Quick Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

Curb Appeal

Those who search for real estate listings online can often be converted to potential buyers by strong visuals. Now is the time to have professional, well-lit, and appealing photos taken of the interior and exterior of your home, and attach them to your listing. Your goal is to portray your home at its very best!

The Right Price

Typically, you’ll hold the highest amount of home showings in the first three weeks after your home is listed. Because the majority of potential buyers have found out about your listing on their local MLS platform or other online sources, make sure the listing price is accurate before making it available to the public. This involves working with your real estate agent to determine prices of comparable homes in your area and choosing a price that is competitive but fair.


Sweeten the Deal

Many buyers could be convinced into paying full price or at least very close to your original asking price when you include appliances. A high-quality washing machine, flat-screen television, or convection oven make excellent selling points.


Prepare for Showings

One of the most common things first-time sellers tend to overlook is getting rid of any and all unnecessary items cluttering their homes. Make sure that bathroom countertops are completely free of any personal items, that kitchen countertops and islands are not crowded with appliances and utensils, and that furnishing that doesn’t match is stored away.

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