First Day of Fall & Libras

It’s time to break out the pumpkin spice and start heading to the apple orchards! It’s the favorite season of parents and children alike! In just one month, kids will have their entire Halloween planned with the outfits and what candy they’ll be trading as the parents start to discuss Thanksgiving plans with family.

An Irish proverb says, “Autumn days come quickly, like the running of a hound on the moor.”

Can 2017 be almost over already? It’s the autumnal equinox which means it’s the first day of fall. The falling leaves might indicate that we are closer to colder nights, even if recent weather hasn’t suggested that.

In different regions around America, plants and trees will show signs of fall. Baseball season is almost over as football season has just become. Not only does the start of fall bring new weather and holiday favorites, but tomorrow marks the first day of the Libra zodiac.

If you are a Libra, then check to see if this describes you:

Element: Air

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Pink, Green

Day: Friday

Greatest Compatibility: Aries, Sagittarius

Lucky numbers: 4, 6, 13, 15, 24

Date range: September 23-October 22

Overall, Libra’s are peaceful, fair, and they hate being alone. Partnership is important to them as their mirror and being able to see themselves. They are fascinated by balance and symmetry, justice, and equality, and that it’s more important to be themselves in the core of their personality.

Since their planet sign is Venus, this makes them passionate in their relationship but can also be fond of expensive, material things. They love to enrich their lives with music, art, and beautiful places that they can visit.

For those who aren’t Libra, they can teach you valuable lessons. They teach others to be careful around other people. They will be critical, telling you where you went wrong or right, and unconsciously teach us that true liberation hides in the light of your soul.

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Apple Days & Halloween Spooktacular!

Julian Apple Days Festival

As part of the Julian’s Apple Days Celebration, they hold a two-day Apple Days Festival which is this weekend on September 23 and September 24! It will be held at the Menghini Winery from 10AM-5PM which will feature:

  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Antique tractor displays
  • Children’s games
  • Pie eating contests
  • Gold panning demonstrations
  • Great food
  • Beer and wine garden
  • Great shopping
  • Crowning of Mr. and Mrs. Apple Days
  • Great apple pie!

Admission is $5 and for those 12 and under it’s free! For more information about the history of Julian Apple Days and to purchase tickets, visit their website!

There will also be an offer that, for both days, the first 250 to arrive for paid admission will receive a free pie server. Tickets will be available online or at the gate.

Menghini Winery is located on 1150 Julian Orchards Dr., Julian CA 92036.

Halloween Spooktacular

San Diego’s SeaWorld will be hosting their annual Halloween Spooktacular every Saturday and Sunday starting this weekend, September 23-24, and go until the weekend of Halloween!

Their annual Halloween Spooktacular allows families to watch silly and spooky live shows, Halloween activities, trick or treat for goodies through the park, and dance parties. Don’t forget you might be able to catch a glimpse of some of the singing pumpkins hidden within the park.

Admission will be included with park admission, so if you find yourself at SeaWorld this fall season, you can take advantage of this fun and Spooktacular event!

SeaWorld can be located at 500 SeaWorld  Dr., San Diego CA 92109. Hours on the weekends are 10AM-9PM on most Saturdays, and 10AM-6PM/7PM on most Sundays. Check out their website to purchase tickets or learn more about Halloween Spooktacular and their hours.

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Semper Tri & Devil Dog Duathlon with 7K No Beach Out of Reach Run

The Semper Tri & Devil Dog Duathlon is a quality of life program for Marines, Sailors, and their families. It features the Triathlon course, Duathlon course, and the 7K No Beach Out of Reach Run. Come to the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and participate in America’s fighting force hails at this year’s event!

Triathlon Course

This course features:

-          500-meter swim off in waters that average 68 degrees.

