Gorgeous Shady Hollow Home

It’s rare to find a gorgeous home in California that has a large yard, but 3321 Dorado Place in Carlsbad is truly one of a kind!

This single-story home features 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and approximately 1,453 square feet. This Shady Hollow home has a tranquil, park-like setting, and is tucked away at the end of a cul-de-sac. There is a large variety of lush greenery and foliage surrounding this stunning home.

The floorplan of this house has a great room that’s open to the backyard, kitchen, and adjoining breakfast nook. This gorgeous listing has a vaulted ceiling, hardwood floors, new windows and sliders, a newly painted interior, and even aa atrium area. Relax in the living room and warm up on chilly nights by the beautiful brick fireplace.

Homeowners will absolutely fall in love with the exceptionally large, lush, private yard. Perfect for entertaining, relaxing, kids at play, and furry pets. The backyard is an oasis of tranquility that could be your own private escape.

This one of a kind home is currently listed at $745,000. For more details, visit the listing page for further information.

Don’t miss out on the OPEN HOUSE this WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27TH FROM 10:30AM TO 12:30PM.

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How to Install Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

Open shelves are extremely popular these days. So much so, that houses with open shelving sold 11 days sooner on Zillow and earned homeowners an increased sale price of 10.1%.

Open shelving brightens a room by removing boxed cabinets and creating more space. Open shelving is functional as it allows you to see what you need, so you can find a certain pot or pan in a jiffy. It is also artistic, as shelves allow you to make use of empty walls and display whatever you like.

To add open shelving to your kitchen, start by picking an empty wall where you would like to hang some shelves. If you have wall cabinets you would like to remove, review this helpful guide to learn how to easily do so yourself.

You Will Need:


  1. Measure the wall space and decide if you want two long shelves or four short ones. Buy the appropriately sized wood shelves for this space.
    1.  Note: If you choose floating shelf brackets, have the wood custom cut with holes for the brackets.
  2. If your wall has tile, remove it and then cut tile to go around your shelves.
  3. Use a leveler to outline where your shelf, or shelves, and brackets are going to go and mark the studs.
  4. Use a drill to install the brackets on the wall. If your walls are drywall, use drywall anchors to secure the brackets.
    1. Note: Read the anchor packaging to ensure your shelf (and the contents on it) will not exceed the weight capacity.
  5. Once your brackets are drilled into the wall securely with the appropriate anchors, go ahead and use a mallet to secure your wood shelves onto the brackets.
  6. You’re all done!

Installing your own open shelving is hard work but doing it yourself will be incredibly rewarding! Not to mention, you can learn a thing or two about home improvement with the process.

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Top Features that Homeowners Want

If you’re selling your home or planning on selling your home in the future, you may be wondering what features will increase the equity in your home. What features will make your home even more desirable to homebuyers?

Zillow analyzed 4.6 million home sales in the US for both 2017 and 2018. Homes with certain features were on the market for shorter periods of time and generally sold for more money. If you already have these features, know that your home is currently very valuable for today’s real estate market. If you wish to boost the price point of your home, consider adding at least one of these desirable features.

  • Steam Oven

According to Zillow, steam ovens earn homes the largest price premium over other listings that don’t have one. Homeowners could earn about 34.1% more with this amenity. Steam ovens use hot pressurized steam to cook food, reducing cooking time. They’re also said to be healthier than traditional ovens because steaming helps food retain vitamins and nutrients.

  • Steam Shower

Bathrooms with steam showers are incredibly popular. This feature increases a homes sale price by about 30.7%. Steam showers are said to promote wellbeing by improving circulation, decreasing joint pain, detoxing the body, reducing stress, and so much more.

  • Heated Floors

This a luxury feature that homebuyers may be willing to splurge on. Heated flooring is a very cozy feature–especially in cold climates—and it could increase a homes sale price by 26.2%.

  • Wine Cellar

Wine is a very popular alcoholic drink in the US. About 949 million wine gallons were consumed in 2016, and the number increases each year. Homes with a wine cellar have an increased sale price of about 31.4%.

