8 Magnificent Desks for Your Home Office

A lot more people are working from home this year. This can be greatly beneficial for both employees and employers, as working from home can mean increased productivity, improved happiness, and less wasted time.

Turn your home office into the ideal workstation for maximum comfort and productivity. These 8 magnificent desks offer ample space, storage, and beauty! No matter what your décor style is, there is a desk to suit your remote working needs while blending into your interior design.

  • Industrial Wooden Desk

This industrial desk is perfect for those in need of a lot of elbow room! This hewn wood desk is made from reclaimed pine and wrought iron. There are four spacious shelves for you to store supplies, two on each side. The dimensions are 67″ W x 23″ D x 30″ H.

  • Farmhouse Chic Desk

This desk wood fit perfectly into a farmhouse or rural styled home. This traditional desk is L shaped with a lot of storage! It has a hutch, shelves, and a cabinet attached. It comes in three colors, Cape Cod Gray, Vintage Black, and Antique White. Overall, the dimensions are 62.95” H x 60” W x 60” D.

  • Executive Desk

This black desk is made for hardworking individuals that want a spacious storage desk for enhanced productivity. Featuring a keyboard tray, two filing drawers, and two box drawers. This rectangular desk will surely suit your needs. The dimensions are 29.38” H x 65.13” W x 29.5” D.

  • Standing Desk

Standing for work has a lot of benefits, such as reduced back pain, lowered risk of heart disease, improved mood, and more! This spacious standing desk has a media storage rack, headphone holder, cup holder, and two elevated monitor stands. The dimensions are 41.5” H x 47.27” W x 23.5” D.

  • Contemporary Desk

This modern rectangular desk is sleek and perfect for any contemporary office. Available in seven colors, this desk has an open geometric design and plenty of storage in the form of one cabinet and two drawers. The dimensions are 30” H x 60” W x 24” D.

  • Minimalistic Desk

If you love the look of simple clean lines, this desk is perfect for you! This minimalistic desk is L shaped and though it offers no storage, there is plenty of table space. If you would like added storage, you could fit a small filing cabinet underneath the spacious desk. The dimensions are 30” H x 61.42” W x 61.42” D.

  • Traditional Corner Desk

This corner desk features beautiful traditional details, storage space, and a space saving design. The tabletop is solid pine and the cabinets are white with shuttered doors. There are two drawer cabinets with file drawers and there is a three-drawer cabinet with one file drawer and two smaller drawers. The overall dimensions are 85″ W x 57″ D x 30″ H.

  • Bookcase Desk

This desk is attached to a wall hugging bookcase that gives you all the storage space you could want! Made of stunning kiln dried mahogany, this sophisticated desk has numerous shelves and spacious cabinets. The dimensions are 85.3″ W x 22.2″ D x 83.5″ H.

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Outstanding Bay Ho Duplex


3427-3429 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard in San Diego is an outstanding duplex in the beautiful Bay Ho neighborhood!

This duplex is currently listed at $699,000. Commercial and residential area zoning. The building is made up of two units, each of which has a one car garage, private yard, and parking behind the building.

This Bay Ho property has a large space in the back that will easily accommodate boats and RV’s! The grassy backyard is spacious and fenced for privacy.

The building has new electrical panels, recessed lighting, and paint. One of the units–3429–has been completely renovated with new cabinets, lighting, interior doors, and new appliances. Tenants are on month-to-month leases.

This building is near shopping, restaurants, and more. This is a unique opportunity loaded with potential! For more detailed information, view the listing page.

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Create Backyard Privacy with these 8 Plants

If you want to create your own private oasis, the first step is to erect a barrier for solitude. But installing a fence can cost a small fortune. Typically, the cost can be anywhere from $13 to $25 per linear foot. The average total homeowners spend on fencing can range from $1,580 to $3,418.

So instead of spending your money on a fence, consider planting some of these trees and shrubs along the border of your backyard! You could make your backyard feel even more like a secret garden!

  • Arborvitae Shrub

The name of this shrub means “tree of life” in Latin. A popular choice for fencing, this beautiful evergreen shrub can grow as high as 40 to 60 feet. Arborvitae have a fast growth rate and are easy to care for.