-          30K bike ride in a closed course

-          5K run loop course

Duathlon Course

In this course, there will be:

-          2k run loop course

-          The same bike course as the Triathlon

7K No Beach Out of Reach

A non-competitive course, the 7K will be:

-          A 2K out and back beach run

-          The run leads into a 5K loop run which is the same loop run as the Triathlon and Duathlon

Included with your participation and admission will be a T-shirt, swim cap, medal, closed roads, top 3 overall and top 3 age group award, and the age group award for every 5 years. The event will take place this Saturday, September 23 from 7:30 AM – 1:00 PM. The event will be at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in Oceanside CA. The prices for the event are as follows:

Triathlon & Duathlon

  Youth Civilian Active Military Active Pendleton
Until 9/21 $50 $75 $70 $10
Day of $60 $90 $85 $10


7K No Beach Out of Reach

  Youth Civilian Active Military Active Pendleton
Until 9/21 $35 $45 $40 $10
Day of $45 $55 $50 $10

There’s a race/event for everyone! If you’re not the competitive type or haven’t been training, but still want to participate, then the 7K would be perfect for you since it’s non-competitive. Come out and support your Marines! For more information, visit Semper Tri & Devil Dog Duathlon.

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NSDCAR: Community Home Buyer Fair

The North San Diego County Association of Realtors will be hosting their Community Home Buyer Fair this weekend, focusing on health, happiness, and home ownership. It will be happening:

Saturday, September 23
9:30 AM – 11:45 AM
Vista Civic Center (200 Civic Center Dr., Vista, CA 92084)

It is free to participate and there will be many services for you to take advantage of. If you’re looking to buy a home and need some help, there will be participants to offer free home buyer help. If you want a quick health checkup to look at your cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and blood pressure, you can also have that done at one of the booths. There will even be free credit check counseling for those wanting to raise their credit score.

There will be quite a bit of participants to help you with these services like:

  • Virtual Counselor Network (VCN): They can help you with improving your credit score, finding a job, buying a home, or starting a small business by connecting you to a pre-screened, non-profit partner at no cost.
  • Tax Preparer: Assisting taxpayers and small business with tax questions related to individual taxes, S Corporations, payroll, translations, and additional services.
  • Provide confidential and professional credit counseling, debt management services, bankruptcy education, housing counseling, online personal finance education, and in-person seminars.
  • Consulate of Mexico: They offer consular services.
  • San Diego Black Nurses Association: Providing health and wellness.
  • Kaiser Permanente Center for Healthy Living: Another provider for health and wellness.

Not to mention, Mayor Judy Ritter will be attending as a special guest to the Community Home Buyer Fair. All the services being offered are free, and it’s only a little over 2 hours! Head on over this Saturday and get some of your questions answered regarding home buying, health, and credit counseling.

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Equifax Breach & Buying a Home

The Equifax breach that took place this month was reported the largest and most potentially damaging data breaches ever. Credit companies feared this exact type of incident, and the outcome is yet to be determined since it’s too early to say.

About 143 million consumers personal information was stolen including: social security numbers, addresses, and credit card numbers. Officials say that this breach could affect ½ of the adult population. Repercussions could affect those trying to get a new credit card, running a security check for a new job, and those trying to get a mortgage.

This breach will cause problems when and if the “bad guys” try to sell the information or try to use it to rack up debt. The damage could make it difficult to qualify for a mortgage or refinance an existing one.

What you can do to protect yourself:

There is only one thing you can do to protect yourself and your finances right now.

Check to see that you were affected by the Equifax breach online. They will let you know whether or not you “may have been affected” and eventually send you a confirmation email to go through the online process to officially confirm if your information was stolen. They are offering complimentary enrollment for credit fraud protection and refunds to those who information was stolen during the breach. Mortgage and credit card experts say that you should contact each of the big credit-reporting companies immediately to freeze your credit while you wait. You can that online or by calling them:

There is no negative effect of freezing your credit. All it does is inhibits any loan companies or credit card companies from accessing your credit score. You can still use your existing credit cards and loans you already have. You can freeze and unfreeze the account at any point through a pin provided by the company by paying a very small fee (in California: $10 for non-victim, $5 for 65 and older, free for victims).

If you don’t freeze your account, continue to monitor your credit, emails, and phone calls. If you get any strange or unsettling email/calls, or your credit score is suddenly changing more than usual, contact Equifax or one of the credit companies above.

For more information about the breach, the effect it could have on you, or how to protect yourself, visit:

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Going Big: 6 Upsizing Tips

Your family is growing and you realize that you all will not fit in this house much longer. You consider upsizing to a larger home, but aren’t quite sure what to look for. To help you out, here are some tips and questions to ask yourself when purchasing a larger home.