  • Shed/Garage Studio

if your home has a shed studio or garage studio, then your home may be worth 26.5% more than other similar listings! Not to mention, listings that had this feature were typically sold 8 days faster.

  • Open Shelving

Open shelving is a very popular kitchen trend right now. Open shelving opens a room up and makes it seem bigger. It also promotes organization and design, which is why many homeowners are opting for open shelving in their kitchens. This feature helps homes sell 11 days faster and gives earn homeowners a 10.1% price boost.

  • Outdoor Kitchen

Entertainers love hosting parties and get-togethers at their home. If you have an outdoor kitchen, your home could earn you about 24.5% more when closing.

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Immaculate Home at Terraces at Cantebria

Located in the gorgeous community of Terraces at Cantebria, this impeccable home has some serious curb appeal. From the striking terracotta roof to the stunning white exterior, 358 Via Andalusia in Encinitas, California is unlike any other.

Currently listed at $999,000 to $1,050,000, this highly upgraded turnkey home has crisp, modern finishes throughout. Featuring 4 generously sized bedrooms, and 2.5 remodeled baths, there’s plenty of room for families. There is an attached 3 car garage and paved driveway. This immaculate Cantebria home has 2,767 square feet and is entirely flooded with natural light.

The remodeled kitchen is surrounded by windows overlooking the beautiful backyard. The spacious kitchen also opens to the family room, breakfast nook, and the dining flex. This listing features high ceilings, both hardwood and tile floors, recessed lighting, and 2 gorgeous fireplaces for those chilly nights.

The backyard is beautifully designed with drought-tolerant landscaping and is completely enclosed with large walls for privacy. Relax and enjoy the sun out on the patio or grill some delicious barbecue.

This Cantebria home is close to shopping, restaurants, and beaches. For growing families, there are great schools nearby and plenty of parks. The community of Terraces at Cantebria offers homeowners access to tennis courts, a large pool, spa, and hot tub.

Don’t miss out on this immaculate dream home. For more information on this listing click here.

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Bay Window Design Ideas

Bay windows are huge window spaces typically made up of three or more panes. The windows project outward from the building to form a bay. Bay areas can be used in a multitude of ways.

If you have a bay window, there are plenty of designs that can be incorporated to maximize your interior décor. If you don’t have one, consider having one installed. They let in lots of natural light and they increase the value of your home.

Take a look at these interior design ideas for bay windows:

  • Sophisticated Sitting Area

Turn your bay window into more than a simple bench. Add a chic, eye-catching coffee table and some decorative accent chairs to create a sitting area to take tea with friends.

  • Pet Lounge Area

If your bay window seat has drawers, consider removing one and turning that small nook into a lounge area for your pet. Both cats and dogs love small, confined dens. Cover the walls in a soft material and add a soft bed. They’ll absolutely love their new hiding space.

  • Reading Station

If you love reading a good book in bright natural light, turn your bay window into your own personal reading nook. You could add shelves to either side of your bay window or create shelving on the bottom in place of drawers. Fit a custom sofa into your nook or use a large reading chair.

  • Suspended Egg Chair

Egg chairs are cozy, chic suspended chairs. They’re the ultimate relaxation chair. You can have one installed into your ceiling or choose a self-suspending chair. These chairs are fun for the kids and the swinging motion will lull you into a sense of relaxation.

  • Dining Area

Turn your bay window into a stunning dining area or breakfast nook. Use a round table to compliment the curve of your window bench (if you have one). Consider getting a table custom fitted to maximize the space of your bay window. Use straight back chairs to save space or even a bench. Enjoy your breakfast in a sun-soaked spot with a great view.

  • Study Area

Take advantage of that natural light and create a study space to work. Add a gorgeous desk and a comfortable chair. You’ll be all set to get some productive work done. Or if you prefer, get a custom table fitted to your bay window.


