Best Summer Destinations for 2017

Are you thinking about options for your summer vacation this year? Well National Geographic has come out with a list of the best summer trip destinations for 2017. These are the top destinations that they came up with:

Bonito, Brazil

You can go snorkeling and spelunking in the remote Rio de Prata. Check out the Blue Lake Grotto and all the gorgeous caves inside the Bodoquena Mountain Range.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

If you love big cities then you have got to explore all the gorgeous architecture and taste the delicious food in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. If you go in July, you could enjoy the world-famous Port of Rotterdam North Sea Jazz festival when it takes over the city.

Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an abundance of hiking trails, jungles, and amazing underwater adventures. This island is home to hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, and whale sharks, manta rays, and dolphins. Jacques Cousteau called it “the most beautiful island in the world.”

Nashville, Tennessee

If you really love music then head to music city of course! There is tons of live music both day and night in Nashville, Tennessee. You can check out several music festivals in that general vicinity including Bonnaroo and the Tomato Art Festival and the Let Freedom Ring concert.

Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

You can literally hang out with Apes if you visit here. How cool is that? This national park is part of a conservation project to protect the critically endangered mountain gorillas. And ten of the female gorillas are habituated to tourists.


To learn more about the best places to visit and the prime destinations to need to check out, go to this link or the main article on National Geographic’s site (there are also tons of gorgeous pictures of those destinations there too):

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