1. What are your goals?

Think about the goals you have for your new home. The number of rooms you may need, the size of the kitchen, the backyard. You want to make a list and then decide what you really need and why you really need that. Listing your goals allows you to prioritize what you’ll be able to negotiate on when it comes to your needs.

2. Is bigger better?

Sometimes the more square footage is enticing, but consider how well the layout is compared to the house. There may be less yard space, which could be a huge factor if you have kids and pets. Another consideration is that while there may be more rooms, for smaller lots it means the rooms could be a lot smaller than other locations.

3. Will you use the space?

A house may already come with a theater room or a game room, but it could also mean an increase in price. If you didn’t have that listed in your goals, but think of it as a “plus”, you may want to think again. If it wasn’t in your goals, you probably won’t even use it and pay the extra price for something you don’t use.

4. How do the numbers look?

Are you prepared for the financial difference? Not only will the house cost more than what you probably paid for your current, smaller home, but there will be more long-term costs. It could mean an increase in electricity bills, heating bills, and more expensive repairs. Look for an affordability calculator to plan for what you can afford.

5. What is the resale value?

Eventually, you may want to move out once the kids move on or even if a job changes location. With what you are buying, think about future buyers. In the future, you want your house to be buyable.

6. Are you ready to relocate?

When it comes down to it, you’ll want to look in a neighborhood that’s ideal for your family’s needs. While you may want to be closer to a large city, you will be paying a lot more for a four-bedroom condo than you would for a four-bedroom home that’s 20 minutes out from the city.

For more information on upsizing, visit:

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8 Doghouse Ideas

Designating a special spot for your dog makes your home even more their home. They have a place they can escape, like a teenager, when they’re annoyed or tired. Give snoopy a run for his money with some of these unique doghouse ideas.

1. Cabinet space

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, ask a contractor to replace an under-the-counter cabinet with a hangout area for your dog. Or, you can tackle this DIY project yourself!

2. Under the stairs

Like Harry Potter, sometimes our stair space underneath just isn’t being put to good use. Designate this area as a cute dog room for your pup. You can either use a gated door, or even decorate the outside wall like a traditional doghouse that matches your interior decorations.

3. The laundry room

The typical flooring in the laundry room works out for a dog to create a unique doghouse. If there are any accidents, whether puppy or adult dog, they are an easy cleanup. Just make sure you keep any shred-able objects somewhere they can’t reach.

4. Entryway

Coming home to an excited pet is one of the many perks of having them. Make the reunion even faster by putting a doghouse in the entryway. A neat trick is to have and latch door so it closes behind them, but they can push it with their nose to wonder through the house.

5. Backyard into the house

This might be a little difficult as a DIY, but doable. Instead of having a doggy door, install a miniature doghouse that leads in and out of the house. This works especially well for those with gated backyards, because your dog can go in and out of the house as you are gone.

6. Upgrade window seat

If you have a window seat in your house, that space can go unused. Take out one or two of the bigger panels and keep it cozy inside. Then, your dog has a cute hideaway.

7. Living room design

When you’re adding organization to your living room, add a nook for your pup. Any shelves you install will be perfect for keeping their toys.

8. Add to playroom

It’s so heartwarming when child and dog are best friends. Encourage their relationship by designating the dog’s little area with the playroom. When the child is at play, the dog can join them and even relax with them.

For picture inspirations, go to

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Apple Event: New Home Product

Yesterday marked the official 2017 Apple conference, which also happened to be the 10th Anniversary of Steve Jobs’ release of the first iPhone. Not only did they debut 3 new iPhones and a new Apple Watch, but they also presented the new Apple TV 4K. Apple TV isn’t just available for your TV, but on your iPad and iPhone, too.

The new 4K HDR allows you to watch your movies and shows in 4K HDR quality. It offers favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu, and ESPN. You can also stream your favorite sports and news casts. Live content streaming allows you to watch your sports and news through apps like NBD, MLB, Bloomberg, and CNN.

The 4K gives a sharper picture using 4 times more pixels than a traditional HD. High Dynamic Range (HDR) offers brighter, realistic colors and greater details. It’s installed with an A10X Fusion chop, providing a platform for interactive apps and games. You can purchase those through the App Store for Apple TV.

You can also connect your iPhone and iPad to your TV with 4K, which allows you to enjoy photos and videos from the iCloud or shared albums. Even your friends can connect their Apple devices to share pictures and videos with everyone.