  • Leyland Cypress

This rapid growing plant is dense, making it perfect for backyard privacy. Even better? This tree provides winter shelter for songbirds! The Leyland Cypress can grow to be 70 feet tall at full maturity, but you can always trim for a shorter barrier.

  • Firethorn

A type of evergreen shrub, this beautiful fencing option is an easy planting option. Varieties can grow from 6 to 16 feet. Enjoy small white flowers in the summer and red orange berries in the late fall.

  • Bamboo

When people think of Zen gardens, bamboo comes to mind. It is exotic and adds some serenity to backyards. It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, so be sure to buy a slow spreading, clumping variety to avoid overgrowth.

  • Boxwood

This decorative pruned hedge is perfect for creating privacy screens. There are many varieties of boxwood, so think about how high you want the hedges to get, as well as the shape. The highest variety you can get is about 20 feet!

  • Skip Laurel

Another type of evergreen shrub, this stunning plant makes for a lush seclusion screen. Skip laurel produces a fragrant white flower in the springtime. At maturity, they can grow as high as 15 feet.

  • Rose of Sharon

A hardy hibiscus, this plant can provide fencing and late season blooms. The flowers bloom in late summer and the varieties in color are great! Blooms can be light blue, white, red, or lavender. This shrub grows between 8 to 10 feet tall.

  • Japanese Laurel

This magnificent evergreen plant is also called the gold dust tree because the dense glossy leaves are sprinkled with golden coloring. This shrub is slow growing but can reach heights of 7 to 10 feet. This unique looking plant is sure to impress!

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Rare Bay Ho Duplex


3353-3355 Jemez Drive in San Diego is a lovely duplex! Located in the stunning Bay Ho neighborhood, this property type is rarely on the market!

Composed of two units, each of which has a one car attached garage and a private yard. The current listing price for the building is $799,000.

3353 is a one bedroom single story with a long term tenant. While 3355 is a two story with three bedrooms. Each unit has their own laundry, but the washers, dryers, and refrigerators are owned by seller.

The spacious backyard has room for entertainment and relaxation. Near tons of shopping and restaurants! This listing is a unique opportunity with tons of potential! For more information, check out the listing page!

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Old Creek Ranch Model Perfect Family Home!

1749 Weatherwood Court in San Marcos is the picture-perfect family home for you! Located in the neighborhood of Old Creek Ranch, this model perfect home won’t be available for long! Go ahead and take a virtual walk through this home.

Featuring 4 bedrooms plus optional room, 3 full baths, 1 half bath, and approximately 2,935 square feet. This home has a quiet location on a cul-de-sac street. The current listing price is $925,000.

This home displays crisp new modern exterior paint colors! The exceptional floor plan has a first floor on-suite guest bedroom and bath. The living room is voluminous with high ceilings and lots of natural light. The downstairs multi-purpose bonus room can be easily converted into a 5th bedroom, office, game room, home gym, or anything else!

The family room is spacious and open to the modern white chefs’ kitchen. Enjoy your coffee on the stunning breakfast bar island and create spectacular meals in this contemporary kitchen. Fall in love with this home’s thick baseboards throughout, hand scraped cherry wood floors, and the custom wrought iron staircase.

The backyard features a great patio space with a grassy area. The fountain is stunning and adds to the charm of this unbeatable listing. Create your perfect oasis or an entertainment hub for barbecues and get-together’s.

For more informative details, check out the listing page.

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8 Stunning Oil Paintings to Decorate Your Home

Paintings are wonderful home décor pieces that adorn your walls. They can be used to tie your décor together or make your guests stop and think. Art can be thoughtful, moving, and provoking.

Oil paints are expensive, as any painter can attest. But oil paints have more pigment, allowing the colors to be more vivid and striking. And unlike with acrylic paints, the color doesn’t darken with drying.

A lot of famous paintings are composed of oil paints, such as the Mona Lisa, Girl with a Pearl Earring, and A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. Artists Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet exclusively used oil paints. Even Bob Ross favored oil paint!

These stunning oil paintings are made to draw the eye. They are statement pieces that will make your décor all the more interesting and captivating.

  • Ray Charles

This image is one many people will recognize. Ray Charles, The Genius, shows off his signature smile in this brilliant display of color. Show off your love for soul music with this lovely oil painting.

