Proposition A Has Passed in Encinitas

Proposition A, which requires the approval of voters to change zoning laws on certain types of construction, has passed. Learn more about Prop A from Linda Moore, Encinitas Realtor.

It was announced yesterday evening that of the 12,867 Encinitas residents that voted on Prop A, about 51.85% of the electorate voted in approval of Proposition A, resulting in the law being passed.

For many this news will be seen as a victory in the fight to keep Encinitas beautiful, while for others it will be viewed as a  measure that will increase costs to taxpayers and expose the city to potential litigation and logistical nightmares.

Proposition A was a measure aimed at putting the final decision on zoning and height restrictions in the hands of the residents. This means that in order for structures to be constructed that are above current restrictions of 30 feet in height, to increase the maximum allowable number of separate parcels to be created from a parcel, or to change zoning from residential to non-residential, it will require that these measures be approved by Encinitas citizens.

While many appreciate that certain decisions will now rest with residents, others believe that it will now make it more difficult for structures to be approved for building that would benefit the area and will make it difficult for the city to build affordable housing structures as mandated by state laws. Additionally, some are concerned about the amount of commercial development revenue that may be lost as a result of making it more difficult to build in Encinitas.

What are your feelings on Encinitas Prop A? Did you vote for or against it? Leave a comment and share your opinions.

By Linda Moore

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