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Simple Organization Hacks to Try

Keeping a house well organized may seem like a lot of work, but with the right tools, it can be easy. Once an organizational system is set in place, you’ll be able to clean up in no time. Cut down on time by knowing where everything is and save space by methodically storing items.

Take a look at these simple and unconventional organization hacks. Start maximizing the space you have and learn how to keep your home organized like the pros!

  • Drawer Dividers

Rather than stuffing your intimates and socks into a drawer, fold them to save room. By using several drawer dividers, you can allocate space for your bras, underwear, socks, and more. You can group items by style, color, or even preference. Drawer dividers can also be used to separate tees, tanks, and bottoms—just be sure to use proper folding techniques.

  • Use a File Organizer

Buy some mesh file organizers for your bathroom. You can use them to store your hand towels and washcloths. Simply roll them up and store them vertically. This will save you space and keep your towels clean.

  • Use a Shower Rod

Use a shower rod as a hanging tool under your kitchen or bathroom sink to hang cleaning supplies or extra toilet paper. You could also hang a shower rod by the wall and hang storage baskets that can be used however you’d like.

  • Shower Caddy

Rather than using a shower caddy to hold your bathroom essentials, use it as an accessory holder. You can use the baskets to hold your sunglasses and bracelets while using the hooks to hang scarves or necklaces.

  • Tension Rod

Use tension rods to hang your shoes! In your closet, place two rods parallel to the ground to hold flat shoes. To hold heeled shoes, place the rod by the wall slightly higher than the outer one. This hack even works great for small, tight spaces.

  • Magnetic Makeup Organizer

If you tend to leave your makeup products lying on your bathroom counter, this hack will save you counter space. Buy a frame of your choosing and replace the glass with a metal sheet. The metal sheet could be painted if you so choose. Using a roll of magnet with an adhesive side, just place the sticky end on your makeup and hang from the frame. No more messy counters!

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Tips on How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Keeping hardwood floors clean and polished can take some work. Floors handle traversing footsteps, spills, and scuffs. Cleaning hardwood floors involves more than just sweeping and mopping—it’s about the products you use.

Learn how to properly keep your hardwood floors looking brand new throughout the year.

  • Mopping Hardwood

To properly mop hardwood floors, use a microfiber mop that is only slightly damp with a mixture of water and hardwood cleaning product. Too much water can damage the wood, so always make sure spills are cleaned in a timely manner. For a natural cleaner, use ½ cup of white vinegar to a gallon of warm water. Please note that certain flooring finishes cannot withstand vinegar, so always test first.

  • Using Floor Wax

If your floors are looking a little worse for wear, use floor wax to not only deep clean floors but add shine as well. Floor wax adds slip resistance and protection to hardwood flooring. Floor wax is typically made from carnauba wax, which is extracted from Brazilian palm trees.

  • Taking Care of Scratches

If your floors have scratches on them, there are ways to lessen the damage. If the scratch is light, use fine steel wool to gently buff the spot. For deeper scratches, buff the area using lightweight sandpaper and rub mineral spirits on after sanding. To fill in large scratches, apply premixed wood filler to the spot with a plastic putty knife. Once dry, sand the filler with lightweight sandpaper and seal the area with polyurethane or varnish.

  • Removing Oil-Based Stains

To remove oil-based stains caused by cooking oil or greasy food, rub the spot with a soft cloth and dish detergent. Rub the detergent into the spot to break down the grease. If the spot is still there after rinsing, repeat the process with a non-abrasive scrubbing brush.

  • Prevention is Key

To prevent your nice hardwood floors from wear and tear, use preventive measures.

  • Use rugs in high traffic areas like the hall or the living room.
  • Consider keeping a shoe-free household—doing this can prevent bacteria, infections, and harm to your flooring.
  • Use wipes to clean your pets’ feet after walks outside.
  • Regularly clean points of entry to prevent dirt buildup.
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Beach Bungalow with Panoramic Ocean Views in Cardiff

Stunning panoramic views of the ocean can be seen from the balcony of 2153 Oxford Avenue in Cardiff. This striking almost new custom Craftsman Beach Bungalow is located in the gorgeous community of Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

This home has everything a beach lover could possibly want. With unobstructed jaw-dropping views of the white water ocean, this dream home is currently listed at $1,995,000.