  • Abstract Flowers

This oil painting almost looks violent in its use of color. The bursts of color are generously placed. You’ll feel inspired every time you look at this textured painting.

  • Koi Fish

If you want a tranquil painting, this display of colorful koi fish swimming in a blue pond will put you right at ease. The brilliant blue ripples in the water just add to the stunning effect of this piece.

  • Sky and Sea

This dreamy oil painting is a marvel! It’s a very colorful display that features a reflective sea and a brilliant sky. A boat sails through the water, lost in this ethereal landscape.

  • New York Crowd

Love the Big Apple? This image is representative of people walking down 5th Avenue. Composed mainly of blues, blacks, and yellows, this painting will make you miss the city.

  • Forest Landscape

This textured oil painting is of a stunning park walkway with two lovers. The greens make this painting come to life! There’s so much to appreciate, your eyes will pour over the details.

  • Child Reading

This image of a child reading in a field will inspire you! This original impressionist oil painting is perfect for any book lover who grew up dreaming of far off places.

  • Witch’s Cottage

If you love spooky images and Halloween is your favorite holiday, this framed painting of a witch’s cottage belongs on your wall!  A wooden house is hidden deep in the woods and a witch brews something wicked.

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Do-it-Yourself $20 Window Planter Box

Summer is upon us and now is the time to increase your curb appeal. There are a lot of ways to change up the exterior of your home, but one easy way is to simply place planter boxes on your windows!

Window planter boxes can be costly, but with a little labor and time, you could easily make one yourself for $20! Your guests will see beautiful lush plants as soon as they walk up to your home. Get started and finished in one weekend!

Materials You Will Need:

  • Lumber
    • Two 1”x 2” x 8ft
    • Two 1”x 8” x 4ft
    • One 1”x 8” x 6ft
  • 1 ¼” trim screws
  • Wood filler
  • Sanding block
  • Exterior wood stain

Building Your Window Planter Box

To get started, you will have to cut your lumber into several smaller pieces.

Cut the 1”x 2” pieces into:

  • Two pieces 48” long
  • Eight pieces 4 1/4“ long
  • Four pieces 8 3/4” long

Cut the 1” x 8” piece into:

  • Three pieces 46 1/2” long
  • Two pieces 6 1/2” long

Once all your lumber is cut and organized, you can begin assembly! Take your three 1”x 8” x 46 ½” boards and lay them out. Use one of the pieces as the base and the two remaining pieces as the sides. Secure them in place with the trim screws.

The next step is to seal the box! The two 1”x 8” x 6 1/2” pieces should be fitted into place on the ends of the box and secured with trim screws.

Your box is ready! The remaining lumber pieces will be used as trim. Flip the box on the side and attach two of the 8 3/4” pieces on the end sides of the planter box. Keep them flush against the sides but make sure to keep 4 1/4” inches of space between the pieces. Repeat on the other side.

Using the two 48” pieces, lay them down horizontally across the front side of the planter box and secure in place.  At this point, you will only have small 4 1/4” pieces. Attach two on either end of the box in between the 8 3/4” pieces you already secured. There should be a square indent on the ends of the planter box now.

With the remaining four 4 1/4” pieces, lay them down vertically on the front of the planter box. They will fit in between the 48” pieces. Once secured, the front of the planter box should feature three square indents.

For drainage, flip the box upside down and drill some holes. You can make four decent sized holes across the bottom for even draining. The last step is to secure the screws by covering them with wood filler. Once the filler dries, you can sand the planter box down before staining.

Once the box is stained and dried, you can fill it up! To hang it up, put screws through the back of the planter and into studs in the wall. That’s it! You can now plant and display whichever plants you want! Grow some colorful perennials or start an aromatic herb garden.

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How to Create Epoxy Marble Kitchen Countertops

A lot of people are taking advantage of their free time by redecorating or remodeling their home. If your kitchen could use a little modernizing, consider updating your countertops!

Marble countertops are exceptionally elegant, but they are also expensive and prone to chips and scratches. Get the look without the cost by creating some faux marble countertops using epoxy!

This do-it-yourself tutorial will leave you with stunning countertops that are chic and resilient.