There are many new differences between the Apple TV 4K and the traditional Apple TV other than the 4K display. The 4K offers:

  • An extra GB Plan
  • 2160p output
  • Dolby vision and HDR10
  • A10X Fusion chip
  • Siri Remote

For 32GB, the price is $179, but for just an extra $20 you can double the data to 64GB and only pay $199. Head over to Apple’s website to see the new specs of the Apple TV 4K or to even check out all the other new products they’re offering:

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KAABOO Del Mar Festival

If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do this weekend, the KAABOO Del Mar Festival is happening this weekend, September 15th – September 17th. It will be at the Del Mar Racetrack & Fairgrounds (2260 Jimmy Durante Boulevard, Del Mar, CA 92014) for three days of fun. There is plenty of seating with clean restrooms, and no dirt, dust, or mud to fight through.

As claimed on their website, KAABOO is everything a typical musical festival is not. It is supposed to “appeal to all five of your senses” with music, comedy cuisine, crafts, contemporary art, and indulgences. It is the perfect adult scene for those who want to party and have a good time without dealing with “adolescent manic”

This year’s musical lineup will include artists like:

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Pink
  • Muse
  • Weezer
  • David Guetta
  • Ice Cube
  • Jason Derulo
  • Logic
  • Alanis Morisette
  • Andy Grammer
  • Kesha
  • Smash Mouth
  • Plus, 50 more artists!

The comedy lineup features quite the array of famous comedians:

  • Sebastian Maniscalco
  • David Spade
  • Patton Oswalt
  • Nick Swardson
  • And even more!

Including the artists, chefs, and indulgences like the Paul Mitchell “The School” San Diego, there is so much to do you won’t know how to spend all of your time!

Unfortunately, the “HANG TEN” and “HANG FIVE” Experiences are sold out, but the “HANG LOOSE” Experience, General Admission, is still available. You can choose from a 3-Day, 2-Day, or 1-Day pass that includes:

  • Viewing areas at all stages with close-up access (first come, first served)
  • Entrance to HUMOR ME (limited-seating)
  • Access to PALATE gourmet tasting experiences (food and beverage not included)
  • Wander through ARTWORK, KAABOO’s Contemporary Arts Fair with the opportunity to purchase
  • Treat yourself in INDULGENCES with spa services reservations available. Service/treatments not included.
  • 18+ guests can dance the night away at Club Elevate
  • Opportunity to upgrade your pass to include a reservation at BASK

There are a limited number of single and two-day passes available, so book them now before the days are up!

The prices are:

$299.00 for a 3-Day (ends September 13)
$259.00 for 2-Day Fri/Sat (ends September 15)
$259.00 for 2-Day Sat/Sun (ends September 13)
$129.00 for any 1-Day (all ends September 13)

For more information about the schedule, lineup, and ticket sales, visit KAABOO Del Mar Festival.

[Photo Credit: KAABOO Del Mar Festival]
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16 Years of Remembering

Another year goes by and it still feels like just yesterday the news was flooded with the tragic events of 9/11. While it may be 16 years since those events took place, it doesn’t make it any different that they happened and many brave lives were lost.

One of the many things that America has done to commemorate those who lost their lives, whether by unfortunate timing or by risking their life for another, is the 9/11 Tribute Memorial and Museum. The Memorial opened on September 11, 2011 for the 10th anniversary. It’s a lovely memorial with the names of 2,983 victims inscribed in 76 bronze plates attached to parapets of walls of the memorial polls.

The Memorial and Museum was the project of the September 11th Families Associations, a nonprofit organization, in 2006. The Association was created by the widows and families of the New York Fire Department to help those suffering due to terrorism and attacks related to such.

The Museum is equally as amazing, filled with facts about the events, the rescue, the recovery, and the rebuilding of the community. There are videos, “Person to Person History”, and artifacts left behind from the wreckage.

If you ever find yourself in New York, visiting the Memorial and Museum are both must-sees. Not only are they touching and beautiful, but educational and inspiring. The loss that those who were present is unimaginable, and yet somehow they hope through their stories we can understand and learn from it through the years. Tickets can start from $26 depending on what you want to see and the type of experience.

To learn more about the events of 9/1, visit To learn more about the 9/11 Tribute Memorial and Museum Center, visit:

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