Sell Your Encinitas Home with These 5 Selling Points

While there are certainly cases of homes for sale in Encinitas being oversold, exaggerating features and the spaciousness of rooms for example, the more common situation is to come across homes for sale in Encinitas that are being undersold.

As an Encinitas real estate agent I have come across sellers that have attempted to sell their own home but fail to list some key selling points.

With the help of Inman News, this list of 5 selling points that sellers fail to mention in their listings will help you avoid underselling your Encinitas home for sale:

  1. “Yes, And” Features – Oftentimes sellers own a home that contains features the incorporate the best of both worlds, such as a house that has both a swimming pool AND a large backyard, or that their Homeowners’ Association not only manages the outdoor space, but that the outdoor space is private. It is imperative that these features are mentioned in your listing.
  2. The Benefits Over Renting – For those with a home for sale that would be well-suited for a first-time buyer, letting potential purchasers know about the amenities your house offers them that upgrades their lifestyle is imperative. Features like an outdoor kitchen, a garage connected to the home, or additional storage space will illuminate them to what makes purchasing your home a better alternative for them then continuing to rent.
  3. How Your Home Makes Hobbies Happen – Letting buyers know how close your home is to the local golf course or ski run or beaches implies that they now have the opportunity to participate in an activity they enjoy or have been dreaming of having time for. If the home itself also features a secluded and luscious backyard you can point out how easy it makes participating in yoga or meditation for example.
  4. Make Small Luxury Features Visible – The vast majority of sellers recognize how important it is to accentuate the big luxurious features such as a pool or newly remodeled bathroom with brand-new fixtures, but many forget to list the small luxuries that have broad appeal to buyers. Luxury features with broad appeal could include a kitchen recycling center or a built-in desk and office organizer for example.
  5. Features That Compensate for Drawbacks – Not every home appeals to every buyer and most homes have some potential drawbacks which could include the fact that your home is smaller or older than other properties in the area or that it is located near a busy intersection. Acknowledging the presence of these drawbacks while qualifying them with a statement that says, “yes, but” can help put these drawbacks in a proper light. An example would be acknowledging that the home is located near a busy intersection, but it is within walking distance of local shops and great restaurants could be your qualifying statement.

List these points that sellers typically forget and you will have a better chance of selling your Encinitas home.

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