Back to School Routine

It’s about that time again. School supplies lists have arrived and the local stores have already finished construction on the “Back to School” isles. Getting kids back into the routine of things can be a struggle, and even getting parents back into the hang of it can be stressful. Start early and be ready for school with some of the organization and routine tips.

You Time

Create some time for yourself and set your alarm before your kids get up. Read, watch the news, exercise, have a cup of coffee and sit outside – whatever gets you up in the morning. Get into your routine before school is in so you’re used to it.

Fun Chores

Summer may have meant the kids got away without doing regular chores. Create fun pictures for chores and hang them where the kids will see them to remained focus. Even if it’s to remind them of the morning routine of brushing teeth and breakfast, it can help motivate them and get them excited for a new school year.


Help them know what time their chores are or how quick they need to get ready and go by placing clocks where they can easily read them. Bathrooms and bedrooms are great places for them to see it in the morning, and your kitchen probably already has one on the stove or microwave.

Musical Mornings

Create a playlist for the mornings and use it to put the kids (and yourself) in a great mood for the day. Just like we listen to the radio or our favorite morning podcast to get us smiling, music can get the kids ready and grooving for the day.


Cramming everything in the mornings can have some AM drama. On Sunday night, plan the outfits for the entire week. If your kids like to help pick their outfits, do it with them! Include socks and other undergarments to make it quick and easy.

Eliminate the Buffet

For morning breakfast, limit their options so you’re not receiving an “I don’t know”, or those with multiple kids aren’t fixing multitudes of different food. Offer one or the other.

Little Reminders

Create cards that remind them of things the kids tend to forget: lunch, project, jacket. Put it by their backpacks the night before so, as they’re leaving, they’ll remember to grab it.

Control Center

Transform a small space into an area that helps keep everyone organized. Put up hooks to hang backpacks and use hanging clipboards, frames, and dry-erase boards to keep together important information for the school year.

Backseat Organizer

Hide a stash of snacks and school supplies so you’re prepared for anything, whether it’s to or from school: forgotten homework before school or a hangry child after school.

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