A Real Estate Agent Can Act as Your Own Government Tax Credit!

Well, we’re coming up to the end of April, and sadly enough the government tax credit of $8,000 for new homeowners is coming to an end. If you are one of the lucky ones who have bought a new home in Encinitas or a home in San Diego County, then congratulations! In case you are looking to still buy a home but are weary that you won’t qualify for the tax break, well I have some good news for you.

When looking to buy a new house in Encinitas, a new home in Solana Beach, a Del Mar beach house, or a home in any of the other cities throughout North San Diego County, you will get caught up in the beauty of the home, the majesty of the oceanside town, and the warm feeling you get when you imagine yourself smelling the Pacific Ocean over a warm cup of coffee every morning. You’re heart will skip a beat when you see the ocean views from your living room of your soon to be Encinitas house, and you’ll do just about anything to grab the keys and call the home your own!

The last thing you want to worry about in making a decision to buy a new house is that you won’t get the $8,000 tax credit. Do not fear however, just so long as you have a qualified and experienced Encinitas real estate agent handy, like myself! An agent who acts on your behalf in buying a new house will know what to ask for, how much money can be taken off the list price of the home, and several tricks of the trade in bargaining for a reduced price. When you think of it this way, a Coldwell Banker Encinitas agent can actually act as your own personal government tax credit agent!

When you decide to use a real estate agent such as myself, you don’t have to worry about negotiating, bargaining, haggling over closing costs, or any of the other grunt work that goes into buying and selling a home here in North County. However, you will need to be sure to employ a good real estate agent that is an excellent negotiator.

I promise that if you should choose to employ me as your Encinitas real estate agent to handle all the effort that goes into buying a new home, I will do all that I can in negotiating a price down to compensate for the $8,000 you could have qualified for while the tax break was in affect. Just because the government stopped handing out money for new homeowners, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find excellent deals on beautiful Encinitas houses, as long as you have a qualified and properly trained agent acting on your behalf.

If you are in need of help buying a house in North San Diego County, give me a call at 760-310-0234 or write me an email at linda@lindasellsmoore.com and I’ll help you every step of the way to get you that tax break on my own…or even more than the $8,000 the government could have gotten you! As long as I’m on your side, I will fight for every dollar off that I can get so you can definitely afford the house of your dreams and start enjoying your morning cup of coffee to the sounds of the ocean waves every single morning!

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