Pet Stations and Storage Ideas

If you own a pet, then you know just how much space their toys, food, and everyday items can take. If you’ve been thinking about adopting a pet, it can be beneficial to set up their feeding station or play area before their arrival. With just a few organizational tricks, you can stash those toys away and have a proper place to store their food.

  • Build a Pet Closet

Armoires can be transformed into designated pet stations. Hang their leashes with hooks on the doors. Even store one of your raincoats inside for quick access when a potty break is requested on a rainy day. Store their food, bathing items, and cleaning supplies on the shelves. Personalize it with photos of your pet or painted paw prints. Instead of having their items scattered throughout the house, create a one-stop shop for everything!

  • Store Food and Keep It Fresh

Instead of having bags of kibble or dry food lying around, buy some air tight containers and store their food in a pantry. This way food will be out of the way, and you won’t have bags or boxes taking up space. Store treats in mason jars so they remain fresh and easy to find.

  • Store Those Toys Away

Your pet may love that sentimental stuffed toy he’s had since he was a baby, but leaving toys lying around when unused can create a messy appearance. And rather than having their toys scattered around the room, have a storage bin or designated drawer to place them in. You can even organize toys into subcategories such as ropes, stuffed animals, wands, or balls.

  • Create a Designated Play Area

Set up an unused room, or use a stylish room divider to block off a corner of the room, to create a play area for your loving pet. This will give them a private space to hang out or take a nap. If training a pet, this room will keep them safe when you are unable to watch them and ensure they don’t escape and steal your shoes. You can also store their belongings in the play area using shelves, hooks, or a feeder station.

  • Bathing Station

Make bath time less of a chore with a designated station. Rather than using a tub or shower, consider investing in a booster bath. Booster Baths are self-contained tubs that make it easier to bathe your pet. They include a convenient elevated height, safety harness, shampoo caddy, and slip-proof flooring. These tubs can be purchased in differing sizes depending on weight.

  • Wall Mounted Food Dispenser

If you would rather have your pet’s food ready to serve, consider acquiring a wall mounted food dispenser. These easy to serve food bins make feeding time a breeze and take up less storage space. They can hold a lot of dried food and their controlled dispensing handle allows you to easily start and stop pouring.

Creating a pet station can bring order to your house and keep any pet items at arm’s length. Keeping your pet’s items grouped together can make it easy to grab what you need, when you need it. Plus, your pets will appreciate having a designated space just for them. So create, decorate, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with organization.

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