Tools You Will Need:

  • 6-inch paint roller
  • Brushes
  • Drill
  • Orbital sander
  • Oscillating tool
  • Trim router

Materials You Will Need:

  • 80 and 220 grit sponge
  • Four 1 quart cups
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Painters tape
  • Plastic sheet
  • Spray bottle
  • Two 2 gallon buckets
  • Two 6 inch 3/8 inch nap roller sleeves
  • Two paddle mixers
  • Wiping cloths

Setting Up for the Epoxy

In order to get started on the painting, you need to clear your workstation (the countertops). This DIY will require you to be a little handy. In order to apply epoxy, you will need to remove the sink and the backsplash. The edges of the countertops will also need to be rounded so the epoxy can flow over.

To avoid any imperfections or flaws in your countertops, patch seams with all-purpose body filler and sand your countertops smooth. Cover your kitchen cabinets by masking them with plastic. Make sure you cover the floor and lay down carboard to catch the drips.

Get your materials organized before starting. Applying epoxy requires quick work. You won’t have to rush, but it’s best to avoid any unnecessary breaks.

Starting the Kitchen Remodel

The first step in creating your beautiful marble countertops is to apply primer, as this will give the epoxy something to grip to. Apply enough so you don’t see the old countertop peeking through.

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8 Beautiful Eye-Catching Wallpaper Designs for Your Living Room

Wallpaper has come a long way from the days of garish dark colors and overpowering, opulent designs. You can now find wallpaper in any type of color and design, so you could easily find a style that fits into your desired aesthetic. Even if you live in a rented space, you could use peel-and-stick wallpaper to decorate your space without damaging the wall.

These beautiful wallpaper designs are perfect for your living room, as they will tie the room together and set the mood for the room! Go ahead and personalize your living space even more!

  • White Brick Wallpaper

Love the industrial look of exposed brick? This realistic wallpaper resembles white brick for a stunning upscale look! The detail is in the paint strokes and the minor imperfections of the brick really make this wallpaper unique.

  • Chic Blue and Gold Wallpaper

This deep blue green wallpaper features chic gold geometric lines for a subtle yet eye-catching design. This wallpaper would be a perfect background for your neutral colored living room.

  • Anthriscus Blush Wallpaper

This beautiful blush colored wallpaper has delicate gold silhouettes of Anthriscus plants. This wallpaper will warm up any room and give off an elegant vibe.

  • Teal Colored Bird Wallpaper

Reminiscent of a sophisticated and opulent estate, this teal floral wallpaper features a Chinoiserie bird trail. This wallpaper deign has a subtle shimmer and will make any living room look absolutely regal!

  • Wildflower Wallpaper

This black and white wildflower design is minimal yet no less tasteful. The flowers are thinly drawn for a delicate effect. Designed by Joanna Gaines, this eye-catching wallpaper will delight you!

  • Lilac and Blue Clouds

This colored wallpaper features beautifully soft clouds in shades of lilac and blue. Transport yourself to the heavens with this spectacular design. The subtle colors will warm your walls and create an ethereal look.

  • Grey Concrete Wallpaper

For a modern, industrial look, cover your walls in this stylish wallpaper. This design is perfect for anyone looking for a neutral background that will make their current décor and furnishings pop even more!

  • Lush Tropical Wallpaper

Turn your living room into a tropical paradise with this white wallpaper showcasing a tangle of green tropical leaves. The leaves are made of various green hues and truly pop off the walls!


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Single Story Village Park Home

2028 Shadytree Lane in Encinitas is a must-see home! Located in the Village Park neighborhood, this house is perfect for you! Take a walk through this modern home by watching the video tour.

This listing is a 2 bedroom 2 bath single story home. Airy with approximately 1,091 square feet of space. You’ll love the tucked away private, peaceful location that adjoins expansive greenbelts. The current listing price is set at $599,000.

This home has an open flow with great room configuration. The vaulted ceilings and numerous windows allow for bright natural light to stream through the home. Enjoy the views of flowering trees and lush greenery from inside.

The spacious, private patio has gated access to a walkway leading to the detached 2 car garage. Create a tranquil oasis to relax in or an entertaining space for your family to enjoy al fresco dining.

Homeowners will have access to the community pool, playground, rec room, tennis courts, and additional greenbelts. There are so many perks of living in this stylish home! Not to mention, there are great schools in the area.

For more information on this one of a kind home, check out the listing information.

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