Featuring 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and 1 half bath, this spacious home has 2,184 square feet. The attached 2 car garage has both easy access and driveway parking. This location even has underground power lines! There are high end custom finishes throughout the home, modern wide plank flooring, and central air.

The living room features a gorgeous fireplace for those cool nights. Enjoy the breathtaking morning sun through the floor to ceiling windows that double as doors. Step out onto one of the two view decks and be swept away by the panoramic views of the coastline and Cardiff. At night, experience the evening lights of the city and hear the lulling waves of the ocean.

Enjoy wandering through the Cardiff Walking District. With fabulous beaches, shops, cafes, and the famous Seaside Market, this city has everything and more!

For more information about this one of a kind home, view the listing by clicking here.

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Charming Cul-De-Sac Home in Cardiff

Cardiff-by-the-Sea is a sought-after neighborhood with an incredible community. 1016 Hurstdale Avenue is an unbeatable cul-de-sac home in Cardiff with stunning ocean views. This charming home is perfect for families that love the outdoors and relaxing at home.

This captivating home features 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and an attached 2 car garage. This house has an estimated 1,550 square feet. There are stunning bamboo and Saltillo tile floors throughout the home. Warm up on chilly nights by the double-sided fireplace that’s open to both the family room and living room.

The inside of this home is incredible, but the outside is just as breathtaking! There are huge front and rear yards with synthetic grass, so there’s no need to worry about drought. There is a large outbuilding that could serve as a workshop and an enchanting playhouse for the kids!

This home is a short bike ride to the beach or the world-famous Seaside Marketplace. There are several great schools in the area, as well as parks and nature trails. The gorgeous San Eligo Lagoon is only a short drive away! This home has unlimited potential for homeowners.

The current listing price for this unbeatable Cardiff home is $1,195,000. For more details, check out the listing webpage.

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DIY St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, you may be planning to go to the store and stock up on green decorations. But by making them yourself, you save money and get to spend quality time making crafts with your kids. From fun wearable props to table decorations, your home will look positively perfect for the Feast of St. Patrick.

  • Paper Leprechaun Hat

These leprechaun hats are adorable and festive—not to mention easy to make. Stock up on green card stock and some plastic headbands to make some silly mini hats for your guests.

  • Balloon Shamrock Backdrop

This stunning shamrock backdrop is made from different colored green balloons and cardboard. Create the green backdrop and use a lo-temp glue gun to easily glue various sized balloons onto it. This project would look incredible in your Instagram pictures.

  • T-shirt Patterns

Create your own Irish slogan t-shirts for free! Stock up on some plain t-shirts (white or light green), and print out these patterns on iron-on transfer paper. Cut out the pattern, place it on a t-shirt, and iron it on! It’s that easy, and your guests will love these mementos.

  • Rainbow Centerpiece

This lovely rainbow centerpiece will look fabulous on your dinner table.

Get some 6 clay pots and paint them red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Fill them with soil and wheatgrass, or fake shrubs if you prefer.

  • Shamrock Paper Garland

This 3D shamrock paper garland is easy to make, and it looks incredible. Use green card stock or construction paper to make the shamrocks, then string them together with some ribbon or twine. You can make the garland as long as you want! Hang it over the mantel or above the threshold.

  • Rainbow Paper Bunting

This rainbow cake bunting is so cute and adds some Paddy’s festivity to your dessert. The mini rainbow banner is held up with decorative straws or colored lollipop sticks, depending on your preference.

  • Shamrock Balloons

Buy some clear balloons and some foam shamrock stickers to create festive shamrock balloons in no time! For even more design, fill the balloons with shredded metallic paper or confetti.

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