New Pet Owner Tips

This weekend, on September 9th, is the Annual Coldwell Banker National Pet Adoption Weekend! If you’re planning to adopt a pet this weekend at our event, here are some tips compiled to help you adjust with your new friend.

Potty Training

Especially if you get a new pup, potty training will be essential. Limit their space to roam until they are fully trained. The more they can control themselves, the more space they are allowed. Don’t punish them for their accident, but rather take them outside to show where they should do their business. Praise them when they do well! They should be able to hold it for an hour per month of age.

Trips with Pup

Be careful of the places you take pup. Typically, restaurants, supermarkets, or salons won’t let you take your pup indoors. If you’re meeting a friend, check ahead and call the location. If you do have a day trip with pup, bring paper towels, plastic bags, treats, and a water bowl for a long day.

Pick up waste

Not only is it sanitary, but it is very courteous to pick up after your dog when they do their business on a walk. That’s why it’s important to always carry plastic bags on walks.

Table Food

If you are going to treat your dog with table food, make sure it is no more than 10% of their diet. Any more can put them at risk for weight gain, diabetes, and joint, cardiac, or digestive problems.

Chewing Habits

With pups, they teeth between 4-6 months of age as they get their adult teeth. Designate a chew-proof toy immediately. If they nip at your skin or body, make a high-pitch squeal to signal to your dog that they’re hurting you.

“Sit” and “Stay”

To teach them these commands, start by pushing lightly on their bottoms while saying “sit”. Try to walk away from them with hand out saying “stay”. This takes practice, but can lead to keeping them safe.


Throw the treat and yell “get it”. If they don’t understand, take a step with them and motion towards the treat. As they learn, transition to small toys.


Associated with fetch, teaching them to come back with the toy could help their safety. If a dangerous situation arises, you want them to understand what “come” means.


Any command they obey, reward them with a small treat and praise. As they learn to obey, always reward them with praise. Again, for dangerous situations, you want them to listen to you regardless if you have a treat or not to ward them from danger.

For more information about Coldwell Banker’s National Pet Adoption Weekend and how you can help without adopting, head on over to our website:


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