Simple Safety Tips for Retirees Living in Encinitas

For retirees living in Encinitas, your home may need to be upgraded to suit your needs as you grow older.

Here are a few basic tips for home safety improvements to reduce one’s risk of falling or getting injured if your are a retiree living in Encinitas.

Simple Improvements to Make Around Your Home in Encinitas

Here are a few guidelines to prevent the worst from happening:

  • Consider buying and installing an emergency call alert system
  • Cords for electrical devices should be placed along the wall using cable clips to prevent tripping
  • First-aid kits and other emergency measures should be easy to access and not placed up high on a shelf.
  • If arthritis runs in your family, why not change doorknobs throughout the home to levers?
  • Area rugs should have a no slip rubber underside or some kind of grip tape

Proper Lighting is Key

To prevent an accident during the night, make sure your home has proper lighting that guides one through all pathways. Hallways and stairs can be treacherous, and stubbing your toes is no fun either.

You can cut down on energy using LED lights and even set up sensor light switches. That way you don’t have to blindly scrape along the wall for a light switch as you move from room to room at night.

Outside, you can have motion-activated lights which can provide both security and safety for those with an active night life.

Secure Your Bathroom

Most slips and falls happen in the bathroom, so you want to make sure things are secure.

Your shower curtain rod and towel racks are not designed to support your weight, so don’t make it a habit of using them for support. It may be a good idea to install handrails and grab bars to help you around the shower, tub and toilet.

That tile floor can be a recipe for disaster when one steps out of the shower, so be sure to have a non-slip bathroom floor mat to prevent you from taking a tumble.

The upgrades to secure your home shouldn’t break your bank. So make sure you do the proper research to find what you want installed so that you can create a safe place that you can truly call a home in Encinitas. ;)

By Linda Moore

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