are the sweetest, so use them in this recipe if you wish to enhance the sweetness.

3. Pumpkin French Toast

French toast is a breakfast favorite for kids and adults alike. But did you know that pumpkin French toast can be just as easy to make? Check out this simple recipe for some healthy French toast with a kick. Any pumpkins labeled as “pie pumpkins” or “sugar pumpkins” will be sweet and delicious.

4. Pumpkin Butter

Much like almond butter, this delicious spread is great for smearing on bread. And best of all, the ingredients can be thrown into a slow cooker! So you can relax, and enjoy the reward of delicious pumpkin butter three hours later. Leftover butter can be refrigerated in mason jars, and enjoyed throughout the autumn season.

5. Pumpkin Soup

There’s nothing better than a hot bowl of soup to warm the insides. This tasty pumpkin soup recipe is creamy, and enjoyable! It serves about 8, so there may even be some leftovers. But considering the high reviews for this recipe, maybe not. The baby bear pumpkins are small in size, and make for excellent bowls. So hollow them out and serve your guests in style!

6. Cheesy Pumpkin Lasagna

This hearty recipe from Delish turns a classic dinner meal into a fall infused cheesy delight! The total cooking time for this recipe is less than 2 hours, and makes about 8 servings. Lumina pumpkins have a lot of flesh, so you can make more puree.

7. Tortellini with Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce

This savory recipe is a hearty pasta delight! The cooking time for this recipe is merely 10 minutes! Super easy, and quick to make. This recipe calls for canned pumpkin, so there’s no need to peel, seed, and cut a fresh pumpkin. But if you wish, fresh pumpkin can always be substituted.

8. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Simple to make, and yet easy to mess up. Roasted pumpkin seeds are a delicious, healthy treat. They can be enjoyed on their own, or thrown into a trail mix. This easy recipe will ensure your roasted pumpkin seeds are not burnt seeds. Kakai pumpkins produce hull-less seeds, so they’re the perfect pumpkin to make roasted seeds with.

There are many ways to incorporate fresh, or canned pumpkin into your meals. Pumpkins are good for the heart, as they are a high source of potassium and vitamin C. Not to mention they are delicious any way you serve them! So go ahead and take advantage of this versatile, seasonal vegetable.

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Quick and Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Would you like passersby to take notice of your lovely home? Or leave your guests with a lasting impression? Homeowners don’t need to spend a substantial amount of money, or hire a professional decorator to add curb appeal to their house. Whether you are selling your home, or simply looking to spruce it up, adding curb appeal can make a world of difference. Check out these easy ways to make your house even more attractive.

Painting Focal Points—By adding an accent color to the focal points of your home, you can easily attract admiring looks from people walking by. Doors, shutters, and trims should stand out. Try painting these focal points a bright, eye-catching color. The new paintjob will surely add life to the front of your house. But make sure to prep the surfaces you choose to paint, this will ensure the paint will last.

Change Old Hardware—By fixing up or replacing old hardware, a house can look dramatically more modern. House numbers, mailboxes, light fixtures, and the entry door lockset can get rusty and dingy over time. If these elements look outdated, your home will too. So paint, replace, or clean them as is necessary.

Clean up the Pathway—The path leading up to your lovely home should be inviting and well-kept. Make sure any plants and foliage are trimmed and maintained. The pathway should be swept and cleared of rubbish. Adding outdoor lights can brighten the path to your front door, add a beautiful design element, and even extra security.

Create a Garden—Adding plants and colorful flowers can create a beautiful aesthetic. A lush garden creates warmth and vibrancy, making your home even more inviting. Potted plants are cheap, and ready to be planted in your front lawn. Renewing planter beds can bring life once more to the front yard. For a list of drought friendly plants in California, check out this website.

Create Symmetry—Symmetry is synonymous with beauty. The human eye appreciates uniformity, so why not create a sense of cohesion to the exterior of your home. This can be done by adding symmetrical light fixtures, sconces, or potted plants.

Install Window Boxes—Window boxes are easy to install and decorate. They can easily bring charm to your home in a jiffy. Boxes can be easily assembled or bought. The window box material chosen can help create a traditional, modern, or cottage feel to the house.

Add Outdoor Art—Investing in outdoor art pieces can turn a drab house into a colorful, eye-catching attraction. Fountains, water features, sculptures, wind chimes, wall décor, and bird baths can all add curb appeal to your house. If you would like your house to have a color scheme, or certain aesthetic, outdoor art is the way to achieve it.

There are plenty of ways to add curb appeal to your lovely home. Exterior attractiveness can be easily achieved with minimal spending, and elbow grease. Your home is a place of comfort and entertaining. So why not invest in it? Curb appeal can significantly increase property value, and increase a homeowners pride. So what are you waiting for, get started!

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Easy Ways to Turn Your Living Room into a Home Theater!

There’s nothing quite like staying in with family and friends. The comfort experienced at home is unlike any other. If you enjoy movies or binging the newest shows, a home movie theatre might just be the answer to make those stay in nights even more memorable. And with colder months quickly approaching, now’s the perfect time to set up that cozy entertainment spot. Here are some easy ways to turn those movie nights into unforgettable experiences.

1. Paint the Walls

Movie theatres have dark colored walls, but not merely for aesthetic reasons. Dark walls don’t reflect light, making a movie experience all the more enjoyable. If you have light walls, consider changing the color to a darker hue such as burgundy or navy blue.

2. Acquire Go-to Movie Theater Snacks

Why not bring the sweet smell of popcorn into your movie theater home? For an impressive retro style popcorn popper, try the Great Northern antique popcorn machine. A soda stream allows guests to customize their own soda and make healthier flavored fizzy drinks. There are many DIY concession bar ideas online that will add flair to your home theatre and help store other lovable movie snacks.

3. Up the Cozy Factor

Comfort is key to a long movie marathon or binge watching session. Stock up on cozy blankets and pillows for relaxation. Investing in an ottoman will allow your guests to kick their feet back and relax. Recliners offer the deluxe movie experience, so check out some reclining chairs to add to your home theater. This helpful chart can help determine the optimal distance between seating arrangements and the TV depending on size.

4. Install Dimming Lights and Accents

The ability to dim lights from your comfortable position on the couch can add ambiance to the movie experience. Indoor step lights, LED exit signs, and aisle rope lights can all make your home theater experience a true theatre look and feel.

5. Improving Sound Quality

Sound is everything when it comes to the theatrical movie experience. From the hum of a lightsaber to suspenseful creaks, sound is a huge aspect of movie watching. So why not invest in a seat shaking sound system reminiscent of an IMAX experience? Check out these sound systems made with home theatres in mind. If the movie watching room has hardwood floors, sound may bounce off and create unwanted audio disruptions. So be sure to add a rug or two, and minimize any sound disturbances.

Home theaters recreate that unforgettable theatre experience in the comfort of your own home. Make your house the go-to destination to premiere that new show on Netflix, or watch a horror flick in style. But aside from the acoustic amplifiers and sophisticated lighting, don’t forget to personalize your home theater space. Add your favorite posters, movie memorabilia, and personal touches to make your home theater one of a kind.

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