San Diego County Fair

It’s just about that time of year for the San Diego County Fair. While there will be low-calorie and vegan options this year, the primary focus is on indulgence, and local food establishments have gone all out this year to provide some of the most indulgent foods imaginable. The creativity – as well as calorie count – is stunning. Just some of the foods that are on offer this year include:

- Bacon, Bacon, and More Bacon – There is the Caveman Turkey Club, which is an extra large turkey leg with bacon wrapped around it (If you are a fan of Ron Swanson from the TV show Parks and Recreation this is almost a necessity); the Meat-on-Meat Dog, which consists of a 1/2 pound all-beef hot dog wrapped in 1/4 pound of bacon; Bacon Pasta; as well as a beer-battered, deep-fried, bacon-wrapped hot dog if the Meat-on-Meat Dog isn’t enough, and these are just a few of the bacon-wrapped treats available.

- Deep-Fried EVERYTHING - If you have ever wondered about deep-frying a particular food item, the fair will offer you a chance to try it. Just some of the deep-fried items that will be available at the fair include, but are not limited to: Deep-Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly, Deep-Fried Cereal, Deep-Fried Chili Asteroids, Deep-Fried Tang, Deep-Fried Pork Chops, and Deep-Fried Green Beans.

Take the opportunity to expand your waist-band a bit and have some fun this year, perhaps seeing if you can deep-fry that bacon-wrapped turkey leg. I will make sure to post the healthy options as soon as they are available, as you will no doubt need them to stave off a massive coronary. Make sure you check back in on the Encinitas Realtor blog for more information.

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